EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  In a spectacular performance in last night’s Republican Debate in Miami, Vivek Ramaswamy impressed once again with his amazing rhetorical skills. He demolished once again the war hawks and mentioned the plight of our brothers Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, who suffer unimaginable persecution by the Zelensky Neonazi government… 

Yours truly was among the first, six or more years ago, even before Helleniscope was established, to criticize the situation in Ukraine and criticize Pat. Bartholomew for his anti-Orthodox, divisive decisions and particularly his granting of autocephaly to a small minority church while ignoring the historic, mostly symbolic, ties of UOC under Met. Onufriy, with Moscow.  UOC comprised about 70% of the population before the war.  

Now, the time has come to pay the price for the consequences.  At the minimum, in the upcoming peace negotiations, Russia will demand the restoration of linguistic and religious rights in ALL of Ukraine.  But this assumes that Russia will not take many other major cities under her sovereignty, like Odesa, Harkiv, and even Kiev.  In this case, the falsely established Met. Epiphanius would rightfully be called “Epiphanius of NO Ukraine…” Be ready at GOARCH to accept him as a refugee in America and open your deep pockets to support him…




  1. I Love 💗 Vivek!
    I don’t watch these political debates but I heard the upshot:
    VR was spot on telling off the obnoxious Judas — Nikki Hailey.
    Good work my man.

  2. Hey Hellensicope , why should we beleive what Vitek, and you said about persecution of Orhtodox Christians in the Ukraiine, or tell the public what the consequneces have been to the United States and Greece aiding Zelensky? When Tucker Carlson hosted a conference which Helleisope reported … Evangelicals Mike Pence former V.P of Donald trump,Hutchinson, and Nicki Haley ..denied that it was happening ! And why do you not ecplaikn why Bartholomew and MIstoakis …the so called Traitors of Greece…have deferauded the public in not speaking up not only about the Alleged persecution of the Clergy of Ukraine and Palestine? I mean , as of today , they are still funding Zelenskky ! Just asking !

    • Michael, please limit your comments to one per day and make it short and to the point. I have explained the reasons for what you are asking many times. Go back or use Helleniscope’s search function. No need to repeat ourselves again and again. The time for the punishment for all the people you are referring to is very near.


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