EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is a genuinely explosive interview of Andrew Tate – who is still in Romania – by Piers Morgan. We Greeks, having the experience of the anti-colonial struggle of Cyprus in the 1950s, when the British called “terrorists” our heroes and executed them in a very barbarian fashion (just visit the Nicosia historic site of the “Imprisoned Graves” and your blood will boil instantly), can relate with this argument.  This does not mean that we, or Andrew Tate, condone this violent loss of human life.  We do not. But we, lovers of the truth, have to be able to see both sides of any political situation – especially these situations characterized by oppression, such as the one in Israel today.  Below, you can see the two most important highlights of this interview.  But to do justice to the subject, watch the following full interview.

Always remember that Greeks never supported any race’s supremacy over the other. This issue gained ecumenical significance many times in history, but mainly around the times of Jesus Christ and the rise of Christianity.  At the moment, we had the phenomenon of the Hellenized Jews: They were under the influence of Hellenistic cosmopolitanism, guided by the superb stoic philosophy.  Some Hellenized Jews around these times (three centuries BC and later) translated the Old Testament to Greek and were fully integrated into Greek cosmopolitan culture.  One of them was Jesus Christ himself. To talk in these times of “supremacy” and “chosen” people would be laughable… And it is equally ridiculous today… Saint Paul, the Apostle of Nations, was the natural result of three centuries of Hellenic cosmopolitanism…



  1. Nick, an exceptional article by Helleniscope and exposes the number one claim of U.S and its Nato puppets ..that they are the self appointed Policemen of the world and leader of the New world order because only they are “Freedom fighters of World! and justifies and entitles them without question to identify the terrorist of the world who threaten the world and the security and peace of the world and wage endless criminal wars against the enemies of the Chosen Evangelical population of America!
    In 2014…Gallup International Polls of the countries of the world revealed “That the most dangerous threat to the security and peace of the world was the United States” Russia did not make the top 10!

    Recently , the corrupt U.S. congress passed a resolution condemning College Student and faculty of all Universities for Anti Semitic acts in protesting the ethnic and religious genocide of the civilians of Gaza , and for being Pro Palestinian supporters and guess what for supporting Hamas “a terrorist Organization” proclaimed by the U.S State department and U.S congress! What they didn’t mention was that Hamas is not considered a Terrorist Organization by the U.N world body! AS a matter of fact the UN has admonished Israel for identifying Palestine and Gaza or Hams as “Terrorist Organization” , and demanded they stop this false representation ! Importantly, the UN has passed more resolutions condeming the Zionist government of violating the Human rights and freedom of the people of Palestine , Terrorist Acts by Jewish militia on Refugee camps of Gaza, and seizing property of the Palestinian people! The Evangelical and Jewish lawmakers of America … Vetoed all these resolutions! Which represent obstruction of Justice charges!

    Now you know why… they label Iran and so many countries and organization “Terrorist”, when in fact they alone are doing this to support war crimes against citizens in foreign Nations …simply to provide cover to oppress the freedoms of their targeted enemies! That is why I call the Republican and Democratic party ..just Two competing Crime Syndicates for control of the power and money of the world


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