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Elpidophoros is hiding behind his finger:  He did not allow Kasselakis and Tyler to attend the Archons event last Saturday – but it was OK for the gay couple to visit the School!!  He completely abandoned the Orthodox teachings on homosexuality… When will the Archbishop issue a statement re-affirming the Orthodox Faith on homosexuality?  Is he waiting until the last 140,000 members of GOA move to OCA, ROCOR, Antiochian, and other Churches?

By Nick Stamatakis

By sending a misleading letter – a real monument of misinformation – Saint Demetrios Administration attempted today to explain to distraught parents why their children had to interrupt their regular school schedule to meet a visiting Greek politician with his gay spouse the day after their wedding in New York!! (You can read the letter here in pdf KASSELAKIS VISIT TO ST. DEMETRIOS – LETTER TO PARENTS).  The visit happened last Friday around noon, as we have reported.  Kasselakis was met by a few angry parents and many closed doors, while most parents decided to keep their children at home or pick them up early. Some of the parents sent their angry complaints to Fr. Elias Villis (Chancellor for the District), A. Koularmanis, Education Director, and the parish and school leadership.  To no avail.  Question: Did they expect any better from those who have displayed for years a lack of leadership?

Here are the facts that this despicable letter fails to mention:

FACT #1: Fr. Anargyros on Thursday announced to only a few people that he had “orders directly from GOARCH to welcome Kasselakis with full honors.” He had all the time in the world to send emails or texts to the parents and P.C. members, but he did not. Today’s letter wants everyone to believe that “it was not intentional.” The reality is they knew that parents would get upset. Helleniscope with its timely post on Thursday evening, did what they were supposed to do.

FACT #2: The Parish Council was not informed officially, and when they finally were informed they unanimously opposed.  They had a closed meeting with Fr. Gregory on Friday, who is supposedly the School’s superintendent (but he is not a trained educator!!), and let him know their (negative) views… Why does the Archbishop choose the most incompetent people (like Fr. Gregory Stamkopoulos) to run the school?

FACT #3: Kasselakis and his gay spouse were allowed to interact with St. D’s students in a health class (!!) – despite the protests of some parents and school employees upon their entrance to the building… The letter fails to mention this. Here is an example of a parent, George Pefanis, confronting Kasselakis outside the school:

Mr. Pefanis, explicitly suggests to Kasselakis to keep politics out of this and to “let the kids choose their beliefs”.  It was a remarkable, very Christian, and efficient approach, although talking to him the following day, I got the impression that he was distraught and insulted by the Kasselakis transgression in the Orthodox School where his two children are enrolled.

FACT #4 – the biggest failure of all: Saint Demetrios does NOT follow the Orthodox ethos, culture, and heritage, as the letter states. Why? Because GOA has decided to change course and, along with Pat. Bartholomew, follow a policy of accepting homosexuality in our Church!!! Just two weeks ago GOA sponsored and funded a conference at Fordham University, “Ministry among LGBTQ+ Orthodox Faithful: Opportunities, Challenges, and Resources”.  (if you can stomach the distortion of Orthodoxy you can watch it by linking here)It was a disgusting distortion of our Biblical teachings, led by the pro-gay “Orthodox” theologians, Demacopoulos and Papanikolaou.  Demacopoulos already caused a stir last Spring in St. Paraskevi of Greenlawn when he tried to introduce an LGBTQ ministry. The parish erupted against him, and, as far as I know, the “project” is now subdued (If I am wrong on this please let me know).

The Archbishop and the Patriarch have succumbed to the Antichrist, and they refuse to make a statement reaffirming that homosexuality is against the teachings of Orthodoxy.  Eight to ten years ago, one could find one or two videos of Pat. Bartholomew condemning homosexuality. Not anymore.  This is one of the reasons why 18 out of 20 Mount Athos monasteries are not welcoming him and Elpidophoros.  Last year, right after the Archbishop performed the infamous “gay baptism” in Athens, Mt.Athos issued an edict striking Elpidophoros and canceling his heretic views (link here) In addition, you can link here to an article on the official website of Mt.Athos, www.pemptousia.gr.  (please keep visiting this website for future reference; it also has an English version).

