EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  Many thanks to our friends, the Armenians, and their effective lobbying for this intervention by Senator Rand Paul, who is apparently supported by ANCA, the Armenian National Committee. We, on the other side, issue press releases about “Biden’s Betrayal”, as PSEKA, the Cyprus Lobbyists, did the other day… That’s how childish we are… 


source – en.armradio.am

Sen. Rand Paul seeks to block F-16 sale to Turkey

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced a resolution in the Senate that would block the sale of F-16 military fighter jets to Turkey, reports the Armenian National Committees of America (ANCA).

“Turkey deployed US F-16s to Azerbaijani during its 2020 aggression against [Artsakh] (Nagorno Karabakh) – in violation of US and NATO restrictions on the third-party transfer of these weapons systems,” the ANCA said on X.

The legislation, Senate Joint Resolution 60 (SJR60), is described as “a joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval of the proposed foreign military sale to the Government of Turkey of certain defense articles and services.”


  1. Pleaser Nick … While I respect Senator Rand Paul …and he has been one of the lone Senators who has opposed everything the Republican and Democratic Crime Syndicate has done including the entire Ukraine War debacle in opposing foreign Aid to Ukraine since the beginning and attempting to breach the Crime Syndicate Parties who with the cooperation of the law enforcement Agenciies have been able to avoid arrest for their Fraudulent Marketing of Covid Vaccines that have proven to be ineffective but harmful .and have bankrupt America to fund Criminal Endless wars thruout the world , he does not do this for anybody in the Greek lobby , Armenians , or anybody other than for the Jewish Zionist state of Israel , because Turkey has called Israel a a “Terrorist State” and publically calls Netanyahue “Hitler”!

    To my knowledge ..did Rand Paul or Bob Menendez issue a resolution to stop funding and Arming the Israeli Government from continuing to commit genocide in Palestine ! And did not indicted “Foreign Agent ‘ Menendez not already promoted the stopping of the F-16 to Turkey! All that right .. the Crime Syndicate ..allegedly had agreed to relieve Turkey of Economic Sanctions on them and seel them F-16 if they approve Sweden into the Nato Block! Yea ..that it! Let see how this all works out … my bet is that Nato partners in Crime ..either Frande or any other Nato country will be ordered to provide cover for U.s and provide their version of the F-16.or better! Interesting …will Turkey continue to house U.S airforce bases and the 4 nuclear warhead America Supplied the with or ..Nick ..will they Give Greece Nuclear Warheads?

    What a Racket!

  2. Michael. If he does it for Israel, Greece benefits. So, who cares? Your spelling is atrocious. Its a struggle to make sense of what you’re writing. Write it in Greek.

    • To Michael and Lambros: please let’s take a break from this issue… I have a hard time moderating you guys – I don’t see the point…


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