PHOTO: Ben Shapiro’s Jewish identity is underlined by his insistence to wear his yarmulke even when he appears in national political shows…

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): If you read Helleniscope regularly, our title should not surprise you.  For a few weeks now, we noticed polls in New York and beyond showing a remarkable shift of the – traditionally democrat – Jewish vote towards Donald Trump (a similar change is happening for the Black and Hispanic vote).  Then, on March 11, we posted that “Powerful AIPAC money turns away from progressives” (link here). And finally, yesterday, Ben Shapiro, the news commentator known for his rapid talk and his Jewish identity, who has been a “Never Trumper” for a long time and a supporter of DeSantis, came out with the news: “Not only I will vote for Trump, but I will fundraise for him!!

Please link to our predictions for the New Year, where under number 5, we made the riskiest prediction of all – and NOW IT PROVES 100% TRUE!! Here it is…

“…An even riskier prediction has to do with the all-powerful AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli lobbies in DC. They are so powerful that Israeli PM Netanyahu boasted a few weeks ago that he has more power in DC than President Biden!!  This is true as even the head of the State Dept., Anthony Blinken comes from a long line of pro-Israel lobbyists, and he is surrounded by “hawks” and other neocons, many of Jewish descent.  All these pro-Israel members of the DC swamp, one assumes, must have a sense of self-preservation for themselves and their beloved Israel.  (This is not guaranteed, however, as arrogance born out of a sense of “supremacy” is the principal vice of Jewish identity –  so they may stay delusional until the end).  If they do have a sense of self-preservation, they will soon realize that Israel’s existence depends on America’s well-being.  America cannot return to what it was with the chaos at the border, the “green” ideologues at the helm, and meritocracy non-existent in its universities and corporations and everywhere else.  If America does not return to being America, the number one loser will be Israel and will soon vanish in the sea of half a billion Muslims immediately surrounding it.  Therefore, we predict that soon we will see a turn of the Israeli lobby toward either directly supporting Donald Trump or making efforts to control him through his VP selection or his advisors and cabinet members. In a second Trump term, Israel will be the first beneficiary as Trump is guaranteed to make an immediate deal with Russia (Putin has been consistently rather friendly and cooperative with the Israeli leadership except recently) and then with China and others in the Mideast. Israel needs breathing space and time – and the only way to have it is a Donald Trump second term. The Biden administration is not respected anywhere in the world, and no deals with it are possible. After all, AIPAC must already be very disappointed with the Democrats: half the party is agitated and demonstrates against them daily… Many other questions surround this issue – we will deal with them later…”

BELOW BEN SHAPIRO EXPLAINS HIMSELF…. He analyzes why he changed to support and even fundraise for Trump… He discusses many reasons – except one: That Israel faces an existential struggle and if Trump is not elected the State of Israel may not exist in a few years...


Why I’m Co-Hosting a Trump Fundraiser

By Ben Shapiro

Unsurprisingly to those who follow this space, I plan to vote for Donald Trump in November. Not just that. This week, I’m co-hosting a fundraiser for him.

So, how precisely did a conservative who didn’t vote for president in 2016 and didn’t support Donald Trump during the Republican primaries become a Trump donor? The answer is obvious: Donald Trump’s opponent is Joe Biden. And Joe Biden is the worst president of my lifetime.

Because Donald Trump is the nominee against Joe Biden, I won’t just vote for him. I’ll go into my own pocket to support him. Which is what I’m doing.

My calculus is simple: America was better off under Donald Trump than it is in under Joe Biden.

At home, America was safer and more prosperous. When Donald Trump was president, we did not have an open border. We were not flooding our country with at least 7 million illegal immigrants, overwhelming our cities, leaving our country wide open to the plague of Chinese- and Mexican drug cartel-backed fentanyl poisoning.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have a president who tried to use the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to force 80 million Americans to take a vaccine or lose their jobs — and my company didn’t have to sue to stop it.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have 40-year highs in inflation and decreasing real wages.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have a federal attempt to teach children that boys can be girls and vice versa, or to force taxpayers to subsidize abortion, or to target religious institutions for the great crime of upholding traditional Judeo-Christian values.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have an administration hell-bent on stymying the police in their attempts to fight crime, or an administration that values diversity and inclusion and wokeness above military readiness, all in the name of “equity.”

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have American businesses preparing to have their incomes robbed from them in the name of the biggest spending programs in American history.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not have unconstitutional attempts to simply wipe away student loan debt, or a Department of Justice dedicated to the targeting of political opposition.

When Donald Trump was president, the world was not on fire.

When Donald Trump was president, we did not cut and run in the face of 8th-century barbarians in Afghanistan, who blew up 13 American soldiers, hunted down our allies, and reestablished al-Qaida bases.

When Donald Trump was president, peace was breaking out in the Middle East between Arab nations and Israel, and Iran was in a box. We certainly didn’t have a multi-front hot war between Iranian proxies and American allies — or American soldiers directly — and we weren’t trying to pay billions in bribes to the Iranian mullahs.

When Donald Trump was president, we didn’t have war in Ukraine.

When Donald Trump was president, we didn’t have China threatening imminent blockade of Taiwan.

When Donald Trump was president, America was better off.

