PHOTO: Christiana Foufas.

The probability of anyone achieving what Christiana did is less than 1 in 2,000,000!!

By Nick Stamatakis

This is a very proud day for all Greek-Americans. We have just learned that Christiana Foufas accomplished a rare achievement: She was admitted to four (!!) Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Brown, Penn, Cornell) and several other prestigious Colleges (including MIT and Stanford!!) in their pre-medical school programs! Christiana and her twin sister, Yianna, who is also a high achiever (high performer in graphics and NY State champion in wrestling), live in North Bellmore, Long Island, and are active members of our Church and community, with special ties to the Panlaconian Federation – through the Epidavrou Limiras Association!

PHOTO: The twin sisters Yianna (left) and Christiana Foufas

This is also a very proud moment for Helleniscope, as Christiana worked with my son Andreas Stamatakis, author of the best-selling book “The Ivy League Roadmap,”  in her wild ride to the top. Andreas owns an admissions advising firm specializing in Elite College Admissions. Andreas had this to say about his student:

“Christiana is the kind of applicant you see once in a decade, if you’re lucky, as an admissions counselor. She is hard-working and brilliant and has earned every acceptance she received and more. Only a handful of students in the world will ever experience her level of success in college admissions, and I couldn’t be prouder to have been a small part of her journey.”

The probability of anyone achieving what Christiana did is less than 1 in 2,000,000!!

PHOTOS: Christiana is in the 5th Avenue Greek Independence Parade, with her GOYA friends, and visiting the Sparta Museum in CT with her family and the former president of the Panlaconian Federation, Theodore Pavlakos…

We spoke to Christiana at length about her background. Her mother is from Platori and Velies, near Monemvasia, and her father is from Sofiko, Korinthos, a true Peloponnesian. She grew up in North Bellmore and is active in our Church’s functions (Greek School, GOYA, etc.) at the Holy Trinity Church in Hicksville.

Christiana was “in shock” when she got the results. She opened her letters late, as she was showcasing a Greek Independence Event at the Nassau County Legislature. When she got home and saw her fantastic results, she and her family “just started to laugh!” She adds, “You see all these college reaction videos where people are crying over their results, but my family and I were laughing all the way. We were just so happy.”

We could write a small book listing Christiana’s achievements during her high school career. It all started with her family background and the tremendous emphasis all Greek-Americans placed on education.

  • She is the valedictorian of her class at Wellington C Mepham High School in Bellmore, NY, and has scored 5s on 8 AP Exams, with another six on the way. She also scored in the 99th percentile of the SAT.
  • A key point was her involvement with the US National Amputee Soccer Team. Christiana realized that these athletes could transform handicaps into acts of heroism and achieve miracles. Talking to the head of the Team, Christiana realized that athletics are a lifesaver for these amputees, 35% of whom are dealing with depression, and over 29% face suicidal ideation. Using the Greek word/concept of “meraki” (meaning to apply all your passion and love in what you are doing), Christiana started her non-profit Enable Athletics “to promote the popularity and adoption of adaptive sports. Christiana supported the idea of adults and kids everywhere, regardless of their “dis” -ability, to know the value of sports and to witness the extraordinary abilities of these athletes.
  • A fantastic part of her pre-med focus is her assertion that the best ‘prosthetic’ would not be made of plastic or resin but complete limb regeneration. Many say this is impossible, yet we’ve been able to 3D print human organs. Christiana envisions a future where no amputee has to suffer the psychological stress of recovery because their missing limb will grow back with them. She wants to build that future.
  • Christiana was named a semi-finalist in the prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) competition for the research she completed under Dr. Meir Barak at LIU on bone biomechanics.

PHOTO: Christiana Foufas on the left

Christiana’s twin sister, Yianna, was a 2023 All-American ranked wrestler, 2x NYS Champion, and a talented artist who hopes to study fine arts in college and wrestle at the collegiate level. Two amazing girls from a wonderful family!

