EDITOR’S NOTE: I have noted many times recently that the key to understanding the current conflict in the Middle East is the fact that Egypt, S.Arabia, UAE, Iran, and Ethiopia will enter the BRICS.  Egypt is the most strategically significant of these countries. We in the Greek-American community watched closely how the DC establishment used the “Egypt Connection” to indict Senator Menendez.  This article explains that the same warmongers in DC have been undermining Egypt’s politics and economy for a long time… But the latest betrayal of Egypt through a plan to bypass the Suez Canal is to my opinion unlikely to succeed…


The U.S. Has Betrayed Egypt Again

The U.S. has no friends, only interests. America is the first to teach the lesson: “Treaties are made to be broken.”

By Steven Sahiounie

The Egyptian parliament met on October 19 and gave President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the power to declare war against Israel, if necessary. Egypt and Israel have a peace treaty dating from 1979, which has been a success, proving that a neighboring Arab and Muslim country can share long-lasting peaceful relations with the Jewish State of Israel.

Egyptians have watched in horror at the scenes of death and destruction in Gaza as the Israeli government exacts its revenge on Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israel. With the promised Israeli ground invasion of Gaza beginning at any moment, it is expected to be a bloodbath among unarmed civilians. Already the death toll is at least 5,087, including 2,055 children.

The Cairo Peace Summit, co-chaired by the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, met on October 21.

Sisi said that the solution to the Palestinian issue is not the displacement of an entire people to other areas, but justice and obtaining their legitimate rights and the right to self-determination.

The U.S. sent a low-level representative to the Cairo Peace Summit, and this was a message from U.S. President Joe Biden, that the U.S. is working against Egypt, and not with them.

The U.S. media is portraying Sisi as the villain, who refuses to open the gate at Rafah and allow displaced Palestinians under bombardment to flee.

The reason behind Egypt’s refusal to accept Palestinian refugees is never hinted at in the U.S. media which parrots the U.S. State Department talking points.

Israel has a long-standing law that prevents any Palestinian who leaves Gaza, or the Occupied West Bank, from ever returning home. The right of return is enshrined in international law; however, Israel does not comply with international law.

Sisi knows there is an Israeli plan, condoned and supported by Biden, to remove all Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt, where they will be supported by humanitarian aid, but can never repopulate Gaza again. They will be permanently homeless and stateless refugees.

The Israeli plan also includes the Occupied West Bank and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned of attempts to displace the Palestinian people and said: “We will not leave, we will not leave, we will stay in our land.”

Jordanian King Abdullah II said, “The violent bombing campaign in Gaza is a collective punishment of a besieged and helpless population,” he said, calling it a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime.”

The U.S.-Israeli plan is to move all the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank into Jordan, which has had a peace treaty with Israel since 1994.

Both leaders have warned of a plan to de-populate the West Bank, which will then be the ultimate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as there will be no more occupation and no need for the UN resolution calling for the two-state solution. Israel will get everything, and the Palestinians will get nothing.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on October 18, that any attempts to displace Palestinians from the West Bank to Jordan would be considered a declaration of “war.”

The U.S. betrayal of Egypt runs deeper than the Gaza war. Biden set his sights on the record annual revenue of the Suez Canal, which totaled $9.4 billion in USD as of June 30, 2023. The major asset in Egypt handles roughly 10 percent of global maritime trade, and the U.S. has a plan to declare economic war on Egypt by circumventing transit through the Suez Canal.

The Biden plan against Egypt

On September 8, at the G-20 summit in New Delhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which is a Biden plan to work behind the back of Egypt and undermine their economy. This plan will circumvent the Suez Canal.

The huge plan links India with Europe and includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the U.S. had approached Israel for this project, which according to him will “reshape the face of the Middle East”, while adding, “The State of Israel will be a central hub in this economic initiative.”

Not only does the IMEC work to the detriment of Egypt, but also Biden’s chief enemy, China, and their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which began in 2013.

The IMEC project connects cross-country railway lines and shipping corridors from India’s west coast with the UAE by sea, and a rail route crossing the Arabian Peninsula, with the Israeli port of Haifa as the endpoint.

