By Alex Aliferis  


A drag queen spanked the Greek-American Democrat mayor of the California city of Burbank near Los Angeles.

Who is this, Mayor? His name is Konstantin Anthony.

In his official biography, he proclaims himself the first ‘openly autistic’ Mayor west of the Mississippi River. He is 40 years old. He grew up in Castro Valley near Oakland, CA. He went to LA to do improv comedy and acting. He has been doing it for 20 years. He now drives for various apps.

Anthony ran for city council in 2020 and won a seat. He was elected Mayor in 2022. Smaller towns in California select their mayor from among the council members. There is no election for Mayor.

Currently, he is trying to run for the Los Angeles County Supervisor District 5 seat against incumbent Republican Supervisor Kathryn Barger. There are Republican officials in Los Angeles.  

However, the State of California’s strong promotion of LGBT education in taxpayer-funded public education schools has upset parents.  

Who is the real Konstantin Anthony? His real face came off when he trashed parents protesting LGBT indoctrination in schools in Glendale and Burbank with a heavy Armenian-American population. Armenian parents protested in Los Angeles and Glendale against the LGBT agenda/promotion among kids.

Anthony states he supports a sexually graphic book for homosexual promotion in schools.

Anthony even supports defunding the police or moving away from arresting people. Anthony supports the failed Democrat policy of crime decriminalization. The Democrat-led states like California, New York, and Illinois have huge crime rates. No sane person visits San Francisco, Chicago, or NYC anymore. One goes there at your own risk.

California has let out 70,000 hardcore prisoners from all California prisons. The police cannot arrest people who steal thanks to Prop 47, which decriminalized most crimes since 2014.

He supports the LGBT agenda. He was part of a counterprotest with ANTIFA against parents protesting LGBT indoctrination when the Los Angeles police declared it an ‘illegal assembly.’ Police dispersed Anthony and his friends.

In addition, he is a member of the Democrat Socialists of America, a Marxist Communist group in the Democrat Party.

He angered all parents in Southern California with his support of LGBT.

Konstantin Anthony does not represent the vast majority of Greek Americans who stand against the LGBT grooming/brainwashing of our kids in all schools.

All schools should not be teaching or promoting the LGBT agenda to kids. Schools need to focus on reading, writing, and math. Taxpayer-funded, government-run schools are in ruin. Students are scoring low in reading, writing, and math. The USA is falling behind in education.

It is bad enough that Greek Globalist Elites and the Washington DC Deep State promoted Kasselakis to SYRIZA’s party leader.

Konstantin Anthony is a pure disgrace.

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington, D.C. on issues linked to Greece and Cyprus.  

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  1. This DEGENERATE is a prototype of
    entire Woke Godless agenda!
    It’s like he incarnated on earth & was sent by the devil’s cauldron to bring this foul stench that’s come over earth

  2. From Isaiah chapter 5….

    20 Οὐαὶ οἱ λέγοντες τὸ πονηρὸν καλὸν καὶ τὸ καλὸν πονηρόν, οἱ τιθέντες τὸ σκότος φῶς καὶ τὸ φῶς σκότος, οἱ τιθέντες τὸ πικρὸν γλυκὺ καὶ τὸ γλυκὺ πικρόν.

    20 Woe [to them] that call evil good, and good evil; who make darkness light, and light darkness; who make bitter sweet, and sweet bitter.

  3. Loving Speaker Mike Johnson Bigly when he tells all to get a Bible! These so-called alleged orthodox marxists undoubtedly grew up in Bible-Free Zones! Listen up all parents– get that Bible in your child(s) hand quickly!

  4. Bravo Alex . Konstantin isn’t fit to lead. Besides being an insult to families and parental rights he has low intellectual capacity to grasp right from wrong. He is clearly no Christian his supporters are transgender family haters and Antifa. He also was part of the assault on private businesses in Burbank shutting them down like Pineapple Tavern and an Armenian owned coffee shop when they refuse to close this skata cut their electricity at the City. Socialists don’t believe in self determination and independent ownership they believe the government owns everything. We need less government in our medical, education, schools and more rightous strong individuals. Not pathetic weak lame individuals.
    Funny now that you mention it there is no Greek organizations that support this buffo.


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