But the best by far rejection of the heretic ideas on homosexuality is explained in a vastly popular video by Metropolitan of Mesogaias Nikolaos (biography here), who has more scientific and theological credentials – and above all more charisma – than Bartholomew and Elpidophoros and the combined GOA leadership put together including the heretic Fordham theologians.  To help all the parents and teachers of our schools and our community, we repost this fantastic video on homosexuality below. Enjoy and share!! (this video has English subtitles.) If the school administration has any decency, they will make this video required homework for all high schoolers. This is the right way to “correct” their mistake – not issuing a misleading letter!

PS.  It’s sad to watch two young community members, Maria Markou and Costas Lambropoulos, with expressed political aspirations, commit political suicide. We supported them, but we warned them privately and publicly that our community’s approval, necessary for their success, depends on a family-friendly and business-friendly platform. Their overwhelming involvement in Kasselakis’ visit to St.D’s was the most spectacular political suicide I have seen in a long time… In Orthodoxy, there is always room for repentance – at the proper time in the future…

October 25, 2023, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.




  1. To be respectful to every person regardless of the sexual orientation means that you are humane. This is what our orthodoxy states. I do not criticize and offend other people because of their choices. We are at 21st century and not at Dark ages. It is a pity to write these things about me and my husband, Mr Stamatakis, because you know at first hand how we respect all the people regardless of what their beliefs and choices. This is not a political suicide. We are humane, we are respectful and we are open to listen and assist everyone in need.

    • Trying to push a political/social belief down our throats shows no respect to our community. The biggest battles in America today take place in school boards against those who push the “woke ideology” – exactly what Kasselakis’ agenda is. Hadjidakis, Kavafy, Tsarouhis respected themselves first and then the public. And all of us Greeks respected them back. We absolutely loved them knowing very well their homosexual “choices”. On the opposite, Kasselakis turned his homosexual “choice” into a flag and made it the number one item of his agenda. He explicitly said so again and again.
      Does the Disney debacle tell you anything? People abandoned Disney and the company is now losing billions. It is forced to sell one of its biggest assets, ABC network. This is the equivalent of the suicide I am talking about. They wanted to project transgenderism on our children and grandchildren. Disney did not respect the American people’s ethic and moral principles and paid the price. As I said, there is always time to admit your mistakes and change course..

      • It appears that you do not understand the meaning of respect Nick. Therefore, I am not going to waste my time to explain this to you. Wish you all the best and please refrain from contacting me or my family again for donations for your events.

        • You and everyone knows that money doesn’t buy my support. That’s our biggest advertisement. If you thought that you would support Helleniscope and its causes and we will close our eyes to your mistakes you are in for more surprises. Read our latest fundraiser where I explain that “those who support us should not expect to buy our silence in case they veer on to the wrong path.”

          • The Archbishop and the Patriarch have succumbed to the Antichrist.

            Man bows to God’s law. Not the other way around. The world has entered the GOA churches. They have become a spiritual grave.

    • Lady Maria you say “Dark Ages”?
      So our faith is supposed to change with the fashions??
      Ma’am you’re spiritually shallow and your ilk needs to study the Orthodox canons/ tenets!

      Just go join the Episcopalians who lost millions of parishioners bc of glorifying this depravity of homosexual infiltrating!
      SHAME on you all.

    • To be respected …. you have to respect yourself first and the others.
      This is not personal but general theory
      and common sense.

    • Atty. Markou, with all due respect, Messrs. Kasselakis and Macbeth and anyone else in the LGBTQ+ community can excercise their constitutional rights and express themselves publicly. No one should be allowed to criticize them for their sexual orientation. As you rightfully wrote, we are in the 21st century. However, within the confines of the Greek Orthodox church walls or school, wherever in the world it may be, please realize that yes, we are in the “Dark Ages” as you put it:

      From the Old Testament:

      “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” (KJV)
      -Leviticus 18:22

      To the New:

      “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.” (KJV)
      -1 Corinthians 7:2

      The Apostle Paul in his epistle to the churches of Galatian wrote:

      Galatians 5:
      16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
      17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
      18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.
      19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

      So you see Atty. Markou, when Messrs. Kasselakis and Macbeth chose to make their first public appearance as a married couple, they had no business interacting with minors at the school gymnasium, and I assure you as far as St. Demetrius church is concerned, no matter how many candles they want to light, the vows they gave each other the previous day at Brooklyn City Hall were not recognized by the Father, the Son nor the Holy Spirit, no matter what anyone thinks.

