My Dearest President,

Last Friday, I became 86 years old, and I thanked God for giving me so many healthy years with my two children and five grandchildren around me and much love from all of them.  I am also thankful to America for my prosperity. Now, at this age, I see what is coming, As a matter of fact, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and after Reagan, I saw and wrote an article that America was moving slowly to the left and Russia was moving to the right. After Reagan, the Globalists were appointing puppet governments in America and Europe.

Obama was the cherry on the top of the cake ….

The leftovers of the Soviet Union who destroyed Christian Russia after their collapse moved to America and are trying to do the same to America hiked behind the robe of Democracy.
We do not have Democracy anymore.
Your election shook them up, your Presidency  put a stop to their dreams, you  surprised  and scared them, and this is why they are after you and are trying to stop you to
gain another term.
I pray for you and America; I love you; I love America because I remember how America was when I arrived in 1967 and how America is today, and I am scared of going on the wrong course. I hope that with our prayers and God’s will, you will win, and you
will make America great again.
Love and respect
Captain Stelios Tatsis


  1. Make America Strong Again.
    Make America Wealthy Again.
    Make America Proud Again.
    Make America Safe Again.
    And yes, together we will Make America Great Again.

  2. Hey Captain Tsatsis. If the globalists were appointing puppet governments in America, why did they stop after Obama? Why would they not appoint Trump also? Did Trump scared them off? If he did, then, they can’t be so powerful. Enlighten us.

    • They failed to stop him in 2016 and they did everything possible to undermine his presidency. They have the power in the deep state and the media but it is not enough to control a country like America. That’s why we are in this massive struggle.

      • Helleniscope
        Who is “they” that did everything possible to undermine Trump? The globalists, or the opposition party, or the “deep state, or Trump’s own illegalities? “.? I would say its the latter. It only follows, that if “they” couldn’t stop him in 2016, they wouldn’t have been able to stop him in 2020.

        What intrigues me, is that “they” are usually wealthy individuals and corporations. Otherwise “they” would not have the power to undermine a candidate. However, “they” benefited by Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy, his support for big business and his taxes on imports. So, why would “they” not support someone who is one of their own and benefits them?

        • Mostly the deep state and the globalists – they go hand in hand in most cases. Trump’s mistake was because of his inexperience: he did not select the right advisers. He did not understand in how many ways DC is corrupt. An even in his second term – assuming they will let him have one and they will drive the whole world into a WW III – he will have a hard time taming the beast…

          Yes tax cuts should not be beneficial to the 1%… Hopefully, he and everyone else who supports these ides (people like JFK Jr) will focus on cleaning the swamp and firing the unnecessary federal employees. For example the whole Dept. of Education should go… And the defense budget should be cut in half instantly.

          • Thank you for tolerating my positions, which run counter to most of your readers’. It would be boring for everyone on Helleniscope, if there were no differences in opinion. I agree and I respect many of your posts.

    • You do not know what are you talking about, after Obama , they never
      believed that Trump was going to win
      their puppet Mrs Clinton and this is
      why on the next elections did what they did to steel the elections from
      Trump and made it possible for the
      next puppet Biden in order to use him
      only for his signature.

  3. Trump has a VENGEFUL personality and with the division of power in US only with compromise can the President move the Country forward. He also is an admirer of Erdogan and this will not be for the Interests of Greece.
    Today Trump said NATO countries that do not pay their NATO Dues will not be protected by USA !
    He is also TOO OLD like Biden to be president of US again. Cruise,Rubio, Manchkin, Robert Kennedy offer us a better choice. Things are very confused and only the party Conventions may offer better candidates in both parties

    • Please refer to my previous post to lambros, if posted by Helleniscpe….. and me understand you …Marco Rubio ..the warmonger who is funding the Jewish Zionist Regimes of Ukraine and Israel to commit crimes against humanity in Ukraine and Israel against Orthodox and Orthodox churches and Muslim mosques and families despite International Criminal Court at the Hague is happening in Israel! This Guy who was charged with taking tons of Money from the Israeli lobby to fund his mortgage on his house… is just a “Soldier in the Republican Crime family! Anybody who support Rubio and either members of the Republcian or Democratic parties loses all credibilty…and jsut think ….American who want to overthrow the Dictatorhip of America can do it very easily withut firing a shot ..Just vote on any third party candidate in the next elections , and you eliminate the corrupt organizstion destroying America and the world ! If Trump ran on 3rd party ticket ..this would equate to ..a complete “Overthrow” of the U.S criminal enterprise!

    • Michael gave you the right reply
      Leonida. Trump puts America first
      during his first term although they were after him from the beginning to
      the and of his term the middle class
      was his priority . Greece was paying
      and pays NATO dues . The Europeans
      we’re not paying and he made them

    • Thank you ….! If you follow my face book Iam telling them very often.
      After Reagan Demos were moving
      left and with Clinton’s, Obama and
      Biden forget it, country without borders is not a country.

      • While borders are still there, contrary to what anyone is saying, it is next to impossible to keep anyone out, unless you shoot them as they come in, which would be against the law, and against America’s founding. As long as America’s economy is strong, jobs plentiful, they will be coming. Blaming Mayorkas or Biden is not the solution. America’s border is too long to protect effectively.

        • Lambros, instead of trying to change the subject, why don’t you answer to the well-put comments by Markos? I thought you liked the debate in this website…

          • Nick. I just finished answering to Markos. This answer is not changing the subject. It is intended as an answer to the “open borders” words of the Captain.
            Thank you for accepting my replies.

        • Οh…….my God ….. I did not know
          that there are so fanatic citizens
          that they are putting the Political
          party above their Country’s interest. Why Biden did not
          continue the wall that Trump
          initiated my friend to have safe
          borders? . They are pouring billions to Ukraine war and they do not care about America.


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