EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  This is an exceptional video, an interview by geopolitical analyst and friend of Helleniscope Savvas Kalenteridis and Dr. Meletis Meletopoulos, a historian and a specialist in the Greek Revolution… You will be surprised to learn that Greek historians have not extensively studied the foreign ministries’ archives of that era… You will NOT be surprised to learn that the biggest heroes of the 1821 Revolution, Ioannis Kapodistrias (Foreign minister of Russia, First Governor of Greece, and author of the Swiss Constitution, which is still valid!!!) and General Theodoros Kolokotronis, the chief military leader of the revolution, are not recognized enough by the political elites today.  Why? Because they represent patriotism – and patriotism is not a trait of Mitsotkis, Tsipras, Kasselakis, and the rest…




  1. Dr. Meletopoulos is one of the most competent and trustworthy historians in Greece. Every one of his conclusions is based on historical evidence that he himself unearths with solid research of archives. Secularist and Marxian revisionists like Thanos Veremis and Constantine Tsoukalas, along with propaganda “journalists” like Alexis Papahelas, have rewritten Greece’s history books with lies that suit their unsupportable agendas. Meletopoulos points out that only two scholars have actually researched original archives related to Greece’s Revolution, and they’re both foreigners — Brewer and Mazower. He correctly observes that Greek historians (without naming them) make false statements that collapse under their own contradictions! I find Meletopoulos’ findings, conclusions and arguments very credible and persuasive. We need more honest scholars like him who do original research and honest assessments. I am happy his work is getting a great deal of attention.


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