EDITOR’S NOTE: PM Mitsotakis will cancel his trip to the US due to the flu (H1N1).  As the turmoil in Greece on same-sex marriage is out of control many wonder whether this is a “diplomatic sickness”…




“Children’s” diseases or allergy to Orthodoxy?

We wish a speedy recovery to the prime minister who, according to Mr. Tsiodras – Dimitris, not Sotiris! – caught the flu in Davos! But we cannot help but notice that communicatively this disease is convenient for the government and is almost God-sent as it would be observed today that the cabinet and the Hierarchy of Greece are meeting at the same time. As a consequence, the television stations are forced to broadcast the government’s positions on the marriage as well as the condemning, as it is assumed, decision of the Church.

Now, until the prime minister recovers, the government will get a good picture of what trends are prevailing inside the Church, while it will know after and next Sunday exactly what will have happened inside the holy temples. And then the cabinet will meet after the prime minister, as we all hope, has recovered.

For the record, let’s say that every time Mr. Mitsotakis deals with an issue concerning the Church… he gets sick! Literally! The previous time he wanted to pre-election visit the monasteries of Agios Oros to limit the influence of NIKI, then, according to his statement, he contracted coronavirus. And postponed the visit. But after three days it was partridge. We are confident that the excellent medical team surrounding the Prime Minister will fight the flu and return to his duties as soon as possible.

And an information from inside the Church: The Archbishop’s intention was initially to entrust the presentation of the topic, the marriage of same-sex couples, to the Hierarchy to Metropolitan Manis Chrysostomos, who has also studied law. But as soon as he realized that his positions are harsh for his… tastes, he revised his opinion and assigned the proposal to the Metropolitan of Mesogaia Nikolaos. Who, of course, has the same views but says them more scientifically and sweeter.


«Παιδικές» ασθένειες ή αλλεργία στην Ορθοδοξία;

Ταχεία ανάρρωση ευχόμαστε στον κύριο πρωθυπουργό που, κατά τον κύριο Τσιόδρα -τον Δημήτρη, όχι τον Σωτήρη!- κόλλησε γρίπη στο Νταβός! Αλλά δεν μπορούμε παρά να παρατηρήσουμε ότι επικοινωνιακά αυτή η ασθένεια βολεύει την κυβέρνηση και είναι περίπου θεόσταλτη καθώς θα παρατηρείτο σήμερα το γεγονός να συνεδριάζει ταυτόχρονα το υπουργικό συμβούλιο και η Ιεραρχία της Ελλάδος. Με συνέπεια οι τηλεοπτικοί σταθμοί να υποχρεωθούν να μεταδώσουν και τις θέσεις της κυβέρνησης για τον γάμο αλλά και την καταδικαστική, ως εικάζεται, απόφαση της Εκκλησίας. 

Τώρα μέχρι να αναρρώσει ο πρωθυπουργός η κυβέρνηση θα αποκτήσει καλή εικόνα για το τι τάσεις επικρατούν στο εσωτερικό της Εκκλησίας, ενώ θα γνωρίζει μετά και την προσεχή Κυριακή τι ακριβώς θα έχει συμβεί μέσα στους ιερούς ναούς. Και ακολούθως θα συνεδριάσει το υπουργικό συμβούλιο αφού ο πρωθυπουργός, όπως ευχόμαστε όλοι, θα έχει αναρρώσει.

Για την ιστορία να πούμε ότι κάθε φορά που ο κύριος Μητσοτάκης αντιμετωπίζει ένα θέμα που αφορά την Εκκλησία… αρρωσταίνει! Κυριολεκτικά! Την προηγούμενη φορά που ήθελε να επισκεφτεί προεκλογικώς τα μοναστήρια του Αγίου Ορους για να περιορίσει την επιρροή της ΝΙΚΗΣ κόλλησε, τότε, κατά δήλωσή του, κορονοϊό. Και ανέβαλε την επίσκεψη. Αλλά έπειτα από τρεις ημέρες ήταν περδίκι. Είμαστε βέβαιοι ότι το άριστο ιατρικό τιμ που περιστοιχίζει τον πρωθυπουργό θα αντιμετωπίσει τη γρίπη και θα επιστρέψει στα καθήκοντά του το συντομότερο δυνατό.