      Yes, mankind can move on from century to century. The Scriptures are frozen in time. Salvation is up to us. But the young couple’s interaction with minors within the confines of the Greek Orthodox school raises eyebrows, Mr. Lambropoulos’ soccer skills notwithstanding.

    • Maria Markou makes a great point… “I do not criticize and offend other people because of their choices”.

      But just like there are limitations even to the 1st amendment (you can’t yell “fire” for no reason in a crowded theater, as any attorney can attest that they teach in Law School), there are also limitations about how society can and should accept other people’s choices as well. Laws about indecent exposure, or “disorderly conduct”, or “corruption / abuse of minors”, for example are still on the books, even in NYC, which is slowly turning into Babylon.

      US Law also allows private organizations to discriminate on who is allowed to be a member, and who is not, when those grounds for discrimination are affiliated with corporate culture, or the religious beliefs of the organization in general.
      As such, when someone’s “choice” is to “sell” what is morally wrong as acceptable (Isaiah 5:20) – as part of a larger political agenda – to a school that is affiliated with an Orthodox Church, then this becomes “offensive” and “blasphemous” speech, contrary to the teachings of the Church, they should be shown the door as trespassers, and not allowed in the building to “sell” their contrarian dogmas, especially to children. Such discrimination is perfectly allowable under US law, and many religious organizations stipulate who is allowed onto their premises, and who is not. Likewise St. Demetrios has every right to refuse access to students for anyone who does not preach the tenets of Orthodoxy.

      Mr. Kasselakis did not show up as a private citizen. This was a photo-op, stemming from his political agenda. The central theme for Mr. Kasselakis’ sudden appearance onto the political scene is most likely the need to leverage the 47 votes Syriza just earned in the June elections to assist the Mitsotakis government to pass certain LGBT legislative reforms that external governments have pressured Greece to enable for years now. As such, currently that is primarily what Mr. Kasselakis represents. Unpopular, anti-traditional, and anti-Orthodox “Reform”. His choice to publicly live and advertise a life outside the boundaries of Orthodoxy is his own choice, of course. Per Maria Markou’s comment, above, we won’t criticize or offend Mr. Kasselakis for that personal decision. But at the same time, a school affiliated with the Orthodox Church is not an appropriate photo-op venue for someone who has made such a clear choice. A school and a Church should not be involved in anyone’s political agenda. This is what everyone out there should understand and respect. Parental reactions in this case are fully justified, and Church & School administrators should be held accountable for this poor decision.

  2. Where were the parents at exactly? Why weren’t they storming the school and protesting? Parent Pefanis is an example of the lukewarm Orthodox Christians who are afraid to fight for what’s right in order not to offend or make a scene. He even gave Kasselakis a hug? Ugh!! Pefanis should have told him unless he’s there to see the priest for a full confession, he has no business visiting the premises to meet with our impressionable children, who have a hard enough time navigating through all the ills of society as it is! Kasselakis should have been asked to leave immediately!!!

    Shame on Markou and her hubby, parents of three children. What the heck were they thinking? They are giving their full support and joining the freaks of society. It’s not ok…. their choices are loud and clear!

    • When you call “freak” a human being, this means a lot. I am sure you are not a real Christian. Instead of showing hatred to other people, fill your life with love and respect. Wish you all the best as well “Team Jesus”!!!

      • Hey Maria – these homosexuals on a mission, are not being respectful to holy Church!
        Let that sink in Miss liberal snowflake.

        They can easily go hang with the mainline churches that have sold out the Church bc of $$$$$

      • Ms Markou, it is obvious to all of us here at Helleniscope you have gone down a very slippery slope. There is time to repent and make a great change for yourself and for our community if you truly care about it, and NOT for your own personal gain or political agenda. You have embraced the grand masters of our great city, with the funny aprons and white gloves at the lodge, who are after your soul, as they promise you all the riches in the world.

        Choose Christ, choose the Holy Spirit, and choose the God that created the heavens and the earth, NOT the other one! Read your Bible if you own one, and learn about our martyred saints who fought courageously until their end.

        I will pray for you and your family….🙏🏻

  3. The time is over to be nice to Kasselakis and those of the Deep State selected agents. Get in their face and do not allow Kasselakis entrance in the school. Parents and the Greek community needed a loud protest with bullhorn! Stop being nice to this guy who is carrying the Deep State agenda of human depopulation by promoting Gay Agenda to kids. STOP GROOMing our kids….Pedophile like Kasselakis in his Gay slim fit jeans.

