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Two Years Of Ukraine War: Helleniscope Was 100% Correct! (EN-GR)


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) As we mark the second anniversary of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, I took the chance to go back two years and see what we wrote then about the Ukrainian crisis.  My friends, our analysis, statements and predictions about the war in Ukraine proved correct to the last iota!!  Please look below (you can also link here) at our analysis published on February 24, 2022, on the day the war started and titled “Nine Inconvenient Truths About the Ukraine Crisis”.  Then, go to other news sources and make a comparison.  I am not talking about Greek-American community sources (most of them are either ignorant or corrupt) that came even close to analyzing correctly the Ukrainian situation.  You can search deeper, and you find out that Helleniscope was among the few who analyzed the geopolitical issue correctly. We wrote many more articles about Ukraine later, but this was a complete and thorough presentation at the most critical juncture.

Please allow us this “pat on the back.”…  Further, I have a suggestion for those in the State Department and the intelligence agencies: Make Helleniscope a required reading for your decision-makers.  Compare your analyses with ours, and you will find that yours are costly and – for the most part – worthless…

Ferbuary 25, 2024,



Nine Inconvenient Truths About the Ukraine Crisis



By Nick Stamatakis

I started familiarizing myself with Ukrainian politics after 2017 when Pat. Bartholomew succumbed to pressure from the State Department and decided to grant autocephaly to the 20% of Orthodox Christians in the country, while 70% remained under the Moscow Patriarchate.  Puzzled by this patently irrational move, I studied the historical background and wrote repeatedly against it.  But since the issuance of the Russian ultimatum to the West early last December, I have been following the reports on Ukraine very closely and I can assure you that the so-called “legacy media” or “mainstream media” (MSM) are doing a horrible job, intentionally or from pure ignorance. It likely is the same ignorance that distinguishes the western elites, especially when it comes to recognizing history and tradition as important aspects of any geopolitical conflict. Please allow me an effort to correct the problem by presenting a few “inconvenient truths” these media talking-heads avoid discussing in depth.

  1. Who is to blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine?  The unequivocal answer to this question is that the West is.  Why am I so certain? If one accepts the obvious, i.e. that in Ukraine we are dealing with a legitimate national security concern of a nuclear superpower (Russia), then the only answer is that the West bears the blame. First, it was the West that promised Gorbachev back in the early 1990s that it will not expand “not one inch eastward” as Secretary James Baker said (here is the proof from the National Security Archive). Then in recent months and years, Russia has been offering the West ample opportunity to recognize its security needs and find a negotiated solution – the most appropriate would be to make Ukraine a neutral country, a “buffer zone”.  The West, acting arrogantly, ignored these sensible offers. Russia had no choice: it could not accept the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member.
  2. Is Ukraine a “democratic” country? The answer is a big NO.   You probably feel as tired as I am by the constant “song” of the West “protecting democracy in Ukraine”,  sounding so phony in the aftermath of imposing tyranny in Canada.  But is Ukraine a “democracy”? No, it is not.  Ukraine is among the most corrupt countries on earth – Greece seems like a “noble state bureaucracy” comparatively.  In addition, Zelensky imprisoned his main opponent.  I am copying from TIME: “The leading voice for Russian interests in Ukraine, Medvedchuk’s political party is the biggest opposition force in parliament, with millions of supporters. Over the past year, that party has come under attack. Medvedchuk was charged with treason in May and placed under house arrest in Kyiv.” Similarly, Zelensky limited the freedom of the press…
  3. Ukraine’s capital, Kiyv, is the Jerusalem of the Russians. Every nation has a “myth of its origins”, and the Russians are not the exception.  In 988 AD, a Byzantine princess, Anna Porfyrogenita, despite her initial reservations, decided to make the trip from Constantinople to Kiyv and marry the Grand Prince of the Rus, Vladimir the Great, on the condition that he would become Christian.  The myth goes that she fell in love with the blond Prince and at the same time Vladimir became such a faithful Christian that he would open his palace in Kyiv to all the people who did not have food every day. This is how the Russian nation was born. It’s a beautiful story that concerns us, Americans of Greek descent, too. Why? Because ten years earlier (976 AD) another Byzantine princess, Theophano, took a trip to Rome to marry the German King Otto (where among other things Western Europe learned for the first time from Theophano how to use a fork at the dinner table – up to that time they were using their hands!!) You can look up the stories at your convenience but the fact is that within these ten years the Greek Byzantium managed to civilize the two greatest nations in Europe!!  Does anyone doubt that the birth of the Russian nation in Kyiv turns the capital of Ukraine to the equivalent of the Jerusalem of the Russians?  Do you understand now the sensitivities of President Putin and his extensive statements on history?
  4. What is the true role of the Jewish lobby in the Ukraine crisis? Hard to pinpoint but it is there without a doubt.  Both Zelensky and the oligarch who backed him financially are of Jewish descent.  Also on the American side, Secretary Blinken and the number three at State Dept., Victoria Nuland, have Ukrainian-Jewish family origins, along with a few other important “actors” who play a role today (Alexander Vindman is one of them).  For most Israeli politicians Vladimir Putin is the best Russian president ever.  In general, Israelis like to say that they have two homelands, America and Russia; but at a moment of crisis, there is no question they will side with America. However, they are used to having the upper hand and Putin recently showed them “who is the boss”: Russian and Syrian jets flew over the Golan Heights, effectively ending the free access the Israelis had in Syrian airspace. Also, Russia controls Azerbaijan and this means the Israelis (who have invested greatly there so to have bases to attack Iran) will have to ask permission from Putin to do so… Not an easy thing to do for them, it seems…
  5. Ukraine is a deeply divided country in ethnic and linguistic identity.  According to some simple data, 30% of Ukrainians have Russian as their native language but 52% use it as their main means of communication.  Please take a look at this “ethnic-linguistic map” to see for yourselves.  How is it possible for our ignorant elites to make decisions as if they are talking about two separate and distinct entities/countries, one invading the other? Oh, Did I say that the Zelensky government banned the use of Russian in the “service industry”? Meaning that when you go to get your haircut in Odessa where 90% use Russian daily you have to use Ukrainian… Such a democracy! A democracy run by Neo-nazis!! (we will come to that issue another day).
  6. Russia has a technological advantage in military technology.  Most Americans cannot grasp the fact that Russia produces double the number of engineering graduates per year with less than half the population of the U.S.  And they do not remember that Russia was first to space with much more limited resources than the US. Recently, it became abundantly clear that Russia is many years ahead in hypersonic missile technology as well as in radar technology. Its fighter jets are very capable and its military is completely renovated with 10% of the defense budget compared to the bloated $800 billion American defense budget. These facts should give all of us a pause – and should lead to immediate resignation/removal of all those actors of the military-industrial-congressional complex, the so-called “War Party”, who after decades of lining their own pockets, brought this wonderful country of ours to this despicable level.
  7. Russia is living under sanctions for many years and is prepared for any eventuality.  With over $600 billion in foreign currency reserves and among the greatest gold depositories than other countries, Russia can sustain sanctions indefinitely. Russia is probably the most self-sufficient country on Earth.  From food production to energy, and from industrial products to technological innovation, there are very few products the Russian economy will need and many non-western countries to supply them – first among them China and India.
  8. Imposing sanctions has great risks.  Not the least among these risks will be the creation from China and Russia (with the help of India, Brazil, and other countries) of a new parallel to the “SWIFT” international payment system.  The basic elements have already been created and it will not take long before the new system is in place. Also, the West and the whole world will suffer greatly from the sharply higher prices of energy. You will be surprised to hear that the US imports about 7% of its oil from Russia! What do you think will happen if this percentage is out of the market?  You are right, the price of oil will go higher! Who will benefit from these higher prices? The top among them is Russia…
  9. Are the Russians barbarians, the “niggers of the steppe” as our establishment wants to think of them? No, the Russians are a great nation with deep faith in Orthodoxy and an integral part of European culture.  Our elites, who most among them completely ignore the classic works of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky and because of their ignorance are totally unable to understand the Russian nation, have no business making any decisions on Russia…

