EDITOR’S NOTE: In a new attack against the Palestinians of the Greek Orthodox faith, Israel bombed the Orthodox Cultural Center in Gaza, destroying the building that housed many displaced Palestinians.  The Jerusalem Patriarchate issued a harsh reaction.  Below, you can see a video with the news and the announcement by the Patriarchate… 



The Patriarchate of Jerusalem: Israeli Shelling of Orthodox Cultural Center Embodies Unjustifiable Targeting of Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem issued a statement this morning, condemning the Israeli military’s bombardment of the Orthodox Cultural Center in the Tel Al Hawa neighborhood of Gaza earlier today. In this statement, the Patriarchate emphasizes that this attack represents a stark embodiment of Israel’s unwarranted determination to destroy the civil infrastructure and social service centers, as well as shelters for civilians trapped in the besieged enclave. The Patriarchate highlights that social, cultural, and sports centers have become vital providers of essential humanitarian services and safe havens for those affected by Israeli airstrikes targeting residential areas.

The Patriarchate further expressed that this assault on the Orthodox Cultural Center and its service facilities constitutes a direct and unjustified attack on one of the pillars of culture and social services in Gaza.

The Patriarchate also notes with grave concern that the Israeli military has targeted 19 places of worship, including mosques and churches, in Gaza during the past three weeks of the devastating conflict. Such attacks on civilians, particularly children, and the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure, cannot be justified on rational or humanitarian grounds and are fundamentally at odds with even the most basic moral values.

The Patriarchate reiterates its firm demand for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and pledges to continue its international efforts to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

“In times of crisis and adversity, we turn to the words of Psalms 34:18, which remind us that ‘The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.’ We pray for peace, justice, and a swift end to the suffering in Gaza,” said the Patriarchate’s statement.


  1. Lest we forget, the Balfour Declaration was signed November 2, 1917, Lord Rothschild was so happy that Israel would find its home “within PALESTINE.”

  2. Jane , this is hillarious … Palestine will become the “Alamo” for the Muslim World and Middle east against the Zionist rulers of Amerida and Israel!

    like the Alamo …the defenders were waiting for help from other locations , but they did not get it in time ..but woudl be the indlpiration for “Remember the Alamo” when U.S took possesion of Texas from Mexico!

    How do say ..”Remember Palestine” ..in Greek and Arabic ?

  3. SAD, very sad. Loss of innocent lives, especially children, and demolition of religious and cultural landmarks being used to shelter people in desperate need. It is a CRIME !
    Even more sad the decision of the Greek government and personally Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ to abstain (!) from a UN vote on a humanitarian resolution to help and protect innocent civilians. That’s from Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, Civilization and Human Rights.

    • Well said Niko … this traitor and Zionist Mistotakisw … wages war on Othodox Russia because of Humanitarian reasons , but allows Jewish Zionist Regimes of Ukraine and Israel to wage war on Orthodox christians of Paleatine and Syria and genocide them from their holiest lands of Christianity !

      Enough …Mistotakis is a foreign agent of Israel and U.S … destroying the cultureal lhistory of Greece , as you said, and like the Evangelicals must be declared a Terrorist organization running a Racketeering and Protection Racket to enhance his personal lust for power and money !

      Keep in mind, until Mistotakis family got into power … Greece was one of the strongest supporters of the Palestinians cause ! The facts are these … the U.S Jewish and Evangelcial Zinist control not the people of EU /Nato countries , but only the installed leadership of those countriew, everything they have done has been to the destriment of the populist , and to the benefit of American corporate monopolies and fanatical Evangelical Jihadist of Israel! However, I beleive the populait is starting to understand …and no American will be safe in Europe or Middle East , and we may see gurerilla warfare against American institutions thruout Europe and middlE East !

      Finally, the U.S illegal occupation of Syria is now under attack , and instead of withdrawing from Syria , where they have no right to be ..they are attacking anti Ameridfan Syrian and Iraqi militants ! As soon as body bags of americans starat comming back, this should be the trigger point for charges of treason , becuasue the Evangelical government of Ameria has put them in harms way , as they have now the entire popualtion of Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslims of America !

      American and Greeks have little choice die at the hands of Russian and Chinese nuclear warheads or die removing the Zionist leaders of Greece, Americad and Israel!


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