1. When Velopoulos had a chance to even try to “save Greece” by submitting a non-confidence vote (or start his own referrendum in the streets like AB Christodoulos did) to block the abominable law they passed several weeks ago, he didn’t do it, but instead staged a temper tantrum sparring session with Natsios, who the globalists really don’t like ( and who at least prevented the vote from being anonymous by daring to submit that proposal while Velopoulos who claimed it was his idea was dragging his feet and doing nothing but bark…)…we have seen his “action”…

    A burglar will always end up smiling at a barking dog that is tied down with a chain and can’t actually bite…but in the case of Greece, it’s the voters that keep tying that “dog” with the way they vote…focusing on the “barking” is never going to solve the perennial problem of the “international ravaging” of Greece…

    Velopoulos continues to play the role they have assigned to him…to attract and absorb as many ND dissident “sheep” as possible in the aftermath of Mitsotakis’ pre-planned globalist agenda, so that they can safely be “controlled” and “exploited” by their international overlords in the future… That’s what Tsipras did when he gathered the PASOK dissidents in the aftermath of the Referrendum era (“money exists”), and he rewarded them with the Prespes accord and other things….

    The “party” ain’t over yet, folks!


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