  4. What minors see and hear in schools has to be AGE APPROPRIATE to be allowed.
    Drag Queens , transgenders ,that supposedly help the school children read stories in schools and libraries ,are grooming the children to deviant behavior that the children will surely mimic ,because their brains , thinking snd emotions mature after the 18 year of age . Presenting such deviant people to school children is CHILD ABUSE and unacceptable!

  5. As Orthodox Christians we do not hate the sinner but hate the sin. Let’s not make this a space for hate but rather expose how our spiritual leaders have failed us once again. Embracing any person, social event or academic activity/philosophy that goes against Orthodoxy for monetary gains is the norm with the church and school. The agenda in this community is not to preach the truth of Jesus and scriptures. Unless the spiritual leaders stand up for what is right, this church will never prosper or fill any seats whether thats in church or academic! How can it when Jesus would not approve of this visit or the many other things that occur. Parents and children need to stand together and see that they too are at fault. How many of you read scripture or attend church? That is why many weren’t even bothered by the political event! When you do not know what is written in the Bible, how can you determine what is wrong? The spiritual leaders are not teaching! Our children are being lead astray by social media and satanic influences who are teaching them instead. The role of the priest is to preach and lead, especially for our youth. Not to worry about pleasing Archdiocese pockets with financial gains.

  6. Nick.Τυχερος είσαι. Πάλι καλά που δεν σε έστειλε στο Νταχαου η Μάρκου!!!! Τολμάς και δεν συμφωνείς μαζί της ;;;; Για γέλια!!!! Άλλος για φωτογραφία ;;; Άκου Μάρκου , και κάθε Μάρκου μετά του συζύγου. Η ομοφυλοφιλια είναι ανωμαλία . !!! Τέλεια και παύλα. Έχετε βαλθεί να μας πείσετε για το αντίθετο. Μας σερβίρετε τα περί σεβασμού, αυτοπροσδιορισμού, κτλπ. Δεν αλλάζει τίποτε. Κρατήστε τα πιστεύω σας και σταματήστε να προκαλείτε. Σας αρέσει η όχι έτσι πλάστηκε η φύση. Και σαν δικηγόρος που είσαι θα ξέρεις τον νομικό όρο (( παρά φυσει)).Και μιας και γράφεις ότι ξέρεις για την ορθόδοξη πίστη μας , θα ξέρεις για ποιο λόγο ο Θεός αφάνισε τα Σόδομα – Γόμορα… Προφανώς ο Θεός δεν ζούσε στον 21 αιώνα. Άσε που δεν γνώριζε τι είναι το (( sexual orientation))!!! Αν ήξερε θα μας έδινε τα γεννητικά μας όργανα σε πακέτο. Να διαλέξουμε αργότερα, τι θελουμε να είμαστε. Ο Θεός δεν συγχωρεί την αμαρτία. Συγχωρεί τον άνθρωπο που μετανοεί για τις αμαρτίες του. Μάλλον εσυ πρέπει να μάθεις τι θα πει σεβασμός. Πας σε ελληνοορθόδοξο σχολείο για ψηφοθηρικούς λόγους μετά του συζύγου, για να φωτογραφηθείς. Η σύζυγος με την συζυγο. Αλλά δεν φταις εσυ. Φταίει η Αρχιεπισκοπή. Με αυτόν τον ανεκδιήγητο ( αξιολύπητο),αρχιεπίσκοπο. Ούτε μια ανακοίνωση από τους (( αντιπροσώπους του θεου)). Να μας πουν τι λέει η πίστη μας . Τι πιστεύουν. Αν πιστεύουν. Όλοι εσείς μακρυά από τα παιδιά μας. Τα δικά σας … δικό σας πρόβλημα .

    • Αν φόραγες παντελόνια ψευτό Dean, θα τόλμαγες και να έλεγες και το αληθινό σου όνομα. Το να βγαίνει ο καθένας και να λογοκρίνει χωρίς να δίνει τη πραγματική ταυτότητά του αποδεικνύει και ότι δεν έχουν δύναμη και τα λόγια του. Όποιος θέλει, καλεί τη Μάρκου και συζητάει σε ανθρώπινη βάση όπως κάνουν οι καλλιεργημένοι άνθρωποι. Διαφορετικά συνεχίστε μεταξύ σας την ανθρωποφαγία. Καλή σας νύχτα.

