The Russian Revolution of 1917 sparked a civil war that killed 10 million people and ended in totalitarian communism.

During a speech on Friday, Tucker Carlson drew unsettling parallels between 1917 Russia and the modern United States.

Carlson drew these parallels while delivering the keynote speech at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s 70th Anniversary Gala.

At a gathering of conservative academics, Carlson sounded every bit the conservative, libertarian, populist firebrand his audiences have come to expect.

The clip began with Carlson describing the memoirs of Russian General Pyotr Wrangel, who fought for Czar Nicholas the Second during World War I (1914-18) and later commanded anti-Bolshevik forces in the Russian Civil War (1917-23).

Wrangel recalled that upon returning from the front lines to the Russian imperial capital of St. Petersburg he witnessed the barbaric early stages of the Bolshevik Revolution.

“Soldiers are going crazy in the streets. And they’re raping women. They’re stealing at gunpoint — soldiers in uniform,” Carlson said on Friday.

Incredibly, many well-off Russians seemed not to notice.

“He goes into a movie theater, and everyone in the movie theater is completely absorbed in the movie, like there’s no revolution happening outside,” Carlson said.

Wrangel immediately went to the imperial court to warn the Czar and the ruling Romanov family, whom he knew well.

“And he notices about 80 percent of the women in the Romanov family are wearing red ribbons in solidarity with the Bolsheviks who wound up — of course we know how it ends — murdering them,” Carlson said.


  1. We are in line with Carlson, years ago I wrote that what we are facing today was coming, I am not surprised of today’s situation, behind all this is the same people that made the Bolshevik revolution, after the fall of the Soviets they moved to America and continued trying to make their dream come true. This time in a totally different way, controlling the financing, the media and the education. After Reagan America was moving slowly to the left and
    with Bush junior, Clinton and Obama they speed up their plans. The total picture is walking towards exactly the same way but are trying to succeed it without bloodshed.

  2. Doctor Utopia Sells Isms in Make Mine Freedom 1948 – YouTube
    In the late 1940s there were different, competing ideologies. Primarily it was about Communism versus Capitalism and this film reflects that struggle clearly falling on the side of Capitalism. But Its message about snake oil salesmen who will tell the public anything and then not deliver is unfortunately still relevant today.

    Dr. Utopia is the main antagonist of the 1948 Cold-War era propaganda cartoon Make Mine Freedom. He is a snake-oil salesman who tries to trick others into giving up their freedoms and their families freedom by trying to convince them into signing his ism contract.

    Dr. Utopia | Villains Wiki | Fandom

    Could the vaccines, ideologies like communitarianism, and divisive policies be decoys which have been socially engineered to keep the world’s attention distracted long enough from the real issues?

    Could all these rapid changes which are happening around us, just be a smokescreen?

    (Watch @ 11:27) PROPHECY AND ANTICHRIST – YouTube
    “Antichrist will not be satan himself, there are many misconceptions about him, about his identity,
    he will not be satan himself, but a man entirely consumed by evil.
    A man from the people of the earth.”

    Are Communitarians worldly minded utopianists?
    People looking for heaven on/in the earth


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