I’ll always be honest with you about Donald Trump. He wasn’t my first choice in the primaries; he’s a deeply flawed man. I’ve been open in my criticisms of Trump on both character and policy. And I’m not going to stop criticizing Donald Trump when I disagree with him. I always have, and I always will. That’s my job, and the job of all Americans.

But Donald Trump is the man standing between America and a second Joe Biden term. And a second Joe Biden term means America in dire, dire trouble.

It’s that simple.

It’s Trump or Biden.

Unlike in 2016, we don’t have to guess at what a Trump administration will be. And we don’t have to guess what a Biden administration will be either. We know. America cannot afford another Joe Biden term.

Or, perhaps more realistically, a Kamala Harris term.

Joe Biden is here to finish the job that Barack Obama started, of fundamentally transforming America into the image of the left. That cannot happen. That’s why I’m not just giving Donald Trump my vote, I’m giving him my money. Because this election matters. And Donald Trump must be the next president of the United States.


Ben Shapiro, 39, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” and co-founder of Daily Wire+. He is a three-time New York Times bestselling author; his latest book is “The Authoritarian Moment: How The Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent.” To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at


  1. What’s left to say. Not the man I thought he was. Not the human I thought he was. Justifying, enabling and participating in genocide and ethnic cleansing. The Uniparty must be ecstatic as is Satan,

  2. According to the above post, October 7 was just another “day at the Rock Concert” and our 9-11 response also qualifies as ethnic cleansing ad genocide. Maybe the Greeks should apologize to the Turks for March 25. The Arab Muslim world starts jihad everywhere it goes, then hides behind fancy words and propaganda when their victims respond. No thanks.

    • This doesn’t justify the open concentration camp of Gaza that’s going on for decades. Neither denies that Israel financed Hamas for reasons that need to be explained still today. Nor it answers why Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham supported the idea of financing ISIS and using it in so many ways… Until Trump finally took it out from Syria. Did you watch the news today? Did you visit the news websites? They way they cover the terrorist attack in Moscow proves American Deep State is guilty.. Officially the State Dept and the Brits push the ISIS responsibility story – but given the deep state connections with ISIS – this underlines further their likely guilt. America never had more incompetent officials in charge in so sensitive positions… Their diplomacy failed, they turned the US Armed Forces into a joke… And now their last resort is terrorism!! They blew up Nord Stream and now this… but their hidden goal to instigate Putin to a nuclear attack is bound to fail.. Why? Because Putin is a world class chess player and he is 10 moves ahead. He is opposed by morons… He will use this terror attack to his advantage..

      • “In Judgement i come into this world , so the blind can see, and those who can see will go Blind!

        Headlines Nick from Russia …US, UK and Ukraine could be behind Moscow terror attack – FSB chief
        139 people died and around 200 were injured in last Friday’s Crocus City Hall massacre

        Translation Nick … While Lindsey Graham has already been charged with being a “Terrorist and Sponsor of Terrorism in funding and providing lethal weapons to the Jewish Neo Nazi Zionist regimes of Zelesky and mass murder innocent Orthodox , Catholic , and Muslim Civilians of the Middle East in Iraq, libya, Syria, Afganistan, , Yemen , Cyprus and on and on , now tell Entire Fanatical Evangelical Protestant dominant Population and Government in the Uk and America that they are a are a Criminal Terrorist Organization and State Sponsors of Terrorism”
        We have had the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS and now we are shown the Evangelical Caliphate of the West .. the Uk and America who occupy Orthodox Countries of Greece and Ukraine which makes Mistotakis a collaborator of the Evangelical Terrorist Organization ! And who can argue with this ! The resume of the fanatical cult of Evangelicals dates back To Vietnam to the Ukraine! and like the ISiS they Terrorize Churches , Civilians and Children with the other chosen people of their God ..the Jews of America and Israel !
        And what the Evangelical Protestant Populations of England and America can now see .. the real consequences of them aiding and abetting a Jewish Neo Nazi Zionist of Ukraine and Israel to genocide the Orthodox , Catholic and Muslim populations from the Ukraine , Middle East and World to save them ! It does not matter whether it is true or not! The crime of the Evangelical leaders of America and England is they have put the populist of England and America in position to be blamed for all the crimes committed by Zelensky and Netanyahue ! And now will as our lord told them …they will go blind forever ..if they do not purge their governments of the degenerate fanatics of the U.S and British Governments and likewise to the Greek Government ..who also have been Terrorist collaborators against Orthodox Christian Churches of Ukraine , Russia, Greece and Cyprus !
        Nick .. The issue for God not that these Fanatics want to evoke a Nuclear war .. of course, they do ! The issue now for God whether the people of the world want to continue to worship Satan and do nothing to stop him?
        By now are they still blind ? No , anyone who wishes to see ..can see what evil is and has been by the Evangelical Protestants “Witch Hunters”, even the Evangelicals
        So Nick .. this chess game has never been between Putin and Biden , but Satan and God.. and the last time God made a move.. he checkmated the Devil , The Barbaric Roman Empire and the High Priest of Israel .. right out of Business!

        So Nick …Jews are turning to Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham the leader of the Republican Evangelical Portestant Caliphate who have just been proclaimed a “Terrorist Organization .and Sponsor of Terrorism! What the Jews should first do is turn away from Satan , and turn to God .. to save them !


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