      • Μαρια ο χωρος για συζήτηση είναι εδώ χωρίς απειλές και χωρίς μαγκιές. Το ερώτημα που έχει ο κόσμος είναι εάν η ομοφυλοφιλια είναι αμάρτημα για την Ορθοδοξία. Η Βίβλος λέει ότι είναι. Εαν εχεις επιχειρήματα περί του αντιθέτου να τα ακούσουμε. Ας μείνουμε στην κανονική συζήτηση.

  7. Νίκο, αν θεωρείς απειλή και μαγκιά το τι λέω, δεν υπάρχει λόγος να συζητάμε καν. Ο δήθεν Dean χωρίς ταυτότητα ξεκίνησε τις προσβολές, τις μαγκιές και τις ειρωνίες. Όσον αφορά για το τι σημαίνει απειλή, στην επόμενη νομική μου διάλεξη θα ενημερώσω το κοινό για την αντικειμενική και υποκειμενική υπόσταση της απειλής για να μην λέει ο καθένας ό,τι του κατέβει. Δε προσβάλλομαι από τους αόρατους αναγνώστες σου γιατί εγώ κάνω πάντα το σωστό και δε κρατάω κακία. Ο καθένας με τη συνείδησή του. Καληνύχτα και καλές σκέψεις με τις συνειδήσεις μας.

  8. This is all Fr. Greg’s, parish council and school school board chairs fault for hosting Mr. Kasselakis in addition to Mr. Lambropoulos (senate candidate-lol) and Mrs. Markou who seem to have organized this debacle at the children’s expense so they can promote their agenda and be interviewed on all the Greek channels. All I have to say is shame on them! Some of the above should be removed! This was not a sanctioned foreign dignitary official visit by Mr. Kasselakis as there was no representation by any other agency to escort him. He did not even have the decency to dress in a suit to show respect and seem professional to the students. All I know is this was done purely for photo ops and campaigning purposes for both of these parties. Seems that Mrs. Markou is his PR person and or his press secretary.

  9. Maria Markou…spare everyone your righteous indignation to Nick Stamatakis and Helleniscope commenttary , and LBGQT respect to allow others to make their own choices! The fact Maria …is there in another gay couple with two children , who like Kasselakis , work for the State Department of the United States …and this is a U.S ambassador of Hungary …and a Zionist Jew , who like Greek zioniist Kasselakis of the Greek Government, has only one job do, take as many Photo Ops with Barthoolome, Ephidophoros and children of the Greek Orthodox Church to promot an image to be sent back to the Greek populatin that he as an LGBQt Poliitical member of the Greek Government supports …..The Orthodox Christian Church and religiion!
    Nick Stamatakis and Hellenisope have it right in theri statement , except he not only disrespects the Greek Community , he and U.S abassdor disrespect the entire communities of foreign Nations to spread theri human rights narratives to interfere in the internal affarirs of Greece and all foreign Nations of Europe….

    Nick Stamatakis and Hellenisope …have proven they are “Influence Peddlers of God”, while U.S media are the “Influence Peddlers of Satan” …. and if you haven’t noticed …they do not call America the empire of lies for nothing…..

    Nick Stamatakis : “Trying to push a political/social belief down our throats shows no respect to our community. The biggest battles in America today take place in school boards against those who push the “woke ideology” – exactly what Kasselakis’ agenda is.

    And Righeous Maria … Welcome to what all U.S diplomats of the State Depratment do …

    Headline Washington Times: Openly gay U.S. ambassador to Hungary faces personal attacks

    By Guy Taylor – The Washington Times – Thursday, February 2, 2023

    The openly gay ambassador whom President Biden sent to staunchly conservative Hungary is facing a firestorm of criticism in Budapest, where pro-government media accuse him of violating diplomatic protocols, meddling in the judiciary and undermining the country’s traditional values.

    Ambassador David Pressman, a human rights lawyer who has headed the U.S. Embassy in Hungary since September, says the accusations are baseless and he’s being targeted with personal attacks by a media controlled by the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    A profile on Mr. Pressman published by The New York Times on Thursday pointed specifically to PestiSracok, a pro-Orban news portal that has denounced the appointment of the ambassador as “an expert on LGBT rights” and “an obvious diplomatic provocation.”

