EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Helleniscope has noted on numerous occasions that the sickness that caused much of what plagues society globally has a common denominator called arrogance! The Globalists suffer from it, along with the DC establishment that supports them!  The Israeli Netanyahu government is also sick with the same “virus,” – and our Church and community leaders are not far behind (our recent posts prove it!)  Because of their arrogance, they are now suffering a total defeat – not only in Ukraine but globally!! You can from a million bombs in Ukraine or in Gaza, but if you do not win the people’s hearts, you have LOST!!

Please look at what happened at the Grand Central Station yesterday and then multiply this by twenty in NYC: Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, etc.  And then consider – what is going on all over the country.  Please don’t tell me that these are mostly “leftists”; Helleniscope has repeatedly published views from the left when they support resistance against those who want to take away our freedom.  In the global fight for freedom against all forms of totalitarianism, we are all in the same boat.  Yes, I know all the nuances – and the risks – of anything the Left touches.  But, as the NYPD police arrest them, they are getting a taste of the fallacies of those who put and still keep the Jan.6 protesters in jail, and hopefully, they will wake up and start “canceling the cancellers” with the rest of us… RFK Jr’s positions and others on the left prove this argument has legs…

The Israeli government and the globalists that are supporting bombing Gaza to extinction, as I have stated from October 7, have lost the diplomatic battle and are on their way to losing the war – no matter what road they choose.  Half a billion Moslems surround them, and – for the first time in history – Israel’s policies have managed to unite ALL against them and also unite the whole world against them. If they do not change course swiftly, they will put Israel’s existence at risk! Greek interests, as I have said many times, are best served by permanent peace in the region. The Mitsotakis government’s one-sided position on the issue is, once again, a big mistake and needs to be corrected soon.




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