EDITOR’S NOTE: Of course, it would come to this disgusting point!! LGBTQ are acting as if they are the majority – instead of being the 2% minority in Greece as they are all over the globe!  Well, would these cowards dare do the same in Turkey, not to mention Saudi Arabia or Iran? This is the direct result of the Parliament allowing everyone (Psychologists, LGBTQ organizations, Women’s associations etc) to participate in the official “debate”, except the Church!! what kind of a “debate is this?  The Metropolitans are taking action, each in their own Metropolis… But there was nothing like a vast, peaceful demonstration they could have organized in the capital… J



Larissa, Larissa Region, Greece, February 6, 2024

A Greek cathedral was vandalized over the weekend with blasphemous, violent, and pro-LGBT slogans.

Clergy and faithful arriving to the Cathedral of St. Achillios in Larissa, Greece, on Sunday found the portico of the church spraypainted with various disturbing messages, reports Orthodoxia.info.

The desecration comes amidst the controversy that has been raging in Greece for several months concerning the government’s intentions to legalize gay marriage and adoption by gay couples. Individual hierarchs have been speaking out against the relevant bill daily, and the Holy Synod and Council of Bishops of the Greek Church voiced their opposition to Parliamentary deputies.

Photo: orthodoxia.infoPhoto: orthodoxia.info

The hierarchs also approved a statement for the edification of the faithful that was read in all churches yesterday, just hours after the act of vandalism against the cathedral under Metropolitan Ieronymos of Larissa, who has been among the outspoken hierarchs, calling on the Church to continue fighting against the bill even if it passes into law.

The vandalism included slogans against Orthodoxy, Greece, and Met. Ieronymos personally. “Greece can die so we can live. To hell with family, religion, and homeland,” they wrote in one place. “No to violence, yes to lesbianism,” they wrote elsewhere.

They also wrote obscenities against the Metropolitan and mocked the image of the Most Holy Theotokos, the beloved Mother of God and of all Orthodox Christians.

“May God forgive them. We are not afraid,” the Metropolitan reacted.

That evening, an event was held at the vandalized church, dedicated to expressing and explaining the Church’s position against the gay marriage bill.

Yesterday, OrthoChristian reported that 140 Greek Orthodox associations came out together against the bill.


source – orthodoxia.info

ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ ΝΤΡΟΠΗΣ: Βανδάλισαν τον ναό του πολιούχου της Λάρισας με αισχρά συνθήματα

Εικόνα βανδαλισμού αντίκρυσαν τα ξημερώματα οι κληρικοί και οι πιστοί που πήγαν στον ναό του πολιούχου της Λάρισας, αγίου Αχιλλίου, για την κυριακάτικη Θεία Λειτουργία. Άγνωστοι με σπρέι προκάλεσαν σημαντικές φθορές στα προπύλαια του ναού γράφοντας συνθήματα, εν όψει της ανάγνωσης της συνοδικής εγκυκλίου για το θέμα του νομοσχεδίου για τον γάμο μεταξύ ατόμων του ίδιου φύλλου.

Όπως φαίνεται στις φωτογραφίες που εξασφάλισε το orthodoxia.info, οι άγνωστοι βάνδαλοι έγραψαν στο πάτωμα και στον τοίχο των προπυλαίων συνθήματα τόσο κατά της πίστης και της πατρίδας όσο και κατά του μητροπολίτη Ιερώνυμου προσωπικά. “Η Ελλάδα να πεθάνει να ζήσουμε εμείς στο διάολο η οικογένεια, θρησκεία και πατρίς” έγραψαν σε ένα σημείο ενώ σε ένα άλλο σημειώνουν ειρωνικά ενώ ήδη έχουν χρησιμοποιήσει βία το “όχι στη βία ναι στη λεσβία”.

Μπροστά από την κεντρική είσοδο έγραψαν χυδαιότητες κατά του μητροπολίτη Λαρίσης ενώ στα σκαλοπάτια διακωμωδούν το πρόσωπο τη; Παναγίας.

“Δεν φοβόμαστε” είναι η απάντηση που δίνει η Μητρόπολη Λαρίσης΄. “Ισχυρά και προοδευτικά επιχειρήματα… Ο Θεός να τους συγχωρέσει. Δεν φοβόμαστε” ήταν η πρώτη αντίδραση του μητροπολίτη.

Ο μητροπολίτης Λαρίσης Ιερώνυμος είναι ένα από τα μέλη της Ιεραρχίας που αντιδρούν σθεναρά στην κυβερνητική πρωτοβουλία και ήταν αυτός που κάλεσε την Εκκλησία να μην σταματήσει να μάχεται νομικά κατά της νέας μορφής γάμου ακόμη και μετά την ψήφιση του νόμου από την Βουλή.

