EDITOR’S NOTE: We live in a world where the Satanic acts of the few are reversing eternal values and truths.  The perfect antidote in such troubled times is these famous quotes (below) by Nikos Kazantzakis. I admit that the Greek video (first) contains a better selection than the English one… I wish I had the time to translate it as is… Enjoy!


  1. On his tomb:
    “I hope for nothing,
    I fear nothing,
    I am free”.

    If Nikos Kazantzakis was spiritually devout – he’d have become a giant!

    • If he was “devout” to any faith or ideology he would not be Kazantzakis! His abandonment of socialism proves the point: Kazantzakis was about spiritual freedom and not about unquestionable devotion to any given “truth”! Having said that, he was closer to Christ than any of the self-proclaimed “devotees”…

  2. Succinctly said… I think he’s got it !

    Freedom from any organized religion is a wise thing as it becomes an IDOL and we know how corrupt parts of church are…
    I still believe , in his sojourns to Mt. Athos,
    had he found an extraordinary Elder who understood Nikos, he’d have reached a higher summit.


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