I will stop here and return with a few specific comments on the involvement of Greece in the conflict and with a more extensive analysis of the fatal involvement of the Istanbul Patriarchate in Ukraine.  Over the last five years, yours truly was among the very few voices in the Greek media who opposed very vocally Pat. Bartholomew’s decisions and actions on Ukraine, that are now proving catastrophic for Orthodoxy and Hellenism –  and they will affect the Church in America.  But this is a discussion for another day. Stay tuned.

February 24, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


Εννέα άβολες αλήθειες για την κρίση της Ουκρανίας

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Άρχισα να εξοικειώνομαι με την πολιτική της Ουκρανίας μετά το 2017 όταν ο Πατ. Βαρθολομαίος υπέκυψε στις πιέσεις του Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ και αποφάσισε να παραχωρήσει αυτοκεφαλία στο 20% των Ορθοδόξων Χριστιανών της χώρας, ενώ το 70% παρέμεινε υπό το Πατριαρχείο Μόσχας. Σαστισμένος από αυτή την προφανώς παράλογη κίνηση, μελέτησα το ιστορικό υπόβαθρο και έγραψα επανειλημμένα εναντίον της. Αλλά από την έκδοση του ρωσικού τελεσιγράφου προς τη Δύση στις αρχές του περασμένου Δεκεμβρίου, παρακολουθώ πολύ στενά τις ειδήσεις για την Ουκρανία και μπορώ να σας διαβεβαιώσω ότι τα λεγόμενα «κατεστημένα μέσα ενημέρωσης» κάνουν μια φρικτή δουλειά, σκόπιμα ή από καθαρή άγνοια. Πιθανότατα είναι η ίδια άγνοια που διακρίνει τις δυτικές ελίτ, ειδικά όταν πρόκειται για την αναγνώριση της ιστορίας και της παράδοσης ως σημαντικές πτυχές οποιασδήποτε γεωπολιτικής σύγκρουσης. Επιτρέψτε μου, παρακαλώ, να κάνω μια προσπάθεια να διορθώσω το πρόβλημα παρουσιάζοντας μερικές «άβολες αλήθειες» που οι παρουσιαστές των μέσων ενημέρωσης αποφεύγουν να συζητούν σε βάθος.

