EDITOR’S NOTE.  This is the end of the Catholic Church as we know it.  Bishop Strickland and many others – we are learning their names hour by hour – have revolted against Pope Francis based on his “blessing of gay couples.”… 


source: newsweek.com

Bishop Strickland Goes to War With Pope Francis

Bishop Joseph Strickland, a firebrand who has frequently railed against what he has described as “woke” values, has urged fellow members of the clergy to ignore a declaration from the Vatican that blessing same-sex couples should be allowed.

In a document released on Monday, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez mooted the “possibility of blessing couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples without officially validating their status or changing in any way the Church’s perennial teaching on marriage.”

He wrote that the document had been discussed with and approved by Pope Francis, who had previously urged members of the clergy not to “lose pastoral charity, which should permeate all our decisions and attitudes” and to avoid being “judges who only deny, reject, and exclude.”

While the Catholic Church regards same-sex relationships as a sin, the current pope has been viewed as one of the more progressive leaders of the faith. During his tenure, he has suggested that even atheists could go to heaven and that he did not judge homosexuals, as well as taking a softer stance on abortions and remarriage.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis recites a blessing at the Paul VI Hall on December 13, 2023, in Vatican City. He has signed off on allowing same-sex couples to be blessed.VATICAN POOL/GETTY IMAGES

“We really simply need to be a united voice saying ‘no, we will not respond to this, we will not incorporate this into the life of the church,’ because we simply must say no,” Strickland told LifeSiteNews, a conservative Catholic outlet, in response to the document.

Newsweek reached out to the Vatican via email for comment on Tuesday.

Strickland is currently without an official flock after the Vatican removed him from the Diocese of Tyler, Texas’s governance in November and appointed another cleric.

It came after a rare formal investigation into the diocese. While the Vatican gave no reason for the investigation, it came after the outspoken bishop made a series of social media posts criticizing Pope Francis.


  1. My conversations with conservative Catholics lead me to believe another schism is about to occur…much like the Methodist Church which has fragmented over LGBT propaganda

  2. Perhaps the silver lining here is that the false dogma of “Papal infallibility” is finally being questioned from within. Great start…

    Unfortunately, they now have a different dogmatic problem that is preventing them from deposing the Pope…long ago, all Roman Catholic bishops ceded their authority to Rome, falling for the false dogma of Papal Primacy…are they willing to set that aside and get rid of Francis now?

    I may need to order some more popcorn…this might be a long soap opera…

    • Good point Markos , however, unfortunately , the U.S congress and Representatives of the populist of America and the EU?Nato parliaments have ceded their authority to the U.S president of America to hide their complicity in waging illegal wars around the world for their Criminal Enterprise called the Zionist Crime family or famously known in the 1940’s as the Notorious Jewish Crime family… Murderers inc who controlled local governments and law enforcement agencies of America , now break both domestic and International laws of God and men to make the world their personal playground to loot the world of all its financial Assets and freedoms!!

      The Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church … are like the House leaders of the Democratic and Republican leaders ….they pollitically rant against Joe Biden policies , but then proceed to support him and comoply with anything the Godfathersays and does

  3. When the time comes to “cross” ourselves’ at the mention of: “One holy catholic and apostolic church–“I wait until the word “catholic” has been said, and start crossing myself when the word, “apostolic” is being said.


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