Και μια πληροφορία από το εσωτερικό της Εκκλησίας: Πρόθεση του Αρχιεπισκόπου ήταν αρχικά να αναθέσει την εισήγηση του θέματος, τον γάμο τον ομόφυλων ζευγαριών, στην Ιεραρχία στον μητροπολίτη Μάνης Χρυσόστομο, ο οποίος έχει σπουδάσει και νομικά. Αλλά μόλις κατάλαβε ότι οι θέσεις του είναι σκληρές για τα… γούστα του αναθεώρησε άποψη και ανέθεσε την εισήγηση στον μητροπολίτη Μεσογαίας Νικόλαο. Ο οποίος, βεβαίως, έχει τις ίδιες απόψεις αλλά τα λέει πιο επιστημονικά και πιο γλυκά. 


  1. Δυστυχώς ο Μητσοτάκης δήλωσε στη Βουλή ότι θα μπολιάσει τους έλληνες, θα τους κάνει πολύ πολιτισμικούς, και θα καταπολεμήσει τον νατιβισμό – ελληνισμό.
    Αρνειται να προωθησει και να προστατευσει τα συμφεροντα της Ελλαδας και του Ελληνικου Λαου,αρνουμενος :εξορύξεις φυσικου αεριου που θα εφερνε ευημερια στην Ελλαδα, παταξη της γραφειοκρατιας, παταξη της παραβατικότητας, της αισχροκερδειας,προατασια των ελληνων αγροτων και βιοτεχνων, παταξη της αναρχιας των φοιτητων στα Πανεπιστημια, προστασία απο πυρκαγιες, πλημμυρες,ασφαλεια σιδηροδρομου, παταξη στην παραβατικοτητα των Ρομα, αποτροπη της εισβολης λαθρομεταναστών στην Ελλαδα με τα πολλά επιδοματα,καλυψη των Ελλείψεων προσωπικού στα νοσοκομεια , ακυρωση της προδοτικης Συμφωνιας των Πρεσπων, χρηση του Ελληνικου λιγνιτη για ηλεκτρισμο ενω των χρησιμοποιουν τα Σκοπεια, κλπ κλπ.

  2. Of course Mitsotakis is sick —
    he suffers from Liberalism…
    and as psychiatrists long declared:
    Liberalism IS a mental sickness.
    Prescription is for him to humble himself to a holy Elder to guide him back to Christ’s plan.

    • Is Christ’s plan a conservative one? Would you categorize Christ as conservative or liberal, by today’s standards? Remember, Christ said that the one without sin should cast the first stone to the adulterous woman. Have you heard of “there is no Greek or Jew, man or woman, slave or free”? What about Christ’s command to give away all our wealth to the poor?. Does that sound conservative or communist? What is Christ’s plan, according to you and what bible quote do you base it on?

      • You keep making the most “liberal” mistake of our times: you are judging the past by concepts that did not exist in the past. In the same way today’s liberals want to label all of us as white supremacists and demand reparations for our supposed collective guilt for slavery. Take this from someone who has written a doctoral dissertation on the political instrumentation of history, the use of history for political purposes. And something more: by now you must have realized that you are not smart enough or educated enough to troll this website. So stop it.

        • I am not trolling. Presenting an argument, is not trolling. Shouldn’t everyone present their ideas? I am merely questioning the writer’s intent. She is saying Mitsotakis suffers from the disease of liberalism and he needs to follow Christ’s plan. What plan is that? She is not elaborating.

          Having said that, tell me why you believe the past is different from today, while we are told that Christ is “The same yesterday, today and forever? Hebrew’s 13:8 And nowhere did I label anyone as “white supremacist” and demand that you pay reparations. Besides, us Greeks were not even around during slavery. And many “white” Americans dont even consider us as “real whites”. As for political instrumentation of history, it is a fact. But, my post is not history. It is the words of the God that we claim we believe in.

          • Please go to today’s post on the Holy Synod of Greece. There you will find the speech/introduction of Metropolitan Nikolaos. After you read it you will understand what Christ said. This is your assignment for today.