  1. Ποιος φταίει για τη ρωσική εισβολή στην Ουκρανία; Η ξεκάθαρη απάντηση σε αυτό το ερώτημα είναι ότι η Δύση φταίει. Γιατί είμαι τόσο σίγουρος; Αν δεχτεί κανείς το αυτονόητο, δηλαδή ότι στην Ουκρανία έχουμε να κάνουμε με μια νόμιμη ανησυχία για την εθνική ασφάλεια μιας πυρηνικής υπερδύναμης (Ρωσίας), τότε η μόνη απάντηση είναι ότι η Δύση φέρει την ευθύνη. Πρώτον, ήταν η Δύση που υποσχέθηκε στον Γκορμπατσόφ στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 1990 ότι δεν θα επεκταθεί «ούτε μια ίντσα προς τα ανατολικά» όπως είπε ο υπουργός Τζέιμς Μπέικερ (εδώ είναι η απόδειξη από το Αρχείο Εθνικής Ασφάλειας). Στη συνέχεια, τους τελευταίους μήνες και χρόνια, η Ρωσία προσφέρει άφθονες ευκαιρίες στη Δύση να αναγνωρίσει τις ανάγκες ασφαλείας της και να βρει μια λύση μέσω διαπραγματεύσεων – η καταλληλότερη θα ήταν να γίνει η Ουκρανία μια ουδέτερη χώρα, μια «ζώνη ανάσχεσης». Η Δύση, ενεργώντας αλαζονικά, αγνόησε αυτές τις λογικές προσφορές. Η Ρωσία δεν είχε άλλη επιλογή: δεν μπορούσε να δεχτεί το ενδεχόμενο η Ουκρανία να γίνει μέλος του ΝΑΤΟ.
  2. Είναι η Ουκρανία «δημοκρατική» χώρα; Η απάντηση είναι ένα μεγάλο ΟΧΙ. Πιθανότατα νιώθετε τόσο κουρασμένοι όσο εγώ από το συνεχές παραμύθι της Δύσης ότι «προστατεύει τη δημοκρατία στην Ουκρανία», που ακούγεται τόσο ψεύτικο μετά την επιβολή της τυραννίας στον Καναδά. Είναι όμως η Ουκρανία «δημοκρατία»; Οχι, δεν είναι. Η Ουκρανία είναι από τις πιο διεφθαρμένες χώρες στον κόσμο – η Ελλάδα μοιάζει συγκριτικά με μια «ευγενή κρατική γραφειοκρατία». Επιπλέον, ο Ζελένσκι φυλάκισε τον κύριο αντίπαλό του. Αντιγράφω από το TIME: “Η ηγετική φωνή για τα ρωσικά συμφέροντα στην Ουκρανία, το πολιτικό κόμμα του Medvedchuk είναι η μεγαλύτερη αντιπολιτευτική δύναμη στο κοινοβούλιο, με εκατομμύρια υποστηρικτές. Τον περασμένο χρόνο, αυτό το κόμμα δέχτηκε επίθεση. Ο Medvedchuk κατηγορήθηκε για προδοσία στο Μαΐου και τέθηκε σε κατ’ οίκον περιορισμό στο Κίεβο». Ομοίως, ο Ζελένσκι περιόρισε την ελευθερία του Τύπου..
  3. Η πρωτεύουσα της Ουκρανίας, το Κίεβο, είναι η Ιερουσαλήμ των Ρώσων. Κάθε έθνος έχει έναν «μύθο της προέλευσής του», και οι Ρώσοι δεν αποτελούν την εξαίρεση. Το 988 μ.Χ., μια Βυζαντινή πριγκίπισσα, η Άννα Πορφυρογέννητη, παρά τις αρχικές της επιφυλάξεις, αποφάσισε να κάνει ένα ταξίδι από την Κωνσταντινούπολη στο Κίεβο και να παντρευτεί τον Μέγα Πρίγκιπα της Ρωσίας, Βλαδίμηρο, με την προϋπόθεση ότι θα γινόταν χριστιανός. Ο μύθος λέει ότι ερωτεύτηκε τον ξανθό Πρίγκιπα και ταυτόχρονα ο Βλαδίμηρος έγινε τόσο πιστός χριστιανός που άνοιγε το παλάτι του στο Κίεβο σε όλους τους ανθρώπους που δεν είχαν φαγητό κάθε μέρα. Έτσι γεννήθηκε το ρωσικό έθνος. Είναι μια όμορφη ιστορία που αφορά και εμάς τους Ελληνες. Γιατί; Επειδή δέκα χρόνια νωρίτερα (976 μ.Χ.) μια άλλη Βυζαντινή πριγκίπισσα, η Θεοφανώ, έκανε ένα ταξίδι στη Ρώμη για να παντρευτεί τον Γερμανό βασιλιά Όθωνα (όπου μεταξύ άλλων η Δυτική Ευρώπη έμαθε για πρώτη φορά να χρησιμοποιεί πιρούνι στο τραπέζι!!) Ψάξτε τις ιστορίες όσο σας βολεύει αλλά το γεγονός είναι ότι μέσα σε αυτά τα δέκα χρόνια το ελληνικό Βυζάντιο κατάφερε να εκπολιτίσει τα δύο μεγαλύτερα έθνη της Ευρώπης!! Αμφιβάλλει κανείς ότι η γέννηση του ρωσικού έθνους στο Κίεβο μετατρέπει την πρωτεύουσα της Ουκρανίας σε μια Ιερουσαλήμ των Ρώσων; Καταλαβαίνετε τώρα τις ευαισθησίες του Προέδρου Πούτιν και τις εκτενείς δηλώσεις του για την ιστορία;
  4. Ποιος είναι ο πραγματικός ρόλος του εβραϊκού λόμπι στην κρίση της Ουκρανίας; Δύσκολο να εντοπιστεί, αλλά υπάρχει χωρίς αμφιβολία. Τόσο ο Ζελένσκι ​​όσο και ο ολιγάρχης που τον στήριξε οικονομικά είναι εβραϊκής καταγωγής. Επίσης από την αμερικανική πλευρά, ο υπουργός Blinken και η νούμερο τρία στο State Dept., Victoria Nuland, έχουν οικογενειακή καταγωγή Ουκρανο-Εβραϊκής, μαζί με μερικούς άλλους σημαντικούς «παράγοντες» που παίζουν έναν ρόλο σήμερα (ο Alexander Vindman είναι ένας από αυτούς). Για τους περισσότερους Ισραηλινούς πολιτικούς ο Βλαντιμίρ Πούτιν είναι ο καλύτερος Ρώσος πρόεδρος όλων των εποχών. Γενικά, στους Ισραηλινούς αρέσει να λένε ότι έχουν δύο πατρίδες, την Αμερική και τη Ρωσία. Αλλά