Heretic AB Makarios lost the comparison one more time!! He was followed by just 500 people – while 7,000 followed Papa-Lefteris!!

By Nick Stamatakis

Thousands and thousands of faithful joined Papa-Lefteris (Tatsis) in celebration of the Epiphany, proving once again the love of the people for the dedicated priest who has spent his life serving the Greek community of Australia.  The heretic Patriarch Bartholomew “defrocked” Papa Lefteris last year – but the faithful ignored the Patriarch’s order and continued to attend Papa Lefteris’s services in a private hall.  Just as the early Christians did: they assembled in a room and celebrated Christ!!

Not even 500 people were present!… You can see the stark difference in participation and enthusiasm following these links…

AB MAKARIOS EPIPHANY  BY NEOSKOSMOS.COM – The lack of photos, people, and enthusiasm is evident… You can also see here... Not surprisingly, the regular press did not post anything about Papa Lefteris’s celebration – yet the faithful followed him!!!

PAPA-LEFTERIS EPIPHANY ON FACEBOOK… The Holy Spirit is all over the post… Please watch the fantastic video… Can you imagine what the result would be if Papa-Lefteris, let’s say, decided to join the Russian Church in Australia? 



  1. Why is this the second year in a row that Macarena has hosted the Theofania in Melbourne? He represents the head of the Greek Orthodox Church for Australia, so why doesn’t he travel to a different State every year? It’s becoming obvious he has a personal issue with Fr. Lefteris. Does he feel he’s in competition? Is not ego and pride the worst and original sin? He also forced all his priests to get the jab, he raised the prices of Sacraments to four figure sums, another point of contention with Fr. Lefteris who has never charged and only asks for an affordable donation, hence not discouraging people baptising their children or getting married in Church. I recall a fresco on a very old chapel wall on Greek Island 20+ years ago which showed priests, popes and heads of church were in front of the layman walking into hell. The monk explained that God’s judgment will be harsh on those who represent him on Earth, and they will be first to damnation.


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