EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  Remarkable contradictions have started arising – at a time when the new same-sex marriage law was passed in Greece… Greece’s Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni expressed her outrage at Netflix’s take on Alexander the Great with its new show “The Making of a God.” The Greek minister of culture is upset that Alexander the Great — one of the most prominent figures in ancient history — is portrayed as homosexualalong with his main friend in the show…  How rapidly things turn!! As you will see from the report below by Remix News, the Western media expected that now that “Greece is the first Orthodox country to pass such an abomination as a law, that the country would accept to make all her heroes “gay”… Which is also a big lie as homosexuality was not acceptable or promoted in antiquity….

So when Lina Mendoni told Netflix that the picture had historical inaccuracies, the degenerate gay “overlords” dominating the West were “offended”…. “Let them drink vinegar”, my grandfather used to say…


Greece Protests Netflix’s Portrayal Of Alexander The Great As Gay

By RemixNews

Greek Cultural Minister Lina Mendoni is outraged by U.S. streaming service Netflix’s take on Alexander the Great with its new show “The Making of a God.” The Greek minister of culture is upset that Alexander the Great — one of the most prominent figures in ancient history — is portrayed as homosexualalong with his main friend in the show.

Dimitris Natsios, the president of the right-wing Niki party, called the series “deplorable, unacceptable and unhistorical” and said the film aims to subliminally convey the idea — without any basis — that homosexuality was acceptable in ancient times.

Natsis also asked Mendoni what he thought about all this. The culture minister said the series is full of historical inaccuracies, which “shows the negligence of the director and the lack of quality of the script.”

“There is no mention in the sources that this friendship goes beyond the boundaries of friendship as defined by Aristotle,” said Mendoni.

Asked by Nathosios whether the Greek government would take action against Netflix over this, Mendoni said that “such a move would be unconstitutional. Greece’s constitution has protected artistic freedom since the early 19th century.”

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  1. I started watching it and when I saw two men kissing, I had to turn it off. The real story of Alexander is that he did have a best male friend, but, there is no evidence that there was sexual attraction. Having a close friend in a male dominated society was common in antiquity. Alexander was an admirer of Achiles and had possession of the Homeric epics everywhere he went. As Achiles had a very close male friend, Alexander had one also.

    Moreover, homosexuality, even though tolerated, was not an acceptable alternative. Acting in a feminine manner was looked down upon. Public displays of affection were prohibited. Men were expected to marry and produce offspring. Which of course precluded homosexual unions.

    Homosexuality was condemned by the Jews, while the Greeks did not consider it a “sin”. As Christianity spread, homosexuality was condemned.

    Netflix, just as they portrayed Cleopatra as black, they portray Alexander as “gay”. Both are products of Hollywood’s desire to inflame. All they do is prove how idiotic they can be. The huge productions of the past, such as ‘Lawrence of Arabia”. “Khartum” and the rest, that concentrated on scenery and a good story are long gone

      • Nick. Please, publish this. This guy always misquotes me.

        Markos. The word that I used is SIN. As in what Greek gods allowed. I didnt say that laws allowed it. Stop misreading my posts and “correcting” them with something totally different. Its really annoying

        • Playing with words doesn’t work, Lambro. We know Bill Clinton coined the phrase “it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is…” That kind of rhetoric doesn’t work in an intellectual debate.

          The ancient Athenians had long lost their “blind faith” in the polytheistic myths by the time they sentenced Socrates to death. That is well-known. It is also well known that via philosophical thinking they had deduced that there was a single God, to whom they offered the monument that St. Paul found “τω αγνωστω Θεω”…

          Therefore, your attempt to play with the word “sin” on a technical level introduces the absurdity that the Athenians even knew what “sin” was on a religious level, at a time when they hadn’t even concluded on who this “unique God” was…

          Furthermore, you ignore a basic teaching of the Church Fathers, which have long-explained that the 10 Commandments are common to all people as a “Natural Law”, Christian or not, because everyone is created by God with a conscience. It is up to the individual to bury that concsience (ref. St. Paisios and st. Dorotheos of Gaza, among others)…If you go to the deepest jungle, where they haven’t heard of God’s Word, they still know that stealing or taking someone’s wife, or killing isn’t a good thing. That’s a solid example of “basic natural law”, which happens to coincide with your and my understanding of “sin”, when it is “written” on paper. It’s absurd play around with as well as to try and impose a technical definition of “sin” upon an ancient society that had not received the Word of God, but which had already deduced via “Natural Law” that this action was worth putting down “in writing” as being illegal…

  2. Hey Lambros… now you understand and appreciate what God has done to breach the twisted minds of 2.6 billion Christians by the Great Deceiver army of the U.S . government , Jewish and Evangelical Zionist congress and EU parliaments, Churches and Temples of America and Europe, and off course Media and Hollywood outlets of the Empire of lies! like all U.S presidents , like George Bush Jr. ….Netflix is doing much more than promoting the normalcy of being Gay, but depict Alexander, like Biden (self Proclaimed Zionist ) …as Great leaders and Great Humanitarians protecting Greeks , Americans, Jews ,and of course ..LGQBT from the oppression of the Evil Persian or Russian Empire who violate the human rights adn freedoms of Gay people !

    Lambros , what human being, be it journalist , Politician , or ruler of the countries of the world…have been able to breach this SATANiC possession which has spent since the end of WW 2…Trillions and Trillions of dollars of dollars to convince 2.6 billions Christians that they are the Humanitarian Saviors of the world, not God , entitled to kill all humanity to save them ! Yet ..as we all can see , without firing a shot …God has crazed the “Jewish Zionist leaders of Ukraine , Israel and America to do the one thing all Beleivers of God know and see… “Only Satanic Evil forces attack the houses of God and his faithful ” as Biden, Zelensky and Netanyahue have done in the Ukraine and Palestine!
    Lambros you should fear god , more than the U.S State Department and Government., because if you haven’t noticed …his churches are being mobilized to do their jobs …confront the U.S empire of lies and usher in the New World order of God which demands adherence to his laws. not those of Men! Again Lambros … who else could pull this off and identify ” The Most Evil force in Human History …destroying God world , not saving it ~ Without firing a shot , lambros …. even you can see who the Anti Christ is …

    In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one; he will not believe in God. And because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect.The greatest trick the anti-Christ will pull will be to convince men he is the savior of the world instead of its destroyer
    Like the devil, whose trademark signature is to twist the truth to sell sin, so the anti-Christ, according to Sheen, will twist the minds of men to make them believe he is the “Great Humanitarian” who will “talk peace, prosperity and plenty.”
    The Venerable Bishop Fulton j. Sheehan
    The Anti -Christ..1947

  3. Let’s start Boycott/Cancel Netflix by Greeks worldwide!! Simple….stop feeding them money! What is pro-Trump folks do? We boycotted Budlight…etc, We brought that company to its knees trying to promote Transgenderism!


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