σε μια στιγμή κρίσης, δεν υπάρχει αμφιβολία ότι θα ταχθούν με την Αμερική. Ωστόσο, έχουν συνηθίσει να έχουν το πάνω χέρι και ο Πούτιν τους έδειξε πρόσφατα «ποιος είναι το αφεντικό»: Ρωσικά και Συριακά αεροσκάφη πέταξαν πάνω από τα Υψίπεδα του Γκολάν, τερματίζοντας ουσιαστικά την ελεύθερη πρόσβαση που είχαν οι Ισραηλινοί στον εναέριο χώρο της Συρίας. Επίσης, η Ρωσία ελέγχει το Αζερμπαϊτζάν και αυτό σημαίνει ότι οι Ισραηλινοί (οι οποίοι έχουν επενδύσει πολλά εκεί για να έχουν βάσεις για να επιτεθούν στο Ιράν) θα πρέπει να ζητήσουν άδεια από τον Πούτιν για να το κάνουν… Αυτό δεν είναι καθόλου εύκολο πράγμα γι ‘αυτούς, φαίνεται…
  5. Η Ουκρανία είναι μια βαθιά διχασμένη χώρα σε εθνική και γλωσσική ταυτότητα. Σύμφωνα με ορισμένα απλά στοιχεία, το 30% των Ουκρανών έχουν ως μητρική τους γλώσσα τα ρωσικά αλλά το 52% τα χρησιμοποιούν ως κύριο μέσο επικοινωνίας. Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτόν τον «εθνικο-γλωσσικό χάρτη» για να δείτε μόνοι σας. Πώς είναι δυνατόν οι ανίδεες ελίτ μας να παίρνουν αποφάσεις σαν να μιλάνε για δύο ξεχωριστές και διακριτές οντότητες/χώρες, που η μία εισβάλλει στην άλλη;
  6. Η Ρωσία έχει ένα τεχνολογικό πλεονέκτημα στη στρατιωτική τεχνολογία. Οι περισσότεροι Αμερικανοί δεν μπορούν να κατανοήσουν το γεγονός ότι η Ρωσία παράγει διπλάσιο αριθμό πτυχιούχων μηχανικών ετησίως με λιγότερο από τον μισό πληθυσμό των Η.Π.Α.  Και δεν θυμούνται ότι η Ρωσία ήταν πρώτη στο διάστημα με πολύ πιο περιορισμένους πόρους από τις ΗΠΑ. Πρόσφατα, έγινε απολύτως σαφές ότι η Ρωσία είναι πολλά χρόνια μπροστά στην τεχνολογία υπερηχητικών πυραύλων καθώς και στην τεχνολογία ραντάρ. Τα μαχητικά της είναι πολύ ικανά και ο στρατός τους είναι πλήρως ανακαινισμένος με το 10% του αμυντικού προϋπολογισμού σε σύγκριση με τον διογκωμένο αμερικανικό αμυντικό προϋπολογισμό 800 δισεκατομμυρίων δολαρίων. Αυτά τα γεγονότα θα πρέπει να μας κάνουν όλους να αναλογιστούμε – και θα πρέπει να οδηγήσουν σε άμεση παραίτηση/απομάκρυνση όλων εκείνων των παραγόντων του στρατιωτικού-βιομηχανικού-κοινοβουλευτικού συγκροτήματος, του λεγόμενου «Κόμματος του Πολέμου», που μετά από δεκαετίες γέμισαν τις τσέπες τους αλλά έφεραν την όμορφη χώρα μας σε αυτό το απεχθές επίπεδο.
  7. Η Ρωσία ζει κάτω από κυρώσεις για πολλά χρόνια και είναι έτοιμη για κάθε ενδεχόμενο. Με περισσότερα από 600 δισεκατομμύρια δολάρια σε συναλλαγματικά αποθέματα και ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα αποθέματα χρυσού από τις περισσότερες χώρες, η Ρωσία μπορεί να διατηρήσει τις κυρώσεις επ’ αόριστον. Η Ρωσία είναι ίσως η πιο αυτάρκης χώρα στον κόσμο. Από την παραγωγή τροφίμων μέχρι την ενέργεια και από τα βιομηχανικά προϊόντα μέχρι την τεχνολογική καινοτομία, υπάρχουν πολύ λίγα προϊόντα που θα χρειαστεί η ρωσική οικονομία και πολλές μη δυτικές χώρες για να τα προμηθεύσουν – πρώτες μεταξύ αυτών η Κίνα και η Ινδία.
  8. Η επιβολή κυρώσεων ενέχει μεγάλους κινδύνους. Πολύ σημαντικός από αυτούς τους κινδύνους θα είναι η δημιουργία από την Κίνα και τη Ρωσία (με τη βοήθεια της Ινδίας, της Βραζιλίας και άλλων χωρών) ενός νέου παράλληλου με το διεθνές σύστημα πληρωμών «SWIFT». Τα βασικά στοιχεία έχουν ήδη δημιουργηθεί και δεν θα αργήσει να τεθεί σε εφαρμογή το νέο σύστημα. Επίσης, η Δύση και ολόκληρος ο κόσμος θα υποφέρουν πολύ από τις απότομα υψηλότερες τιμές της ενέργειας. Θα εκπλαγείτε όταν ακούσετε ότι οι ΗΠΑ εισάγουν περίπου το 7% του πετρελαίου τους από τη Ρωσία! Τι πιστεύετε ότι θα συμβεί εάν αυτό το ποσοστό είναι εκτός αγοράς; Σωστά, η τιμή του πετρελαίου θα ανέβει! Ποιος θα ωφεληθεί από αυτές τις υψηλότερες τιμές; Κορυφαία ανάμεσά τους είναι η Ρωσία…
  9. Είναι οι Ρώσοι βάρβαροι, οι «νέγροι της στέπας» όπως θέλει να τους υποτιμά το κατεστημένο; Όχι, οι Ρώσοι είναι ένα μεγάλο έθνος με βαθιά πίστη στην Ορθοδοξία και αναπόσπαστο μέρος του ευρωπαϊκού πολιτισμού. Οι ελίτ μας, που οι περισσότεροι ανάμεσά τους αγνοούν εντελώς τα κλασικά έργα του Τολστόι και του Ντοστογιέφσκι και λόγω της άγνοιάς τους δεν μπορούν να κατανοήσουν εντελώς το ρωσικό έθνος, δεν έχουν καμία δουλειά να παίρνουν αποφάσεις για τη Ρωσία…