Christiana is a proud member of our community. If you ask people who have seen her participate in activities of the Panlaconian Federation, they will describe her as someone who feels her Hellenic roots to the last cell in her body. We are all very proud of you, Christiana, and your sister, Yianna, and we expect great things from you in the future!

PS. I forgot to mention that Christiana is an amateur bouzouki player! But as I said, I could write a small book about this girl’s talents and achievements…

March 31, 2024,




  1. A word from a Hellene American Pappou to Christiana .
    No matter how high you go , always you have to remember and respect
    your roots.
    In our life is not so important how high we reach but the beginning and
    the course to the top .
    Also when you are right you have to
    fight for it and never, never never,never give up.
    Congrats and God bless you.

    • Word! Our ancestors did not come to this country to get genocided… and forget their language, religion and culture neither to have their millenia long chain to Lineage get interrupted… Sure the USA gives eocnomic opportunities however like the Ottoman Empire (maybe worse) is also contributing to Genocide of Greeks when Greeks forget their language and their identity. So Hellene American Pappou THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM and CAUTION… KUDOS TO YOU!

      • Exactly! In this country Greeks have to surrender their cultural passport at the door (and many happily do it). Where are all those millions who came to this country? Congratulations to Christiana but a Greek Speaker weighs a lot more than a Ivy graduate. I want to see Greek American students getting admitted to Universities in Greece/Cyprus. Just because their parents were immigrants they do not have to be. Otherwise we will continue to go through genocide.

  2. All this and she’s a very pretty young woman, too? All you boys better take notice !

    May God bless her and good luck.

  3. Congratulations to a budding genius – someone beyond my comprehension!
    Christiana is quite the visionary on believing in complete limb regeneration… Good luck to her.

  4. Μπράβο! Πάντα Αξία!! 👏🏻👏🏻
    Much continued success….keep your Orthodox faith first in your life, and never forget to give thanks.

    Η Παναγία μαζί σου….🙏🏻

  5. Christiana is a star on her own right… she doesn’t need the disgraced inbred IVY league so called Universities to validate her qualities and caliber… Stop being servile. Getting admitted to unmeritocratic Institutions is not something to be proud of. Let’s not forget the Idiots that have gone to these Institutions and destroyed the country… Obama… Hillary Clinton, George Bush Junior… need i say more? One’s value and merit comes from their very own individual progress… not by worthless degrees granted by unmeritocratic Institutions. When these Institutions devise a BLIND, anonymous test to assess merit then I will accept admission to them as something to be proud of… until then please congratulate all merit driven achieving students for who they are!

  6. Christiana needs to be very careful. The more prestigious the college, the more dangerous it is to her relationship with Christ and the Church. She will be in the most dangerous environment for an Orthodox Christian. I know several children that were dramatically changed after their Ivy League education. Saint Kosmas of Aitolia prophesized that “Evil will come from those that are well read.” He also said “Things will come out of schools that you cannot imagine.” The excitement of this immense opportunity must be not allow her and her family and parish, to ignore the fact that she is going into the lions den.

  7. Congratulations to Christiana, her parents, and her mentor!

    I am neither a pappou nor a grandma, so I never give advice. Nonetheless, with just a few years seniority, may I add my one-cent worth of counsel?

    Be true to yourself and your values, and work as hard as you can. Listen to all views respectfully, but be independent-minded. Question everything and never hesitate to be innovative and chart a new path. Instead of looking at what goes into a box and what comes out, question the process that goes on inside it and dare to devise a new and better system.

    Most of all, remember God blessed you with certain gifts that you gracefully cultivate. That blessing, however, comes with huge responsibilities and obligations toward your family and your community. Much will be expected of you, and rightly so.

    Be well, Christiana, and strong! All the best to you!

    • Very well stated Leo… We all have to understand the tremendous odds Christiana beat. She was admitted to all these schools, and we all know their current state, despite her being supposedly “privileged” in many ways. She achieved this on her merits alone and this is something to be celebrated.


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