Caution: It will be a civil wedding – not one in Karloutsos’ Church!!
By Nick Stamatakis
We have just learned that the newly-elected SYRIZA leader Stephanos Kasselakis will marry his partner Tyler Macbeth in the Hamptons tomorrow Thursday!!
As a note of caution, we explain that it will be a civil wedding. Given the previous acts of Archbishop Elpidophoros, many would think that it could have been a Church wedding… in Karloutsos’s Church in the Hamptons of all places… But Kasselakis is the leader of the leftist SYRIZA, he is supposed to be an atheist…

The announcement was made in the most institutional way at the Political Secretariat by the president of SYRIZA himself in his introduction.

In this way, he also justified his absence from the party’s governing body, which met for the first time under his presidency and in which he participated via zoom from the USA.

At the same time, Stefanos Kasselakis received the wishes of the members of the governing body of SYRIZA Progressive Alliance, as he announced on Wednesday night (18/10) to the leading members of the official opposition that he is marrying his partner in a civil marriage in the USA , as they had entered into a cohabitation agreement.



New president of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis and his partner Tyler Macbeth: “You’re the reason I’m here”

New president of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis and his partner Tyler Macbeth: "You're the reason I'm here"HEALTH NEWS TODAY

Stefanos Kasselakis: Thank you to his partner Tyler – “You’re the reason I’m here”

He appeared excited Stefanos Kasselakis when he thanked his family for their support in his fight for the presidency of SYRIZA.

After the political messages he sent through his short victory statement, he also thanked his family. After making a special mention to his mother, father and brother, who were in the party offices, Stefanos Kasselakis pointed out:

“To thank my own, personal family, without whom I would not be here, Tyler and Farley our dog.”

Kasselakis to Tyler: “You’re the reason I’m here”

The new SYRIZA president then looked for his running mate, Tyler Macbeth, who was standing a short distance to his left. And after hugging him, she thanked him in English.

Stefanos Kasselakis addressed Tyler, saying: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re the reason I’m here.”

He then turned to the people gathered at the SYRIZA offices, as well as those watching and listening to his statement from the media, to point out that Tyler “has a lot to offer our country, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming him and hug so much.”

Thank you Kasselakis to his partner Tyler

Stefanos Kasselakis and Tyler Macbeth leave the SYRIZA offices ©GIORGOS KONTARINIS/EUROKINISSI

Thank you Kasselakis to his partner Tyler

Stefanos Kasselakis and Tyler Macbeth © TATIANA BOLARI/EUROKINISSI

Thank you Kasselakis to his partner Tyler

Stefanos Kasselakis and Tyler Macbeth © TATIANA BOLARI/EUROKINISSI

What Stefanos Kasselakis has said about Tyler Macbeth

Tyler Macbeth has spoken to the media during the campaign days of Stefanos Kasselakis. He appeared very friendly and spoke with warm words about Greece, to which he moved from the USA, where he and the new president of SYRIZA lived together.

Stefanos Kasselakis has spoken about his partner since the first moment he presented his candidacy, while in a recent television interview he emphasized that he is an accomplished pathologist and the man who taught him empathy.

Among other things, he had mentioned to ANT1 about Tyler: “Both of us, it’s not just me, and Tyler, we have made the decision together to offer here in my homeland. He is always by my side. It was a family decision to do it.”

“His title is Doctor Nursing Practice in America, which is equivalent to internist-doctor in Europe. He can perform operations, he can prescribe, etc. She started as a nurse. Tyler has spent several years of his life in ICUs, in hospitals. When we had the lockdowns with Covid, they were on the front lines in the ICUs, in the hospitals – in New York we were then. I used to drive Tyler to the hospital every night because he was working night shifts, and what bonus pay do you think he got at the end of the year? Zero. He is an accomplished man for his age in Medicine” he has said about his partner.

Stefanos Kasselakis has emphasized: “But above all, Tyler showed me what real empathy means: The way he talked to the patients who were in the ICU and were in a coma, because they listen and they might wake up at some point. And indeed one patient woke up and said she remembered everything he told her and wrote a book dedicated to him. He’s a kid with a heart of gold and I’m honored to have him by my side and that he’s decided to walk this road together.”

Thank you Kasselakis to his partner Tyler



  1. Kasselakis is a DC Deep state agent sent to destroy Greece once for all. He is to accomplish what PASOK, SYRIZA, and ND began.
    Have Greeks awaken to laugh at this idiot? God…please save Greece, USA, Western World! An appeal to HEAVEN is needed now.
    Everyone pray and get on your knees, pray…..

  2. This is the tyranny of the minority LGB on the majority and must be stopped!LGBs deserve Civil Unions ,not marriage .LGB Pride parades must be allowed in remote areas after 8pm without children near by.


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