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The husband of the president of SYRIZA also referred to the rights of trans people

The husband of the president of SYRIZA, Tyler Macbeth, made a revelation, saying that in the summer he and Stefanos Kasselakis will get married in Greece as well.

In an interview with the Star, he even commented on the bill on the marriage and adoption of same-sex couples, saying: “It is an excellent step in the right direction for Greece. Of course, there is still ground to be covered. The bill was not particularly inclusive of transgender rights, for example.

But in terms of progress, in the sense of equality, I think it’s a great opportunity. Regarding the get married in the summer scenario, the answer is yes. We are thinking about it. We will do it here in Greece in the summer”.

He also mentioned how his life has been since Stefanos Kasselakis was elected president of SYRIZA: “What pleases me the most is honestly spending time with my family. Our life and my life has been affected in many ways. I would say the overriding issue is lack of privacy. Becoming a public figure overnight is a big life change. Nevertheless, you live the experience of being able to serve the whole and do things for society for Greece, to make positive changes possible”.

He also revealed that he is looking for business opportunities in Greece, while at the same time he is working on his business venture in the US, an online platform that offers medical services.

But he also placed himself on the developments in SYRIZA and appeared particularly optimistic about the result in the upcoming elections: “I believe that SYRIZA will do well in the upcoming elections. I think the only reason this is even a topic of discussion for people asking “what if” is because of the scenarios that have existed for the party. But I think that after the development and changes that happened over the weekend, there will be a clearly more positive outcome for the party. From now until the elections, you will see positive developments within SYRIZA, but also its ability to succeed in the elections. My advice to Stefanos in particular, would be to continue being himself. He was in this position because he was himself.”



Παντρεύονται το καλοκαίρι και στην Ελλάδα Στέφανος και Τάιλερ

Ο σύζυγος του προέδρου του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ αναφέρθηκε και στα δικαιώματα των τρανς

Σε αποκάλυψη προχώρησε ο σύζυγος του προέδρου του ΣΥΡΙΖΑΤάιλερ Μάκμπεθ, λέγοντας πως το καλοκαίρι θα παντρευτούν με τον Στέφανο Κασσελάκη και στην Ελλάδα.

Σε συνέντευξή του στο Star μάλιστα σχολίασε και το νομοσχέδιο για τον γάμο και την τεκνοθεσία των ομόφυλων ζευγαριών λέγοντας: «Είναι ένα εξαιρετικό βήμα, στη σωστή κατεύθυνση για την Ελλάδα. Βεβαίως, υπάρχει ακόμα έδαφος που πρέπει να καλυφθεί. Το νομοσχέδιο δεν ήταν εξαιρετικά συμπεριληπτικό για παράδειγμα για τα δικαιώματα των τρανς.

Αλλά σχετικά με την πρόοδο, με την έννοια της ισότητας, θεωρώ ότι είναι εξαιρετική ευκαιρία. Σχετικά με το σενάριο να παντρευτούμε το καλοκαίρι, η απάντηση είναι ναι. Το σκεφτόμαστε. Θα το κάνουμε εδώ στην Ελλάδα το καλοκαίρι».

Αναφέρθηκε και στο πως είναι η ζωή του από τότε που ο Στέφανος Κασσελάκης εκλέχτηκε πρόεδρος του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: «Αυτό που με ευχαριστεί περισσότερο είναι ειλικρινά να περνώ χρόνο με την οικογένειά μου. Η ζωή μας και η ζωή μου έχει επηρεαστεί ποικιλοτρόπως. Θα έλεγα ότι το κυρίαρχο θέμα είναι η έλλειψη ιδιωτικότητας. Το να γίνεσαι δημόσιο πρόσωπο εν μια νυκτί, είναι μεγάλη αλλαγή για τη ζωή σου. Παρ’ όλα αυτά, ζεις την εμπειρία του να μπορείς να υπηρετείς το σύνολο και να κάνεις πράγματα για την κοινωνία για την Ελλάδα, για να καταστούν εφικτές θετικές αλλαγές».

Αποκάλυψε ακόμα ότι αναζητά επιχειρηματικές ευκαιρίες στην Ελλάδα, ενώ αυτό το διάστημα ασχολείται με το επιχειρηματικό του εγχείρημα στις ΗΠΑ, μια διαδικτυακή πλατφόρμα που προσφέρει ιατρικές υπηρεσίες.