Θα σταματήσω εδώ και θα επανέλθω με λίγα συγκεκριμένα σχόλια για την εμπλοκή της Ελλάδας στη σύγκρουση και με μια εκτενέστερη ανάλυση της μοιραίας εμπλοκής του Πατριαρχείου Κωνσταντινούπολης στην Ουκρανία. Τα τελευταία πέντε χρόνια, η δική μας ήταν πραγματικά από τις ελάχιστες φωνές στα ελληνικά μέσα που αντιτάχθηκαν πολύ έντονα στις αποφάσεις και τη δράση του Πατ. Βαρθολομαίου για την Ουκρανία, που τώρα αποδεικνύονται καταστροφικές για την Ορθοδοξία και τον Ελληνισμό –  και θα επηρεάσουν την Εκκλησία στην Αμερική. Αλλά αυτή είναι μια συζήτηση για άλλη μέρα. Μείνετε συντονισμένοι.

February 24, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. Multorum obrectatio devicit unius virtutem. Με αυτή τη φράση τελειώνει ο Βιργίλιος την εισαγωγή του στο βιβλίο Hannibal ante Portas.
    Φοβούμαι μήπως ο συνασπισμός 52 (δυτικών κατά το πλείστον) Κρατών κάμψει τη μαχητικότητα του Πούτιν. Η Ουκρανία υπήρξε και πρέπει να παραμείνει ρωσσικό έδαφος.
    Η Ελλάδα πρέπει να χρησιμοποιήσει τη Ρωσσική Αρκούδα ως αντίπαλον δέος εναντίον του απειλητικού γείτονα. Αν δεν το κάνει τόσο το χειρότερο γι΄ αυτήν.

    • Οπως όλοι βλέπουμε ο Πούτιν υποστηρίζεται από μεγάλο σχηματισμό κρατών παγκοσμίως και όχι μόνο τους BRICS. Μια ματιά στα τελευταία ψηφίσματα των Ηνωμένων Εθνών όπου ΗΠΑ και Ισραήλ είναι απομονωμένοι, θα σας πείσιε ότι η ανθρωπότητα είναι μπορστά σε τερ’αστιες αλλαγές. Αλλά έστω και μόνη η Ρωσία έχει υπεροπλία απέναντι σε όλους.

  2. Very thorough research and perspecrives. Where I challenge you in your research is to look more carefully into where Russian policies against freedom of speech and corruption appear. I am sure many policies that Russia impose on their population have righteous and well thought out intentions, but are carried out inefficiently, and inneffectively (also with corrupt leaders, admininstrators, and beaurocrats)

    • I am not sure I understand your point. I do not claim that Russian policies against freedom of speech exist. Our problem was and is that Western leaders present Ukraine as a “democracy” when not only it is not but it is a totally corrupt country that suppresses all kinds of freedoms.

      • I don’t disagree with anything you have claimed about Ukraine, or have claimed about Russia, or for the United States for that matter. What are Russia’s policies about Free Speech? I am unaware of definitive research. I am not trying to “make a point”, I am more trying to make a plan, and through research, including yours make a descision of how safe and hospitable of a place Russia is to non-slavic populations, who might come from a different culture. You mentioned once that Russia could be a possible place for Americans to relocate, what are the liberties and rights that Russians enjoy that Americans are mostly assured? What are the differences? I am not being critical of your research, in fact I am willing to assist you in expanding it and being more thorough. Best

        • I have repeatedly explained that Russia (and China) never in history had western-style “democracy” (the quotation marks mean that this not democracy in its original sense). Their system of government was described as “oriental despotism” in a classic sociological study. So trying to find “bill of rights” and “first amendment” in Russia is meaningless. But you will find something truly amazing: the peaceful coexistence of Islam and Orthodox Christianity. Both religions swear allegiance to “mother Russia”. Many recent reports show that Russians enjoy their basic freedoms up to the point of doubting the power of Putin. Putin himself and the Russians have seen the role of Putin as that of a Russian Czar with the special role of saving Russia. And yes Putin saved Russia from the brink of chaos, and rendered her once again into a formidable superpower.