    Mr. Pressman, who lives in Budapest with his husband and two children, told The Times he is more alarmed by what he sees as a broader assault on the U.S. in pro-government Hungarian media, which he said engages in a constant “repurposing of Kremlin propaganda … pushing out Kremlin disinformation and anti-
    American rhetoric on a routine basis.”

    Now you know , Kasselakis is just another Zionist with Mistotakis who wil have a negative influence of the people of Greece …and make U.S. enemies , inluding the Orthodox Church , the enemies of Greece!

    Nick has got it right …LGBTQ ..just tools of war !

  10. Please note that everyone is entitled to their personal opinion. However, the facts remain that we have not endorsed any political party or political person, are not affiliated or connected to any Greek Party, and have not expressed any intention to be affiliated with any Greek political party. Also, note we have not entertained nor discussed political points of view or sought to persuade anyone to join a Greek political party at this meeting at the Church and School, but the optics were blown way out of proportion. Also, note the Church and School also did not endorse any candidate or influence anyone to believe in one political party over another. We showed common courtesy by welcoming a Greek American to our community of Astoria, who happens to have a political position in Greece. I would need everyone to return to normalcy and respect one another. We have bigger fights to fight for. Our economy is in turmoil; inflation is at an all-time high; crime is on the rise; people are living in the streets because they have been priced out of their homes, pushing homelessness to an all-time high; crime is high; therefore, safety is a huge issue. Another significant problem we have to look at ourselves is in the mirror and ask ourselves, are we a united Greek community? Probably not. We need to focus on becoming better community members. Despite the harsh words expressed by everyone in a chain of comments, I hope we can look past this and become a United Hellenic Community. Let us not be divided and be whole. Good night.

    Gus Lambropoulos

    • Mr. Lambropoulos I agree with one comment; which is for us to unite as a Greek Orthodox community because we are all sisters and brothers in Christ BUT like a true family members you call out when something is wrong! Especially when it offends our God and his law. We have softened the Orthodox faith by saying we need to “accept”, Jesus accepted sinners too but only when they repented and turn away from their sin. We are suffering because we do not stand true to ourselves as Christians! No one said to be Christian would be easy the Bible teachers us this, Luke 14:27, “And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple”. Let’s stop the smoke and mirrors we all know the problem here.

    • Gus — SPARE us your political correctness ploy to dismantle our Greek Orthodox faith.
      Shame on you liberals who’ve done more to destroy our church, our cities, our countries. Enough already!
      This homosexual politician fraud is pure & simple guilty of moral turpitude.

      Cancel this demon

    • Actions are far more persuasive than empty words…people aren’t stupid here, and they can detect dismissive, arrogant, elitist rhetoric, no matter who spews it. The “court of public opinion” obviously doesn’t seem to agree with the “facts” that you present, so now the community support you are calling for will forever be weakened as a result of your choices & words… You stepped on your own banana peel, buddy… As a highly educated person, you should have better perceived how toxic the Kasselakis subject is for the Greek community. If Kasselakis didn’t “happen to have a political position” as you yourself say above, would he ever have visited St. Demetrios the other day? Or do you regularly advocate that random people walk the halls of the school and take photos with the students without parental consent? Try answering these questions in a reasonable, convincing manner…you can’t. Who do you think you are trying to fool here? Do you really think readers here are that stupid? Stop insulting our intelligence. This photo op was intentional. The more you write here, the more of your own foot you end up stuffing deeper into your own mouth, it appears. Give it up, dude…you messed up, it’s embarrassing, and you can’t fix it now. In the future, if you expect better results, try making better choices next time…

    • Gus, you just don’t get it. You say “we have bigger fights to fight”, there is no bigger fight than teaching our children how to grow as Orthodox Christians. Our children’s souls depend on it. Children in their formative years can NOT get mixed messages from their Church and school.

      Also, you mention common courtesy…many would have the point of view that no common courtesy was extended to the parents and parishioners in this matter.

      At some point (I hope I am wrong), the way things are going, Americans in the GOARCH community will need to decide what is more important to them, Orthodoxy or Hellenism.

  11. These people (Markou/Lambropoulos) don’t even live in Astoria or Queens anymore I heard and are running for Queens political seats.

