By Nick Stamatakis

I first learned who Marina Satti was six years ago when I listened to a couple of her songs/videos and was left speechless.  The first one, “Koupes” (“Cups”) made over 24 million views, and the second one, “Mantissa” (“Fortune Teller”) was even more successful and currently has 55 million views!! Her biography is impressive beyond description (link here): Born in Athens to a Cretan mother and a Sudanese/Arab father, her maternal grandfather from Smirna, studied Architecture at the famous Athens Polytechnic (but never graduated), studied at the Boston Berklee School of Music, etc… 

Marina Satti is the best talent to appear in the Greek cultural scene since the 1960s and 1970s.  A multifaceted talent, she is “unable” to stick to a particular style of music and a genre, but she explores all possibilities. She is mainly known for the refreshed connection and presentation of folk and popular Greek music… 

Marina Satti is living proof that Hellenic cultural roots are strong and will never be eradicated.  They will be revived by a younger generation who is mentally and spiritually equipped to carry the tremendous burden of such a vast ecumenical heritage to a new era, an era of peace and ecumenical cooperation we would like to hope, where Hellenic Civilizational roots will necessarily be a foundation.

Marina Satti will represent Greece next year at the Eurovision competition.  Hopefully, it will lift this competition out of the misery of political correctness.

ENJOY HER TWO FAMOUS VIDEOS, MANTISSA AND KOUPES… And an early 2017 interview in Greek.



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