PHOTO: From a past visit of Elpidophoros to Athos. As it stands now, he will have no “red carpet” and no “open arms” next week…  

By Nick Stamatakis

I am not exactly sure who is the “Communications Director” of AB Elpidophoros (I realize there are some people here and some in Athens – and neither one of the two teams have found it worth putting Helleniscope in their e-mailing list…). Still, I can tell you they are doing a miserable job and contributing massively to Elpidophoros’s problems.  Today, they decided to respond, ONCE AGAIN, as if one time last week was not enough, to an article in Saturday’s edition of the Greek daily “Kathimerini,” titled “Implications With Elpidophoros at Athos – He is considered unwelcome,” by Stavros Tzimas.  GOARCH repeated their response of last week and re-iterated the Archbishop’s schedule in Athos, where he will visit Pantokratoros and Filotheou monasteries  (You can link here for the article and GOARCH’s response).

Were it not for their insistence on repeatedly responding to the same issue, I would not have noticed the “Kathimerini” piece, which I translated for you (below). Will they ever realize that sometimes “silence” or “responding with actions” is the best response? Elpidophoros managed to have against him not only Helleniscope (we were the first to analyze his many flaws and we gave him the nickname “Elpidoktonos” the day after his election – the first time followed by a “?” which we had to drop a couple of months later…) but TNH and many other community media… Above all, they are abandoned by the faithful who do not miss an opportunity to escape the archbishop’s faithless presence in any church service he decides to participate.  Do they think they have the power to overwhelm all this wave of rejection they themselves have created? Why do they keep responding?

Their best choice should be the Christian way: REPENTANCE.  This community demands a return to the basics of Orthodoxy.  Our Churches are open to all, our arms are open to all – we are all sinners – but we will NEVER bless sins prescribed by the Bible for thousands of years!! A good start for the Archbishop would be to cancel the “Fordhamites'” project pushing “LGBTQ ministries” and call them “LGBTQ repentance sessions.” What would be his next step if he follows the road he has now taken downhill? Blessing adultery? Or maybe blessing theft?

Let me close this short commentary with one of my early experiences in America (I arrived in 1985). By chance, I got to know quite profoundly the work of Takis Gazouleas, the communications director of AB Iakovos. He was then the Archbishop’s right hand, eyes, ears, and, above all, his mouth in the community.  He did a superb job – and I later verified his accomplishments in many ways. Gazouleas was a journalist with vast experience, talent, and, above all, wisdom.  Elpidophoros has shown us his minuscule stature as a leader by his picks of advisors.  Look, for example, at Chancellor Fr. Nektarios Papazafiropoulos: He could never pick a more INEPT chancellor!! I could go on and on – but enough for now…

January 13, 2024,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.




source –

Implications With Elpidophoros At Athos

He Is Considered Unwelcome

By Stavros Tzimas

After the “battery of charges” of the Holy Community against the visit of the Archbishop of America, Mr. Elpidophoros, to Athos, referring to the occasion of the baptism of the children of a same-sex Greek-American couple, the monastic community is going through days of frost due to the Christmas (in the old calendar) holidays.

The Holy Community does not intend, as can be seen from its announcement, to prevent Mr. Elpidophoros from entering Mount Athos – it could not practically do so. However, he explained to the Ecumenical Patriarch that both the community and the Holy Epistasia (executive body) refuse to welcome him to Karyes officially and to give him the standard honors for bishops prescribed by the canon. And this, even though Mr. Bartholomew has sent a “recommendation”, i.e. a “blessing”, to the Agiorite leadership for the free entry and rendering of honors, to the archbishop of America and his entourage.

Mr. Elpidophoros, however, is said to be determined to go to Athos on the 18th of the month, followed by a group of businessmen from America, and the following day, on Epiphany in the holy calendar, he is going to attend the consecration of the waters at the Xenophon monastery. According to what has become known, he will also visit Pantokratoros and Filotheou monasteries.

Reactions to the fact that he baptized children of a same-sex couple – His visitation will take place as usual on the 18th of the month, but no honors will be given to him.

In the notables of the pilgrimage, the paradox is recorded that three monasteries will open their doors to accommodate the “violator” of the “Orthodox Traditions”, at the moment when the Holy Community voted unanimously – “All the Representatives and Superiors of the twenty Holy Monasteries of Mount Agios Oros” says the announcement – that he is not wanted in the “House of the Virgin Mary”.

On this, according to information, at the double meeting (abbots and representatives of the monasteries), the representatives of Xenophontos, Pantokratoros, and Simonos Petras reportedly expressed reservations, pointing out that it would be disrespectful to the Ecumenical Patriarch if they refused to welcome an Orthodox into their monasteries hierarch, even more so when he also has a “constituent” of their spiritual leader.

As for the fact that the AB of America will be accommodated in Filotheou, the standard-bearer of Russian influence on Athos and the permanent “accommodation” of Russian Prime Minister Stepasin in Greece, sources from the Holy Community recalled the many “Metochia” and parts of the monastery in Arizona, USA, and of course, the fact that he is accompanied by entrepreneurs with a financial surface. If, however, the controversial baptisms in June 2022 had not preceded it (a rather unfortunate move on the part of Mr. Elpidophoros), along with a public position of the “Holy Community”, around the marriage of same-sex couples and the adoption of children, it would hardly have shaken the Athos “waters”.

In any case, the pilgrimage of Mr. Elpidophoros, who immediately after Athos will speak in Thessaloniki at the ceremony for the “Day of Remembrance of the Jews” and will be declared, like Yiannis Boutaris, an honorary member of the Israeli Community, with the dimensions received is awaited with interest.


    No such thing for the depraved Elpidoforos/Black Bart cabal who’s entire agenda is defiance of Eastern Orthodox faith.

    Bravo to Mt. Athos monks speaking out in not welcoming Elpidoforos!

  2. Let’s pray that by some miraculous event or vision, Elpi will awaken from his demonically driven stupor! Earthquake? Fireballs from heaven? Tsunami?

    Lord have mercy!

  3. According to one Meteorologist, if nothing changes on the current weather models by Thursday, they will be shoveling significant snow in downtown Thessaloniki on Saturday…that will make the roads on Mt. Athos impassable…he may not make it up the hill to Philotheou after all…

    Something to monitor during the week, at least…


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