          • Nick.
            Even though we dont live in Russia and can’t possibly fathom how much freedom is allowed, any limits to freedom, even to criticize Putin, is an indication of unfreedom. You are correct to say that China and Russia are not Western style democracies. They have never been.

            Maybe their citizens are O.K. with that, because they don’t have the drawback of a messy society that Western democracies have to deal with.

            And yes, Putin did “save” Russia from chaos. Hitler saved Germany from chaos also. Mussolini did the same to Italy. The Greek junta claimed they saved Greece from the perils of communism. Historically, saving a country from itself by a strongman, doesnt turn out too well. At least in modern history. Unlimited power is never a good thing in the hands of one man. Not for his country, or for others.

            And I have to contradict you on Russia being a superpower. Maybe a regional superpower, but not a world one. During communism, they were able to project global power. That’s no longer the case.

          • First you have to write an essay and explain to us how our situation in the west, as we are headed towards totalitarianism, is so much better. Do we elect our leadership? No we do not and the 2020 so-called elections are proof. Then regarding Putin, we should understand that he is the most westernized among Russia’s potential leaders. Some others wouldn’t be as accepting of the shenanigans against their country. Finally, consider yourself lucky that Putin hasn’t sunk an American aircraft carrier yet with one of his hypersonic missiles – against which we have no defense. Do you realize that Russia is the biggest nuclear superpower of our times? Hopefully we will not need to see proof of that.

          • So in essence, there is very limited opportunity to publicly make any criticism of “Mother Russia”, unless you are very high on the political food chain, and you can only safely criticize the political class unless you have access to them and they respect you, which from the way it sounds with the educational opportunities, and promototion of Christian and Healthy habits, it in general is a society that can foster innovation, growth, and morality. Like any other community there are areas that are dysfunction or need lots of improvement. The west would do better to be more understanding and desire to learn more about this culture.

          • In Russia you have parties that are against Putin and there are voices of protest. But the moment the security services smell that funding from Soros NGOs is behind these voices they are automatically cancelled. Such was Navalny. He was proved to be financially supported by western intelligence.

  3. Αν ο Πουτιν αναγκασει την Ουκρανια να παραδωσει το Ντονμπας και Κριμαια για να αναβιωσει την Τσαρικη Ρωσσια,τότε φοβουμαι οτι ο Ερντογαν μιμουμενος αυτον θα αποσπασει τμηματα Συριας, Αζερμπαιτζαν ,Κυπρου και Ελλαδας για να αναβιωσει την Οθωμανικη Αυτοκρατορια!
    Πρεπει οι Ελληνες να το αποτρεψουν αυτο με αυξηση της θητειας στους 24 μηνες για νεους και νεες, κατασκευη ντροουνς, οχυρωση των νησιων και αμεση εξορυξη φυσικου αεριου για ξεχρεωση και ευημερια της Ελλαδας.

    • Λεωνίδα και πάλι σου τονίζω ότι δεν μπορείς να συγκρίνεις μήλα με πορτοκάλια… εδώ μιλάμε για τις απαιτήσεις ασφαλείας μιας πυρηνικής υπερδύναμης.

      • Nick
        While I agree with your statistics and assessments, I would argue that Ukraine has the right to go with the West if her people want to. No country has the right to force another country to stay out of NATO or the EU. Ukraine is a UN recognized independent country. So its corrupt. But so many other nations are corrupt. They’re not being invaded. The West had promised not to extend NATO, but no one considered Ukraine’s position. So, it follows that Ukraine does not have to be a “neutral” which actually means Russia’s unwilling ally, just because Russia has a need to feel secure. And the fact that Russia’s Jerusalem is in Ukraine, just as ours is in Konstantinople, does not give a nation the right to invade another country.

        What Leonids is saying is correct. Turkey could invade Thrace, by declaring the Muslim minority as being oppressed, just as Russia is claiming that Ethnic Russians are oppressed. Most countries have minorities within their borders. It doesn’t give the right to another nation to invade. Greece could invade Northern Epiros. The Greeks are certainly being oppressed.

        • Lambros posting a comment like this deteriorates the debate level to unbearable. How can I answer the same questions I have answered a million times because you do not want to understand? You are not alone though: the globalist puppets did not want to understand such simple truths as I have stated two years ago. So in the next weeks and months they will be dealing with the biggest defeat in American and NATO history. Do you realize that this will be the end of NATO?

          • Well, you have the right to make your own predictions. But keep in mind that I wrote mine two years ago and every single one of them came out to be correct. Then some called me “anti-American” etc… Later, when they started realising that all the billions for Ukraine were mostly lost to corruption, they changed their mind. Even if NATO survives it will be a useless poodle and will have no much power or reason for existence.

          • Nick, Thank you for a review we needed to read regarding the SMO.

            The fast asleep sheeple will soon be forced to wake up soon. Humpty Dumpty empire is dallin faster each day.

            Let us never forget Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Marshal Islands, South American dictators installed by our Zionist run administrations. Lest we forget Cambodia, Viet Nam and dozens of other small nations raided and raped by Zionist American administrations. We are now being invaded by our own government funding the UN to invade America.

            Let us pray for one another.