          • Mr. Lambros Karpodinis,
            you’re still banging the Leftist drum of prejudice? Still living in mindset of early 1900’s when EVERY foreigner coming to America was under suspicion?
            Be honest,
            you too would’ve done same prejudice if your ancestry came to America since 1600’s too. Get real and stop whining about your physical or cultural identity and identity spiritually as a son of the Most High. Besides, human beings are primordially tribal!

            At least Greeks were not enslaved like the Irish…but the Greeks really did prove themselves and far surpassed all other foreign tribes. I learnt this from reading
            a wonderful book by Greek financier Andrew Manatos —
            it’s called:
            The Extraordinary Greek People.

            What Greeks today in USA must learn is, to get off Democrat train bc they’re not even party of JFK – but atheist Marxist Socialists who despise your Orthodox faith.
            Ask yourself, which master am I following bc you can’t follow two.

      • Lambro,

        The Communists just “take” without caring if you want to “give”. The more socialist the country, the less you “own” because the government elite “take” everything by force…

        Christ said to the Rich Man “if you WANT…” Christ didn’t take by force. He allows the choice…”do you love money more than God”?
        Unfortunately your statement above is influenced by common 1917 Bolshevik rhetoric …

        You are asking about Christ’s plan? One thing is historically true…
        Christ’s plan for the Angels that were sent to Lot in Sodom & Gomorrah was far different from the local’s “plan” for those same Angels…

        Why don’t you share what your “plan” is to help all of us resist an increasingly corrupt society from persecuting you for being Orthodox?

        • Mark
          You are wrong. Christ did not say to the rich man “If you want”. He said to him after Christ was asked how to obtsin eternal life, to follow the 10 commandments. After the rich man said that he does, then, Christ told him the next step is to sell all you have and give it to the poor. Matthew 10:17-25. You are confused with Christ saying to His disciples” “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Matthew 16:24-26
          As for communists and socialists, I agree with you. Those two systems are not the best. Democracy and capitalism with compassion is the best system. However, I never said anything about the system of government.
          Can you elaborate what part of my statement is influenced by 1917 Bolshevic rhetoric? And who’s rhetoric is it that I’m influenced by?
          As for being “persecuted” for being Orthodox, I have no idea what you’re referring to. Are you persecuted for your faith? I am not. If you are, then, let me know how. And there’s a simple solution for that. Report whoever is persecuting you to the authorities. Its a bias crime with severe penalties. As for Sodom and Gomora, there are plenty of human inflictions, from earthquakes to fires to viruses that were put on the lap of God. No one knows God’s plans. And that was my point to the woman saying that Mitsotakis is not following God’s plan. If someone tells you that they know God’s plan, they either have a screw loose or are trying to take your money.

    • “Leftist drum of prejudice”? So, you’re saying that prejudice is the figment of the leftists’ imagination? Are you an expert on prejudice? Are you black? Have you studied the subject and looked at statistics? By not being considered real white, you’ve heard Trump. He wants Norwegians coming to America. Southern Europeans, including Greeks and Jews were not even allowed to come to America, except a very small quota until 1964. Then, they allowed everyone, including Asians. 1964 is certainly not the early 1900’s. And I am not “whining” about anything. just stating facts.
      Greeks were enslaved, worse than the Irish. By the Turks, until 1821. And plenty more in Turkish lands until 100 years ago.
      And how do you identify the democrat party as “atheist communist, Marxist, socialist”? Thank you for not including the kitchen sink in your attempt to describe the other big party in America. Look up the definition of those ideologies and compare them to what we are living in now. As for being “persecuted” for being Orthodox, far from it. We exercise our faith with no persecution whatsoever. Describe me of a persecution that you eendured for being Orthodox.

      • HAHA Lambros – typical whining, effeminate liberal man that normal women can’t stand.
        False statements about Trump only get you laughed at and not taken seriously.
        Everything you’ve listed is categorically FALSE – quit buying the CNN propaganda or listening to backward Greeks from “the old village”; they’re not cognizant of real world and never read books. Most of all:
        y’all lack critical thinking.

        p.s. GO TRUMP 2024!!🇺🇸

  3. And Thanks Markos
    for your history lessons… btw did ya hear latest NFL, ESPN censoring a black athlete from praising his faith in Jesus Christ?!

    This is poison of liberalism – they are spirit of Anti-Christ – a mental disorder as long declared by psychiatrists.
    Anyone who stands for God must never vote Democrat.


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