EDITOR’S NOTE: It will not be easy for any of you to find this piece of news that the Archbishop of Cyprus, one of the most important Orthodox Churches, has opposed loudly gay marriage and adoption.  If you search Google, the algorithm sends it to page …30.  If you look for the news on major websites of Cyprus, it will not be anywhere. If you turn to the Greek-American websites and news, one of which is published by a Cypriot, you will not find it… And so you are left with some – not all – Orthodox religious websites and Helleniscope. Church after Orthodox Church, following Mout Athos, have re-affirmed the Faith and opposed gay marriage and adoption. But Pat. Bartholomew has declined to take a position and projects a guilty silence… 



source – spzh.news

Head of Cypriot Church speaks out against same-sex couples

Archbishop George said that the Church will never bless anything that contradicts its principles, regardless of the state’s decisions.

The head of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, Archbishop George, has spoken out against the blessing of same-sex couples, reports orthodoxia.info.

Archbishop George said that the Church will never bless anything that contradicts its principles, regardless of the state’s decisions.

According to him, the Church expresses its opinion through following the Gospel principles to which all believers adhere.

“When the Church accepts that there are two sexes, male and female created by God, she cannot accept any legislative regulation that the state will make. She will not fight anyone, she accepts them all, but she will state her principles, her positions and invite those who want to follow Her,” Archbishop George said.


Αρχιεπίσκοπος Κύπρου: «Όχι» στην τεκνοθεσία από ομόφυλα ζευγάρια – Είναι αντίθετο με τις αρχές μας

“Όχι” στην τεκνοθεσία από ομόφυλα ζευγάρια δηλώνει ο Προκαθήμενος της Εκκλησίας της Κύπρου, Αρχιεπίσκοπος κ. Γεώργιος και ξεκαθαρίζει ότι ουδέποτε η Εκκλησία θα ευλογήσει κάτι για το οποίο είναι αντίθετο με τις αρχές της, ανεξαρτήτως των αποφάσεων της Πολιτείας.

Μιλώντας στον τηλεοπτικό σταθμό Alpha Κύπρου, ανέφερε ότι η Εκκλησία θα εκφράσει την απόψή της επί του συγκεκριμένου θέματος και θα υπενθυμίσει στον κόσμο την θέση ότι «όποιος θέλει να κρατηθεί σύμφωνα με τα προστάγματα του Ευαγγελίου, αυτά θα ακολουθήσει»

«Όταν η Εκκλησία αποδέχεται ότι υπάρχουν δύο φύλα, άρρεν και θήλυ εποίησεν ο Θεός, δεν μπορεί να αποδεχτεί οποιαδήποτε νομοθετική ρύθμιση που θα κάνει η πολιτεία. Δεν θα πολεμήσει κανένα, τους δέχεται όλους, αλλά θα λέει τις αρχές, τις θέσεις της και θα καλεί όποιους θέλει να την ακολουθήσουν», ανέφερε χαρακτηριστικά.


    • I am not sure. And the reason I am not sure is probably that he did I not take a clear position on this issue. I think he agreed to some sort of co-celebration with the “autocephalous” when he visited the Phanar. But the Church of Cyprus is deeply divided. The Metropolitans of Limassol, Morphou and the powerful Kykkos Monastery are loudly against the “autocephaly” of Ukraine. Most among us do not realise that Kykkou monastery is more powerful than the Archdiocese of Cyprus: they have more influence and own more real estate than any other institution in Cyprus.

  1. The “Center of Orthodoxy” is more and more turning into a laughing stock in the Orthodox world.

    Even in the Finnish Orthodox Church under Constantinople have refused to concelebrate with Epiphony

  2. I wish his eminence would find the same voice and the same courage to speak forcefully for the saintly Metropolitan Onuphry of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. To their credit many Cypriot hierarchs have but not enough. Our beloved Greek Orthodox Church has been soiled by the complicity of many of our bishops with the father of lies in this dirty matter. I hope Metropolitan Onuphry knows how many Greeks and Greek-Americans stand in prayerful solidarity with him and his suffering flock.


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