    • Another ghost reader—“Truth Defender”—when you are ready to say your real name, call me and I will invite you for coffee at our house in Astoria! Let me now to go to Courts to do my work and defend the truth from liars like you. Have a nice day, “truthdefender”

  12. Folks all of this filth from GAY MAFIA could never happen were it not blessed by the despicable, homo Patriarch Bartholomew — this false prophet is living in luxury with his thief boyfriend who stole watch in Turkey!!

    I’m disgusted there’s no action taken to go outside Archdiocese & Protest!

  13. Good afternoon- I am a parent with two children in the St Demetrios school system. We send our kids to school to learn during the day and when they are not occupied with academics their day should include spiritual relief or religious instruction. I personally do not send my children to school so they can meet wanna be politicians or pop singers let alone allow them to meet anyone that hasn’t been fully vetted by the community. This visit did nothing but bring more negative publicity to the school and sent a message to parents that we have no processes and procedures in place. We have a school board and four school administrators and yet it seems like there are zero controls in place. Why??? We entrust our children to you and you feel you have no obligation to inform us of a visitor coming into our school to visit. Shame on all of you! It’s obvious the primary focus is not our children.

  14. Το σχολείο δεν ενημέρωσε τους γονείς ως όφειλε, κ όπως κάνει άλλωστε σε κάθε επίσκεψη επισήμων, με αποτέλεσμα να το μαθουμε κατόπιν εορτής κ από συγγενείς μας στην Ελλάδα. Αυτό που είδαμε ηταν την κ. Μάρκου να παρισταται σε αναρίθμητες εκπομπές της ελληνικής τηλεόρασης όλο το Σαββατοκύριακο με θέμα συζήτησης τον γάμο του κ. Κασσελακη. Ποιος ο σκοπός αυτής της επίσκεψης; Τι παραδειγματίστηκαν τα παιδιά μας; Τι αποκόμισαν από αυτή την συναναστροφή ;
    Μια ατυχές διαφημιστική καμπάνια ηταν το συμβάν εν άγνοια των γονέων.

  15. Συγχαρητήρια στον Κύριο Πεφανη που βγήκε να προστατέψει τα παιδιά μας από τους ΑΝΤΙΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΣ!!
    Congratulations to Mr Pefanis for coming out to protect our children and for having the courage to say what all parents wanted to say!

  16. A post from Telegram:

    I’ll take things a servant of THE ANTICHRIST would say for $5,000, Alex.

    “If you have a different view of an issue than the Apostles, you are not more holy than the Apostles. You are wrong.”
    ☦️Father Josiah Trenham

    “Woe to him who rejects the ancient Tradition which contains the positive experiences of our fathers and mothers received by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. All that was given at some time in the past by the action of grace belongs to divine eternity, and does not weaken with time. If we reject the spiritual content of the Tradition of the Church, we transgress against the commandment to ‘Honour thy father and thy mother’ (Matt. 15:4).”
    ☦️Saint Sophronios of Essex

    “Sacred Tradition is the very Church; without the Sacred Tradition the Church does not exist. Those who deny the Sacred Tradition deny the Church and the preaching of the Apostles.”
    ☦️Saint Nektarios of Aegina

    “The least departure from Tradition can lead to a scorning of every dogma of our Faith.”
    ☦️Saint Photios the Great, Patriarch of Konstantinople

    “Many people who are satisfied with being conservative do not want anything to do with being traditional, because it’s too foreign to them, but you cannot have Orthodoxy without traditionalism.”
    ☦️Bishop Luke of Jordanville

    “A Church pure and untouched by the harshness of our times is not easily found and from now on rarely to be seen — a Church that has preserved the apostolic doctrine unadulterated and inviolate! Beloved brethren, we are small and humble, but we have not accommodated our Faith according to the changing events.”
    ☦️Saint Basil the Great

    “Let us be firm, my brothers, on the rock of faith, in the tradition of the Church, and not remove or change the boundaries established by our Holy Fathers. Let us close the road to innovators and not permit them to demolish the structure of the holy, catholic, and apostolic Church of God. If we allow, however, the introduction of any innovation, we unconsciously support the collapse of the Church. No, my brothers, you who love Christ, no, you children of the Church, you will never want to surround your Mother, the Church, with confusion.”
    ☦️Saint John of Damascus

    “Orthodoxy is what Christ taught, the apostles preached, and the Fathers kept.”
    ☦️Saint Athanasios

    “We are NOT living in the dark ages, but as devout Orthodox Christians, we ARE year ONE!” ☦️
    Team Jesus…..❤️


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