            “Truth is the agreement of our ideas with the ideas of God.”
            Jonathan Edwards

        • You argument may be valid IF you base it purely on what’s right or wrong on some kind of a moral compass. However, it fails to reflect realpolitiking. Russia moved into Ukraine because it had a valid reason AND could! Think of the Melian dialogue! As for Turkey, it cannot move into the Greek territory simply because it does not have the will nor the political and military power to do so.

          • You write”! As for Turkey, it cannot move into the Greek territory simply because it does not have the will nor the political and military power to do ”
            If you watch the Greek tv channels in you tube like OPEN or ACTION NEWS they report DAILY on the threats of Erdogan against Greece, demanding demilitarization of the Aegean islands,no more than 6 miles of territoreal waters, and there is standing CAUSUS BELLI if Greece declares unilaterally EEZ in the Aegean. So unfortunately for Greece ,Erdogan has the will and 1 mill Army , S 400, huge navy,1 aircraft carrier, and drones production that devastated the Armenian forces ,the forces of Haftar in Libya and the Russian troops in Ukraine early in the war.

        • In 2014, the government was overthrown by Western intervention because the West wanted politicians in power who were pro-Nato…this event devolved into a civil war, the annexation of Crimea, and finally the larger scale “proxy war” that we have been witnessing for 2 years now…

          The “people” of the Ukraine were never formally asked, so the conditional statement “if her people want to” is not even a valid factor in this case. In fact, there is no “people of the Ukraine”…people are either aligned with the Vatican or with Moscow based on religious lines, since the days of the Uniate invasions…Probably about 90% of the population can be identified as having German/Polish DNA, or Russian DNA, depending on who their ancestors were, in the same manner that the residents of Skopje are either Bulgarian, Serbian, Turko-Albanian by lineage…or the same way that “Bosnians” are either Serbian or Croatian by DNA (but split along Muslim / Roman Catholic / Orthodox lines)…and let’s not even begin talking about Montenegro or Moldova…

          At some point we all need to recognize a “puppet” or “satellite” state when we see it, and not be swayed by anyone’s propaganda…of course, it’s the people trapped within the boundaries that suffer in the end, as pawns on a large geo-political chess board…

          • The West did intervene in 2014. It would be naive to argue that it didn’t. However, the protesters were determined to resist Yanukovych’s change of policy to pro-Russia and anti Western. And they were camped out in the cold for three months. Until he mowed down more than 50 of them. And then, he fled to Russia. And don’t forget that it happened when Russia was hosting the winter Olympics, hoping to draw the world’s attention away from Ukraine. And it was the alibi that she needed to take over the Crimea. Just as Turkey took advantage of the Greek junta’s attempt at Cyprus, to take over the island nation, Russia took advantage of the fleeing of Yanukovich to accomplish its aim.

            While some Ukrainians want to keep Western influence at bay, citing gay acceptance as a cause of anti_Western feelings, the majority of Ukrainians are undoubtedly pro West. What people would prefer being Russia’s satellite, instead of the West’s?.

  4. Lambros , It is hard to believe absolutely Hillarious to every one reading your post! Entire illegal invasions of the countries of the world ..from Vietnam to Yugoslavia, Iraq, libya, Syria, Afganistan, Yemen , Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea , Taiwan , and the war crimes Economic Sanctions policy which are imposte of the Civilian populations of the world and for instance in Syria , to deprive the people of Syria from having oil and gas energy and essential needs to feed their Children , in order to extort from their people the surrender the Assad Regimes to U.S and Israel! And all their interventions and invasions .. are required to establish countries like “Syria” as Security Risk to America and to protect the human rights of everyone they invade! Do you think Syria is as Security Risk to America or Anyone! Neither was Iraq, or any of the orther countries of the Middle East and Around the world! Then you add …the resume of death and destruction left by U.S and Its Crime Syndicate Nato…in libya, Syria and all the countries mentioned…woul you allow the Ukraine to put in U.S and Nato bases on Putin Borders! Just think Lambros you think Putin is going to allow Hillary Clinton to scream on National T.V. when her Terrorist army cut the throat of the leader of libya , and Sodomized him and screamed “WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED…HA! HA”!AND SO DID THE ENTIRE POPULACE OF LIBYA! So , Lambros why don’t you reply to my Post … and explain why it is in the Security Interest of America to invade and wage wars on countries thousands of miles from U.S s, America’s borders, but Russia to preserve the Security and Peace of the Russian People cannot invade Ukraine to liberate the “Ethnic Russian Speaking Ukrainian in Eastern Ukaine who have chose to separate from the Neo Nazi Regime of Ukraine installed by the U.S ! Yes lambros..all interventions and wars by U.S…are debated in Congress, and required to prove how these wars …represent a
    Seurity threat to America…and then by International Law ..they must be for “Humanitarian” and you guessed it to ” protect the Humans rights and Freedoms of the countries of the World ! Nick , I do not agree with you Nick …the war is never going to end …and the Economci Sanctions and military warfare using Ukrainian Citizens or Terrorist.. is following the same protocal as they did with Iraq, libya . and all the other countries they wanted to take over! These leaders are depraved , psychopaths… are now allowing and supporting genocide by Partner Israel! And Putin knows it very well… Putin has never forgiven himself for not standing up to Nato , but remainng silent to the invasion of libya, and he definitely with all Russians what they did to their brothers in which they dismembered that Country!

