EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is an excellent video explaining the agreements between the Austro-Hungarian Emperor and the Russian Czarina Catherine the Great in the late 18th century, along with the many wars between Russia and Turkey.  One could see that a mix of genuine “Romanticism” for ancient Greece and Rome (spread throughout Europe at that time), along with Orthodox brotherly feelings, made Catherine the Great eager to push for Greek Independence.  Russian victory against the Ottomans (ending with the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca in 1774) and the establishment of Odessa gave the Greeks the right to raise the Russian flag on their ships and feel protected… The shipowners became very wealthy in the following decades.  I have often noted that in the early 1800s, a fully functioning Greek Business School operated in Odessa, and the Greek shipowners had already established their cooperative insurance agency!! In the late 1700s, the Russians had already sent the Orlov Brothers with a substantial Fleet and a small army to the Aegean to instigate the uprising followed by Lambros Katsonis and his heroic naval battles…

Later on, around the time of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the rising need of the British Empire to establish a safe route to India, the “Jewel of the Empire,” changed the geopolitical calculations – and they remain similar until today: Britain found many ways to say to the Greeks that they will never be fully independent but British interests will control them.   In 1870, Britain, under the same calculations, got Cyprus from the Ottomans, and they were straightforward to the Cypriots since day one: You will never be independent.  Still, to this day, the British maintain the last two bases they have left in Cyprus from the glorious days of their lost Empire.  They gave back Hong Kong and Gibraltar, but they still have the two bases in Cyprus… Such was and is the fate of Hellenism: Controlled by foreign powers who buy and use traitor politicians to do their business…




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