By Nick Stamatakis

There is nothing more pleasing to us of the older generations of Greek-Americans than watching our children and grandchildren take the torch and follow our culture and traditions and celebrate our history.  Last night, we had such an opportunity to see more than 150 students of Greek and Cypriot descent come together at the “Center for Hellenic Studies” at Stony Brook University to celebrate “OXI Day” with oratory, poetry, dance and, of course, food!…

Under the guidance of Distinguished Professor Stella Tsirka (Biochemistry), the audience, which included many parents and community members from the populous surrounding area and the Port Jefferson Parish, enjoyed the narration of the 1940 events followed by a short description of the glorious Greek Resistance, the most celebrated anti-Nazi resistance in Europe.  Students Apollom Zoumbadinopoulos, Dimitris Bakatsis, Mary Lolis and Nicholas Stamatakis (yes I was a very proud dad yesterday!) read poetry and sand songs.

Later, the Greek-Cyptiot Dance group performed several Greek Dances – including Ikariotiko and Pentozali spreading enthusiasm in the audience. I could barely hold back the emotions from memories of my …glorious past in a similar dance club at Stony Brook over 35 years ago…

The event closed in the “Greek way” with excellent food and deserts  – the latter were of such superior quality that they disappeared faster than we could realize!…

In the process, we had the chance to meet with director Stella Tsirka and Prof. Maria Athanasopoulou, who are doing such a fantastic job with limited means.  Let me note that they have planned a Hellenic Film Weekend for Dec. 2-3 with excellent Greek Films (with English Subtitles), including “Smyrna My Beloved).

For more information, please click here.  The center would appreciate your donations; it is absolutely worth it (link here).


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