    Lambros..who provoked the war ..that could have been avoided …even lett wing U.S .State Department Greek Newspaper TNH .. and Editor Diamataris confessed
    “While it was wrong for America and Nato to surround Russia…..So one could argue that not offering NATO membership to Ukraine is a small price to pay if war is to be avoided’”
    Antonis H. Diamataris .Greek National Herald February 23rd 2022

    • Michael
      America is no saint. I have said that repeatedly and have criticized her. All her invasions were unprovoked and illegal. Afghanistan might be considered more legal, due to them hiding Osama. But Iraq was certainly very very wrong.
      America has also done plenty good. Especially to Europe and Japan. Greece has never been as war free and prosperous as she is today. That’s due to America’s hegemony. Europe has never been as war free and prosperous as she it today also, due to America’s power.
      Look at it this way: Why is there not one nation, that her citizens voluntarily choose to align with Russia? While every nation wants to be America’s ally? Even Serbia, the great loser of the Balkan wars and a victim of NATO wants to be part of the West. The same with Vietnam. They hated America and now, they prefer to be with America, to be protected against China.

      As for America and NATO surrounding Russia, its the will of those nations that are around Russia. Do you think Poland would be happy under Russia? Or Romania, or the Baltics, or even further away, such as Albania.

      Moreover, you, having the freedom to criticize America, which is how it should be, as any of us have that freedom, who are immigrants to this country, why did we come here and not go to Russia? America is no paradise, but, them, no country is. But, it is infinitely better than the alternatives.

      • The biggest fallacy of all the West promotes is the Russia wants to expand to the West. Russia does not have any such goals because they have plenty of land and resources. Russia wants security and does not want the hegemonic west, the colonialist thieves, to steal her mineral resources. As they did all over the world… The whole globe was amazed to hear that the French paid Niger 5% for the uranium they were mining for decades!!!

      • Lambros, thank you for your reply.! let see…why do nations flock to be allies of America ? Why don’t you ask the dead leaders and citizens of Iraq, libya, Syria and on and on …the victims of Regime change wars of the U.S and Nato! You see ,Lambros …you don’t keep your government job whether it be in America , Greece or Europe to run your company, unless you pledge allegiance to the Mob, provide lucratively contracts for your corporate clients, and when called upon to wage war on an Enemy of America you do it! When George Bush Jr. screamed …”Your either with us or against us to the countries of the world the illegal war on terrorism…he was saying cooperate with us or you become an enemy not of the people of the world, but the Evangelical rullng gangsters of America ! This lambros is how the Crimes families of the 40’s took over legitimate business in NY and Chicago! Importantly, if the owners of the business said no to the Mob ..then their bunidess would be bomed, and then they would go back to that busniess owners and say I told you , you had bad Neighbors in your neighborhood wanting to hurt you! And now you know why …everybody is flocking to US control of there governments ! They protect their jobs to operate ,not the people to live! And tell me again , why is u.S involved in occupying 80 countries of the world with 895 bases!

  5. Hey Lambros … Nick was also right about the following. by the Chosen People of God …the Evangelical and Jewish Zionist religious orders of the U.S; Congress who righteously, like there “Puritan Christian Brothers” were Entitled to ” Burn all the wicked people alive in Salem Massachusetts because they were the Righteous Protector of God entitled to cleanse the world of the Demonic children of Satan, which has since expanded to the entire world! Lambros , The Deranged Relgiious Fanatics parading thru the U.S congress who have supported the other half of the chosen People to rule over the world ..Jewish Zionist have supported the ethnic and religious cleansing of Orthodox , Muslim and Catholic churches in Palestine and Ukraine because as Nick wrote N the Russians are a great nation with deep faith in Orthodoxy and an integral part of European culture.

    So Lambros ..who is the religious order who calle themselves ” leaders of the New World order of Jewish and Evangelical Zionist who even ” Joe Biden got it rights ..when he called the Evangelical followers of Donald Trump… “White Supremacist Terrorist and Fascist undermining the Democracy of America! The Policemen of the world’s resume .of death and destruction , has never been about protecting the Freedoms of foreign Countries , but about a Religiou order who dominates America ..and believes they must rid the world of all the Witches of the world ..even if that means killing every human on the face of the earth!

    Lambros.. since y0o are enamored by Polls that support Joe Biden and the Evangelical /Protestants to since I was born ..genocide 22 million civilians to make them adherent to the Evangelical religious rule !

    Pew research 2023: Protestants dominate U.S Congress and more than the % of the Adult U.s population

    87% of the U.S congress is Christian….

    Protestants represent 57% of the Congress and greater than the Adult population of America at 40%

    Catholic represent 26% of the Congress .and greater than 21% of the Adult Population of America at 21%. .
    Jews represent the third largest religious denomination of U.S congress at 6.6 % greater than their Adult Population of America at 2%

    Orthodox Christian represent 1.5% of the U.S. congress and greater than the population of their Adult population 1%.%! All other denomination represent less than .05 % of the Congress!

    So Lambros .. not only has Nick told us who is responsible for the war in the Ukraine , Palestine and just about all the endless criminal wars , but the who is responsible for the Persecution of not only Orthodox Christians, Catholics , Muslims et etc ..but Hardcore Religious Fanatics of the Evangelical and Protestants of America looking to Ethnically, Religiously and Economically cleanse Orthodox Christians from Europe and Middle East , and repalce them with another of their C.I.A missionary pastors to convert the populist of Ukraine and Middle East the Evangelical Church of the U.S congress!
    Hey Lambros .. again please reply to my post, so we can all read how America follows “Separation of Church , Media, and State …and is a Democracy!


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