Pimping of 12-year-old in Kolonos: Outrage after prosecutor proposes acquittal on rape charges for main defendant

Mar 13, 2024

Outrage on social media in Greece, after the prosecutor requested the acquittal of 55-year-old businessman Ilias Michos of charges alleging the rape of a 12-year-old girl in downtown Kolonos district of Athens, as well as the charges of coercive pimping and collection of prostitution earnings, citing insufficient evidence.

In contrast, the prosecutor recommended the conviction of the mother of the 12-year-old girl in the trial involving the sexual abuse and exploitation of the minor in 2022.

Michos was arrested in October 2022.

The two main defendants are the businessman who ran a mini-market in Kolonos and the girl’s mother, both of whom allegedly played an instrumental role in the child’s sexual exploitation. The other 26 defendants are accused of having sexual intercourse with the minor as clients, daily kathimerini.gr reported.

The last arrests were made in February 2023.

It should be recalled that the police investigation initially spoke of 213 clients who raped the girl, but the names of the 187 suspects were apparently lost in the Greek judicial bureaucracy.

The prosecutor contends that Michos should be found guilty of aggravated abuse of a minor under the age of 14 years by a person entrusted with care, possession of pornographic material involving a minor under 12 years of age without coercion and profiteering, facilitating the minor’s involvement in prostitution, and possession of weapons.

Overall, the prosecutor recommends finding Michos guilty of four charges and acquitting him of three.

According to the prosecutor, the mother should be found guilty of distributing pornography, sharing material of the minor with other defendants and exploitation. An aggravating circumstance is that she was responsible for the minor’s care. The prosecutor stressed that exploitation involves coercion and facilitation through pressure, emotional manipulation, and encouragement for financial gain.

In addition, the prosecutor sought the mother’s conviction for extortion against Ilias Michos’ former spouse.

The trial takes place in a mixed jury court.

In his testimony a few days ago, Michos denied all accusations and claimed he was in love with the 12-year-old girl.“I was in love with the 12-year-old girl, I had sex with her four times,” Ilias Michos allegedly claimed in his testomony reported magazine to pontiki.gr>

He said that he himself provided the “expertise” and “facilitated” their wishes, without having financial benefits, the magazine added.

The girl had told authorities that he would take her also to brothels, but mostly she was raped by clients in cars.

Outrage on social media

The public prosecutor’s acquittal proposal of Ilias Michos  due to doubts about the crimes of rape and pimping in the form of coercion, has caused outrage among users of social media.

“The Prosecutor’s Office today indirectly legalized pedophilia, since it found no rape of the 12-year-old by Michos, so it obviously accepts his testimony that he “fell in love” with her and finds it legal… Because no one disputes the sexual contacts with the #12-year-old. We’re talking about absolute vomit,” wrote one user on X.


Κολωνός: Αθώωση του Μίχου για βιασμό και ενοχή για «κατάχρηση ανηλίκου» προτείνει η εισαγγελέας στην υπόθεση της 12χρονης

Κολωνός: Αθώωση του Μίχου για βιασμό και ενοχή για «κατάχρηση ανηλίκου» προτείνει η εισαγγελέας στην υπόθεση της 12χρονης

Την ενοχή του Ηλία Μίχου για τέσσερα από τα επτά αδικήματα για τα οποία κατηγορείται πρότεινε η εισαγγελέας Μαρία-Ελένη Νικολού κατά τη σημερινή του αγόρευση στην πολύκροτη δίκη για την υπόθεση της 12χρονης από τον Κολωνό.

Η εισαγγελέας ζήτησε συγκεκριμένα την αθώωση του βασικού κατηγορούμενου Ηλία Μίχου για βιασμό λόγω αμφίβολων, για μαστροπεία σε οίκους ανοχής και για μαστροπεία μέσω εξαναγκασμού και με αποκόμιση πορνικών εσόδων.

Αντίθετα, η εισαγγελέας ζήτησε να κριθεί ένοχος για διακεκριμένη κατάχρηση ανηλίκου που δε συμπλήρωσε 14 έτη από πρόσωπο που του το είχαν εμπιστευτεί, οπλοκατοχή (για δυο όπλα), κατοχή πορνογραφικού υλικού με ανήλικο χωρίς να έχει συμπληρώσει τα 12 έτη αλλά χωρίς εξαναγκασμό και κερδοσκοπία και επιπλέον διευκόλυνση της ανήλικης να εκδίδεται.

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