From Haifa, goods are shipped to Piraeus, Greece which is the gateway to all European destinations. Included in the plan are pipelines for hydrogen produced in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, high-powered IT connections, and energy grids.

Biden wants India tied to the West, thus serving as a counter-balance to China. At the same time, the plan promotes the normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which has been the main goal of Netanyahu since taking office, and a priority of the U.S. State Department under the Biden administration.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE regard hydrogen production as a green alternative to their fossil-based energy exports.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the IMEC plan was “much more than ‘just’ a railway or a cable” adding, “It is a green and digital bridge across continents and civilizations.”

The IMEC plan could potentially speed up trade between India and Europe by up to 40 percent. However, its critics point out that the cargo must be off-loaded, and re-loaded twice in the route, which will add costs that might not be cost-effective as opposed to the traditional Suez Canal route. But, the U.S. support of the IMEC proves that their support is not about saving money, but is about betraying Egypt.

The Saudi position

President Trump’s plan, the Abraham Accords of 2020, gained momentum when the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco normalized relations with Israel.

The big prize to both Israel and the U.S. would be signing with Saudi Arabia, and negotiations were progressing favorably until the current Gaza war began. Saudi Arabia halted any progress on normalization in favor of pro-Palestinian solidarity. The Kingdom’s stance will affect Israel’s participation in IMEC.

Previous U.S. betrayal of Egypt

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was a staunch and loyal ally of the U.S., and yet they called for him to step down.

President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden engineered a U.S.-rigged election in which the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, was elected. The American official in Cairo who was sentenced to five years in prison by an Egyptian court for election fraud was whisked away from Cairo before serving time by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who used her diplomatic immunity to transport Lila Jaafar to Washington, DC where she now serves as an official with the Peace Corps.

This U.S. betrayal of Egypt lasted less than a year, during which hundreds of unarmed civilians were massacred by the Morsi regime, and then the Egyptian people threw out the American puppet, and the current president Sisi came to power.

The U.S. has no friends, only interests. America is the first to teach the lesson: “Treaties are made to be broken”.


  1. Prophesies about WW3 will not come to fruition just because God revealed them, but because God knew ahead of time the stupid decisions that human leaders would make…

    Whether it’s a delusional Pharaoh or modern-day president / prime minister, once they start thinking that they are immortal, immune, and all-powerful, bad things ensue, and it is always their “subjects” who end up suffering more…

    Always examine carefully where you cast your votes…psychopath politicians are always eager to deceive you and drive entire nations into ruin…

  2. When it come down to it … the dominant religious order of America who dominate the Congress are “White Anglo Saxon Protestants” who not only taint Christianity thruout the world , and evoke Anti Christian violence against Orthodox Christians of Europe and Middle East , but use the Dhristian label and values to justify Racist Criminal wars from 1950 to today to slpread their culture of hate and depravity which has killed 22 million foreign citizens in 31 wars of interventions to do what Baptist and Puritans did to the Indians and Blacks of America and now Palistinians in Gaza…exterminate them because they they did not subordinate themselves to the White Anglo Saxon , and now Jwwish Zionsit white suprremacist races!

    Every Evangelical Christian chruch should be decertified as Christian Church, and properly be labeled as Racist Terrorist organizations .. who are the feeder system for the depraved lawmakers of Congress who produce the likes of …. the Bush, Clinton, Graham, Chenny, , Rumsfeld, and their Fox News Evangelical empire of lies !

    This is simple the united States of America is a murderous Klephocracy run by two competing Crime Syndicates …the Democratic and Republican Parties ..who only objective of their lives is to make mnney for their Clients ..either thru Economic , Political , or their now choice of depravity ….WAR!

    Biden another fake christian ..now claims that supporting the fudding of the War in the Ukraine, having lost it ..is to produce jobs for American War Economy for American Citizens ! That’s Right! They have changed the message for Evangelical to support the sending of 500, 000 orthodox Christian to their death , to its good for the economy of America!

    These Evangelical cheer Donald Trumps declaration that … he has single handedly approved the largest military budget in U.S history which will guaranttee the caretakers of Amircan History …the Whie Anglo Saxon protestants that they will contnue to dominate the world and spread thier cultuer forever!

    Time to call them out …their resume of destruction and racism is undeniable!


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