By Nick Stamatakis

At a time when President Erdogan feels increasingly isolated by his previously close Western allies, his visit to Athens and meeting with PM Mitsotakis undoubtedly offered him some relief: It appeared that the meeting enhanced a climate of peaceful cooperation between the two countries and introduced a few new measures (mostly in trade and in tourism) to show progress.  The key word here is “show”.  Most of what transpired during the 6-hour visit to Athens was mainly for a show with little substance to follow the appearance of friendliness.

You can read the whole declaration by linking here.  My eye caught the paragraph before the last, which contains the day’s true meaning: This Declaration does not constitute an international agreement binding upon the Parties under international law. No provision of this Declaration shall be interpreted as creating legal rights or obligations for the Parties…. “Non Binding…” 

But when it comes to making political hay, appearances count and create political capital to be exchanged for other purposes.  Erdogan is sure to sell the appearance of cooperation in Athens in many ways. It was evident in some headlines in the Turkish press, which underlined that “the US welcomed the talks between the two countries.”  Will this be enough for the West to allow Turkey the renovation of its F-16s? I genuinely doubt it.  The reason is that the interests of Israel mainly determine the US Foreign policy in the Middle East, and at this moment, Turkey is Israel’s enemy. Israel, through AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), is the main reason for all the problems Turkey is facing today in the US.  AIPAC has decided that Turkey’s “agents” in the US need to go, and so Eric Adams, a relatively moderate democrat, is being prosecuted by Alvin Bragg, the same D.A. who charges Pres. Trump.  Followed by kicking out AB Elpidophoros…

Besides these high political games, Erdogan and Turkey benefit from the “appearance of peaceful coexistence” between the two countries.  The main fear in the Turkish establishment is that the West will use Greece in a possible military confrontation to “slap” Turkey down to size.  There is a lot of truth in this statement: Greece’s political elites are puppets of the West, mainly the US and Germany.  It is also true that Greece, with its upgraded F-16s and Rafale aircraft, along with an always skillful and well-trained Navy with advanced type-214 submarines, can cause maximum damage to the Turkish military within a minimal time frame.  There would be nothing worse for Turkey at the moment, as it seeks an expanded strategic role and a leadership position in the Muslim world than suffer a quick military defeat in the Aegean…

The biggest thorn in the Greek-Turkish relationships is the Lausanne Treaty of a century ago, which protects the Christian and Muslim minorities of the two countries.  Turkey has expelled all but a couple of thousands of Greeks in their territory, yet it has the gall to demand protection of the flourishing 100,000-strong Muslim minority in Northern Greece.  Turkey also violated many other aspects of the Lausanne Treaty by invading Iraq and Syria.  But it cannot invade Greece for fear of military humiliation by the superior Greek Air Force and Navy.  Who, of course, will not serve Greek interests but the planning of the Western centers… So Turkey is limited in verbal violations of the Lausanne Treaty, calling the Muslim minority “Turkish”….

If Greece’s political elites acted to promote their country’s national interests, they would find this timing very suitable for the declaration of the 12-mile territorial waters.  Greece is the only country on the planet that has not done so, taking advantage of International Law.  At the moment, American military bases in Greece are indispensable both for the war in Ukraine and in Israel. It would be easy for any political leaders with some spine to demand support from the US and Brussels in advancing the LEGAL sovereign rights of their country. Yet the puppets governing Athens do not.

I will close this short article with one more reference to appearances, this time the appearance of slavish behavior by a Greek before the “Sultan” Erdogan.  The (totally unworthy) foreign minister of Greece, George Gerapetritis, stole the whole show by bowing before Erdogan – as you will see in the video below.  Yes, my friends, our archbishop Elpidoktonos has now company in his misery: there is nothing more disgusting among Greeks, nothing more suicidal politically than appearing to be a slave to the Turks…  Later, Gerapetritis tried to explain, but nobody would listen… The video talks on its own, and you can judge for yourselves…

December 7, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.






  1. Hey Nick …Edrogan is doing what is in the National interest of Turkey , while Mistotakis is doing what is in the National interests of U.S and Nato ! I wish their is some declaration that brings Turkey and Greece closer, since, a war with Turkey on behalf of America would be a disaster for Greece…since , you have the acknowledged largest standing army trained by the U.S in Eruope , and loaded with Russian S-400 anti aircraft missile system which would make mince meat our to those F_16 of Greece not matter how good their pilots are ! Also you should be aware ..that Turkey is about to release prototype F-35 equivalent to U.S F-35’s that they will be manufacturing , if you haven’t heard! Importantly, Edrogan is the master of deception and he has already signed up Russia as their protector, while Putin is parading around the middle East seizing the gifted opportunity from the U.S and Nato consolidate his multi polar world against U.S and allies liek Greece! Greece will forever be a dangerous Colony of America …and noe represent a threat to all the middle east countries and Eurasia ! No doubt about it ..Iraq is demanding U.S removal of their illegal occupaton , and so is Syria , and Iran is going to be best friends with Saudik Arabia, , UaE , Qatar, and most of the middle east countries ! U.S. bases are entrenched in Greece not to portect the people of Greece , but to protect the corrupt puppets in the Greek Government to rule Greece!
    Greece has no sovereignty and their culture is rapidly being stripped , which is the number one prority of the U.S and EU globalist! they have already lost the sovereignty of the Greek Orthodox Church to the United States State department! Face it nick …an Iron Curtain has been put around Greece and Europe by the Degenerate of israel and America ! And Edrogan know this , and he will play Mistotakis to extort as much as he can from the U.S. because in the end … Turkey is much more important to the West than Greece!

    • Michael, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said that “self-appointed” globalists are using mass migration to destroy the national identity of countries.

  2. Looking at them in the photo it appears that Erdogan is a happy schoolyard bully and Mistotakis seems to be relieved that all he had to give up was his lunch money.

    • Your right John , and what makes that any different than how he looks when he gives up Greece’s religious , economic , military and political sovereignty to Anthony Blinken and the State department of America to preserve is rule of Greece….


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