Για το περιστατικό έχει ενημερωθεί η αστυνομια η οποία διεξάγει έρευνες για τον εντοπισμό των δραστών.


  1. Spraying graffiti in Greece is a “hobby”, unfortunately. Any of us that visits Greece often can attest that nothing is exempt from this terrible practice. Churches have not been vandalized as much, due to the Greek respect for the faith. They are not immune. Being an anarchist and a rebel is deep within the Greek psyche. Look at the panepistimion and all schools. They are worse than third world institutions. The controversy over the same sex unions gave an opportunity to the wannabe rebels, who are actually cowards, acting as “revolutionaries, to expend their area of “action”. By attacking churches. And there is no indication that the vandals are gay themselves. Most likely, they are the usual “anarchists”, who want to burnish their “revolutionary” credentials. Those same rebels are being fed and housed by their parents and are probably for ever “students”

    • You are right Lambros ..they probably are not Gays ..but you can bet your last dollar that they are not Anarchist, but most likely, government security officials like the one of the Neo Nazi regime of Ukraine who did more than Paint Graffiti on the Ukrainian Orthodox Monasteries and Churches and beat up their bishops and Clergy , destroyed their property, and arrested the Churches Clergy to demonstrate that the will not tolerate any views that conflict with the State and undermine the authority of the State! In Palestine ..the security forces of Israel have sprayed 1000 lb bombs on Orthodox and Catholic Churches , and homes of their faithful to drive them out of Palestine , like Zelensky is doing to Russia Speaking Orthodox Christian of Ukraine! However Lambros …calling them Anarchist and Terrorist may be true , but it can also be used to Dehumanize legitimate freedom fighters of Greece who are anarchist with a cause against foreign influence in Greece …which is a big part of the “Anarchist” narrative ! Today, Parents are being call terrorist threats for protesting indoctrination programs to support Same Sex Marriages, Black lives Matter , and Gender politics by the Corrupt Justice Department led by who else Merrick Garland ! Who has been accused in the House Judicial Committee hearing into weaponization of the FBI and Justice Department by Joe biden of Targeting Catholic churches and run family services that do not support Abortion rights! So please …recognize it as it is …another attack on the Christian churches and an act of Anti Orthodox Christian fascism ..no different than what Fox News and Western Media report as “Anti-Semitism” for attacks on Jewish Temples in America and world by Nazi’s !

  2. Είναι αυτό ακριβώς που έγραψα χθές .
    Αυτά τα παιδιά που μεγαλώνουν
    σ’αυτό το περιβάλλον , συνοδεύονται
    από το σύμπλεγμα , κόμπλεξ ,
    σύμπλεγμα κατωτερότητας και είναι το
    πιο βαρύ φορτίο που βασανίζει τον
    άνθρωπο και τον οδηγεί σε πράξεις
    Εμείς δεν τους μισούμε αλλά προσευχόμεθα γι’αυτούς να συνέλθουν και να βρούν τον σωστό

  3. I do not condone the desecration of any place of worship. Every place of worship must have cameras a d security nowadays to catch devils.

  4. I’m waiting for Elpidoktonos to volunteer to go and help clean this mess up. He helped ‘build this’.
    Yes, I am prepared to wait a looooooong time.

  5. Despicable! Yea let’s see if these coddled homosexuals would dare to attack a Muslim mosque..,
    They reveal what Lord Christ said about “knowing them by their fruits” and what they’re known for endless hostility and AIDS.

  6. What is now happening in Greece is what has been happening in America. The LGBT pagans in America have for years desecrated Roman Catholic Churches and mocked the Roman Catholics. It was inevitable that their counterparts in Greece were going to emulate these hateful actions. The bishops in Greece need public demonstrations like those called by Archbishop Christodoulos in 2000.

    Those of us in America have seen gay marriage(!) evolve into the transgender movement where even children are targeted as being “trans” and men are using female restrooms. The Church of Greece needs to rally the faithful in a very public display to show their numbers and to gather their own signatures to show Mitsotakis the strength of the Church.

  7. Unfortunately, the Metropolis of Larisa has not been the target of the best “rumors on the street” the last 25-30 years concerning the “spirituality” and “ethics” that a significant percentage of its clergy (compared to the rest of Greece) have been accused of exhibiting “offline”.

    Nevertheless, a line has definitely been crossed, and volcano eruptions & earthquakes may be on the horizon, if the floods of Thessaly were not deemed sufficient to call people to repentance.

    This “ain’t good, folks”…


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