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An American Jewish lawyer named Amsterdam is defending the original and ancient Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) against the fascists in the Zelensky junta. Five years ago, with the ultra vires collaboration of the conniving “Ecumenical Patriarch His All Holiness Bartholomew”, the Ukrainian government under then-president Poroshenko created a “new” Orthodox denomination called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

Fellow Orthodox believers will note the subtle irony here, since there is nothing “new” about the Orthodox Church. The phony-baloney Met. Epiphany heads this innovation and with Bartholomew’s blessing, he and the Ukrainian state have harassed believers, switched parish title deeds, arrested priest and bishops, and altogether wreaked havoc on the UOC. Por qua? Because of the unfounded suspicion that members of the UOC are secret agents of Moscow, despite the fact that the UOC, under the longsuffering Met. Onuphry, have cut ties with the Russian Orthodox Church, have supported the defense of Ukraine against the Russian Army, and have aided casualties of the war. The Verkhovna Rada in Kiev are banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for their patriotic efforts.

All of this is being done with the fervent backing of the Biden administration and the European Union. These criminal actions have no defense under Ukrainian and international laws, and yet, as no significant hue and cry was raised when the United States invaded Iraq and attacked Syria and decimated the Christian population of those countries, none is being here. How can the United States still call itself a majority Christian nation when we allow this criminal persecution to continue? Watch Tucker Carlson’s ten-minute interview with Mr. Amsterdam:


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