Τοποθετήθηκε όμως και για τις εξελίξεις στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και εμφανίστηκε ιδιαίτερα αισιόδοξος για το αποτέλεσμα στις επικείμενες εκλογές: «Πιστεύω ότι ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ θα πάει καλά στις επικείμενες εκλογές. Νομίζω ότι ο μόνος λόγος που αυτό είναι έστω θέμα συζήτησης στους ανθρώπους που ρωτούν «τι θα γίνει αν δεν» είναι τα σενάρια που υπήρξαν για το κόμμα. Αλλά θεωρώ ότι μετά την εξέλιξη και τις αλλαγές που συνέβησαν το Σαββατοκύριακο, θα υπάρξει σαφώς πιο θετικό αποτέλεσμα για το κόμμα. Από τώρα μέχρι και τις εκλογές, θα δείτε θετικές εξελίξεις εντός του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, αλλά και την ικανότητά του να πετύχει στις εκλογές. Η συμβουλή μου προς τον Στέφανο συγκεκριμένα, θα είναι να συνεχίσει να είναι ο εαυτός του. Βρέθηκε σ’ αυτή τη θέση επειδή ήταν ο εαυτός του».


  1. Just what I thought. Transgenderism is next. Teaching children they are the opposite sex and soon teaching filth in the schools.
    A battle was lost by the Church on gay marriage. The bishops can still win the war.

    • The church did not lose a battle. If it had, it would have been forced to perform same sex weddings or even recognize them. That’s not the case. The church is the same as it always was. Society is changing around her, as it always had. And there will not be a war that the bishops will win. Because that’s not what Christianity is about. Forcing its teachings on unwilling recipients And the world is better for it.

      • You are wrong. The LGBT activists are persistent and do not stop with their demands. In America in 2019, Presidential Candidate Beta Orourke said if he were elected President, he would tax churches that did not conduct gay marriages. The pressure in the US is on.

        The same thing will occur in Greece as the activists and politicians will demand that the Church “modernize”. The Church of Greece needs to continue to fight to overturn this law and to make the faithful aware of that LGBT activists will demand to groom school children as they are doing in the US.

  2. Homosexuality is not the cause of a society’s decline, but it is a symptom of it; it is the result of people making themselves the final authorities. Romans 1 gives the natural digression of a society that has chosen idolatry and sinful pleasure instead of obedience to God. The downward spiral begins with denying that God has absolute authority over His creation (Romans 1:21–23).

    • Homosexuality is one of the most popular sins to condemn. Because over 95% of humanity is not programmed to be homosexual. So, they condemn it with gusto, telling themselves that they are not being hypocrites. If only they knew how wrong, they are. There is no sliding scale of sins’ impact on your soul. All sins are the same. Christ has told us what to do to enter His Kingdom. And He also told us not to be like the pharisees, who were condemning everyone else, while extolling themselves. Christ never forgave hypocrites. He forgave murderers and thieves. He even forgave those who crucified him. You will not see anywhere in scripture forgiving a hypocrite. So, look at your own sins first and let others worry about their own.

      • Hey Lambros … 95% of the Christian Populist of humanity are not programed by Christ to kill or to be communist, Marxist , Fascist Nazi’s , Fascist Zionist, Fascist Capitalist, whose “Lifestyle ” contradict human rights and freedoms, and desecrate the natural order of life as we were taught in our churches since we were born ! I did not see …the Savior of the world ..the Evangelical Zionist of the U..S. congress , look at our own sins first, and let others worry about their own sins! No…they have killed off almost all the followers of Communist, Marxist, Fascist Nazis, except Zonism and Capitalist ! Becasuse allegedly they were mortal threats to the Traditional Family lifestyle values of the Christian populist of America and world! Did they not condemn them , Lambros ? Did they not kill them to stop them! Did they not believe they were having a “Negative Influence” with their Marxist, Fascist , and Nazi indoctrinations that they offered a better way of life for the children of God’s world! And what we know now …is their twisted way of life was never normal ..and we have spent trillion of dollars and millions of lives to correct theri “Normal” Lambros, …the gay lifestyle allowed to spread is not only a Mortal threat to the very existence of Man and Women, but no different than the Threat of a “Communist, Marxist, Nazi , Zionist and Capitalist threat to the very foundation of the Family life Styles of future Generations ! importantly7 , if you grew up in a Greek Orthodox Christians family … and should i remind you that the very heart of this family was our churches and God ! Do you think ..God envisioned followers of Marxist, Communist , Zionist and now Gays and transgender lifestyles to rule over his churches!. Really… and you don’t think …Christians should condem them with gusto , the way the U.S./ evangelical Christians have done to other alleged sinnerss!

      • All Sins are the same?

        Church is just your Greek club.

        The Abomination Sin of sexual deviancy & homosexuality is 10 x worse than adultery between
        man & woman.
        Do us a favor Leftys,
        just go to Episcopalians

  3. Ewww… is Rasputin Alex Karloutsos going to officiate wedding?
    Is everybody vomiting?
    It’s a terrible travesty, this fake priest was never defrocked.

  4. These two arrogant heretics should never wear White – they belong in
    vomit Green. And it’s not they’re getting married – it’s
    they’re getting mockery’d.


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