EDITOR’S NOTE: Justin Amash is one of the two Palestinian-Americans to ever serve in Congress (2011-21 – for a bio link here). Last week he lost several members of his family in a bombardment by Israel in Gaza…


SOURCE – RonPaulInsitute.org

By Daniel McAdams

Former US Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI), who was the only US House Member representing the Libertarian Party, announced today on Twitter/X that several of his relatives were killed when Israel bombed Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in Gaza. Amash’s relatives, along with many others, were seeking shelter in the Church as Israel continues to flatten Gaza.

As one commenter on Amash’s thread pointed out, Saint Porphyrius Church “symbolized coexistence. It’s worth noting that this church is located near the Jewish Quarter in Gaza as well.”

Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church is the third oldest existing Christian church in the world, standing very nearly since the time of Christ. Another commenter on Twitter added that “Gaza’s oldest church the Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius”…was a refuge for at least 380 civilians. At least 40 have been reported dead and more searches continue among the rubble.”

Earlier this week Israel is accused of bombing al-Shifa hospital in Gaza – the only Christian hospital in the Palestinian enclave – and hundreds have been reported killed in that attack. While Israel has denied responsibility for that bombing, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak told the BBC that Israel was “determined” to destroy the hospital.

Additionally, Israel today demanded the evacuation of yet another hospital in Gaza, the Al-Quds Hospital, claiming that it was also on the bombing list. As The Cradle reports, an evacuation is nearly impossible as “the hospital is treating over 400 patients and sheltering 12,000 displaced civilians.”

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  1. A list of 17 victims of the bombing of the St Porphyrius church halls received from an Orthodox Christian friend who works at the Jerusalem Patriarchate. Most were under 25 years old.
    Know their names, pray for their souls and pray that our political leaders find the courage to call for an immediate ceasefire.
    Yara Alamash
    Viola AlAmash
    Abed Alnour Alsouri
    Tarek Alsouri
    Lisa Alsouri
    Suhail Alsouri
    Majd Alsouri
    Ghada Alsouri
    Elen Tarazi
    Marwan Tarazi
    Nahed Tarazi
    Suliman Tarazi
    Sama Alamash
    Alia Alsouri
    Issa Alsouri
    Juli Alsouri
    George Alsouri
    May their memory be eternal!

  2. Dear Mother Agapia: I must have missed your list posting the names of some of the 1,400 Israelis brutalized and slaughtered by Hamas a few weeks earlier. We are praying for them as well as suffering innocents in Gaza.

    Until Hamas and Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist organizations are destroyed there will never be peace in the Middle East.

    This is not directed at Mother Agapia, I do not know her, but Orthodox Christian clerics in the Middle East shame our faith when the lionize Islamic terrorists and terror organizations. Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

  3. Breaking: Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg is interrupting President Biden demanding a CEASEFIRE NOW. She is speaking on behalf of thousands of American Jews who say Not In Our Name! We refuse to allow a genocide be carried out in our names.Ceasefire Now to save lives! pic.twitter.com/m5fR8OdoOk

    She is addressing the fanatical Jewish Zionist Biden and hia entire Cabinet and the Evangelcial Zioniist ruling Congress !
    More importantly, she know who has hijacked Judaism … and now threaten to get not only innocent Jews killed , but Orthodox Chrisitans, Catholic , and Muslims killed …When the Muslim backlash occurs!


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