EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In the last few days, weeks, and months, we have been witnessing most Greek-American media suddenly “seeing the light” regarding the malaise of our Church and community, caused mainly by our dependence on corrupt leadership, in Constantinople and Greece.  We have been writing about the mistakes of Elpidoktonos since the day he was elected – among so many other revelations.  We have been reporting about the negative consequences of the Ukrainian Autocephaly for the Patriarchate even before Pat. Bartholomew proceeded to make this colossal mistake.

We are happy we are followed by others now, years later. But we cannot help patting ourselves on the back by reading our preferred Cavafy poem, “But Wise Men Perceive Approaching Things,” which closes very succinctly: “While outside on the street, the people hear nothing at all…”


But Wise Men Perceive Approaching Things

Because gods perceive future things, men what is happening now,
but wise men perceive approaching things.
Philostratus , Life of Apollonius of Tyana, VIII, 7.

Men know what is happening now.
The gods know the things of the future,
the full and sole possessors of all lights.
Of the future things, wise men perceive
approaching things. Their hearing

is sometimes, during serious studies,
disturbed. The mystical clamor
of approaching events reaches them.
And they heed it with reverence. While outside
on the street, the peoples hear nothing at all.

Greek Original:
Σοφοί δε προσιόντων

Θεοί μεν γαρ μελλόντων, άνθρωποι δε γιγνομένων, σοφοί δε προσιόντων αισθάνονται.

Οι άνθρωποι γνωρίζουν τα γινόμενα.
Τα μέλλοντα γνωρίζουν οι θεοί,
πλήρεις και μόνοι κάτοχοι παντών των φώτων.
Εκ των μελλόντων οι σοφοί τα προσερχόμενα
αντιλαμβάνονται. Η ακοή

αυτών κάποτε εν ώραις σοβαρών σπουδών
ταράττεται. Η μυστική βοή
τους έρχεται των πλησιαζόντων γεγονότων.
Και την προσέχουν ευλαβείς. Ενώ εις την οδόν
έξω, ουδέν ακούουν οι λαοί.


  1. I agree with Nick on the mess that Elpidoforos has created. I was his supporter at first, because of his liberal views. I would consider myself “liberal”, though not “leftist” by any sense of the imagination. But I am very disappointed with him at this time. He is trying to “modernize” a church and follow the Protestant line, while our church does not need modernizing. God’s word is the same. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    I will disagree with the recognition of the Ukrainian Orthodox church, as being a mistake. What nation, in their right mind, respecting themselves, would want to be under the Russian church?

    • Soon many of us would want to be under the Russian Church just for the fact that they defend family values and put homosexuality in the right framework – a sin that can be corrected in repentance in Church.

      • Nick. “family values”: is a word abused by too many. If homosexuality could be corrected, then, why hasn’t it? How do you suggest that it is corrected? By shock treatment, as some churches have tried and failed? How can a man that is attracted to women, change to be attracted to men and vice versa?

        • There are ways for most of those who want to repent. There are examples. Met. Mesogaias Nikolaos has explained some. I will try to find a video and post it.


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