By Alex Aliferis  


The Globalist elite power structure is declining worldwide, especially in Kosovo.

I found a curious headline about how Iowa sends National Guard troops from the State of Iowa to Kosovo.

Is the US military stretched too thin?

Throughout 2023, there has been a Serbian troop build-up along the border of the illegal NATO-occupied Serbian territory of Kosovo.

Serbs in Kosovo refuse to recognize Pristina’s leadership. Violence broke out in the latter half of 2023 in Serbian-majority towns in Northern Kosovo.

China and Russia backed Serbia against NATO-occupied Kosovo. NATO waged an illegal war against Christian Serbia for Muslim Albanian Kosovo. Thousands of Serbian civilians were killed across Serbia. NATO’s depleted uranium bombs caused many more deaths in the past 23 years for the average Serb.

Vucic has turned to Russia for support against NATO-occupied Kosovo.

The US military is losing its grip across the world. NATO cannot maintain control in Kosovo forever. It is a fact that NATO lost Ukraine and its war against Russia.

The last area of NATO occupation is Kosovo. Kosovo is a Serbian territory. There is a vast NATO/US base in Kosovo called Camp Bondsteel.

Kosovo declared independence in 2008, but Serbia refuses to recognize it as a separate nation.

Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, and Greece do not recognize Kosovo as a nation. These five EU nations will not allow Kosovo into the EU.

A vast majority of Greeks support the fact that Kosovo is Serbian.

The Greeks must recognize how Albania has not treated the Greeks of Northern Epiros well. Albanian criminal gangs deal drugs across Greece. These same gangs engage in human sex trafficking rings. Albanian criminals occupy Greek prisons who try to steal, deal drugs, or kill native Greeks in Greece.

Recently, Albania arrested the ethnic Greek mayor Fredi Beleri of Himarra, Albania. Greece is blocking Albanian accession to the EU.

I remember that in 1999, at the university, I attended a public Muslim charity meeting with two Kosovo Albanian separatists. It was at the height of the illegal NATO war against Serbia for Albanian separatist aims. These two Albanians distributed maps for a Greater Albania called Dardania. They made calls to raise money for weapons for a Greater Albania.

The map included the Greek province of Epirus. NATO imported Afghani Jihadis to fight with Muslim Albanians/Bosnians against Christian Serbs in Kosovo, Bosnia, etc.

The charity was later declared illegal as an Islamic Terrorist supporting charity after the 2001 New York attacks.

Both Ukraine and Albania were allies with NAZI Germans in WWII. Albanians under the NAZI flag mass murdered thousands of Greeks across Greek Epiros.

Has luck run out for the illegal NATO occupation of Kosovo?

Will Serbia assert control over its historic province of Kosovo soon?


Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington, D.C., on issues linked to Greece and Cyprus.  

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