EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): If you were wondering whether this lame excuse of an Orthodox Archbishop, Elpidophoros, follows a wider plan, here you have it.  Pope Francis has fully approved all pro-LGBTQ Democrats to speak at a “climate event” at the Vatican this week… They consider it “progress” to combine “faux” science with promoting all 72 gender identities at the same time…  Bartholomew, our “green” Patriarch, will also participate to try to sell his ignorance… These god-less so-called priests and hierarchs are so blinded by their egos and their ideologies that they do not see the lightning from above coming down to destroy them…


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VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Three of the nation’s most radical, far-left governors – all of whom identify as Catholic despite their staunch pro-abortion and pro-LGBT stances – have been invited by the Vatican to participate in the Holy See’s summit on “climate change” this week.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the conference, titled “From Climate Crisis to Climate Resilience” and hosted jointly by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, is that leaders have been called from the U.S. and around the world not because of their devotion to Christ and His Church but because of their extreme viewpoints on “climate change.” Pope Francis will receive the summit participants in an audience on May 16.

A trio of Democrat U.S. governors will be present: Massachusetts’s Maura Healy, California’s Gavin Newsom, and New York’s Kathy Hochul.   

Elected in 2022, Maura Healey became the first lesbian governor in the United States after eight years as Massachusetts’ attorney general. In her previous role, she participated in the multi-state legal challenges that eventually overturned the longstanding Defense of Marriage Act that protected states’ rights to uphold biblical marriage, supported the codification of abortion “rights” in state law, defended mandatory contraception coverage, defended “buffer zone” laws suppressing peaceful pro-life speech and prayer outside abortion centers, and attempted to force Catholic high schools to keep employees who reject Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Since becoming governor, she has continued to pursue pro-abortion and pro-LGBT agendas, including by funding not only the abortion industry but also disinformation campaigns against pro-life pregnancy centers and by promoting transgender hormones and surgeries for youth as a “fundamental right.” Healy is “partnered” with another woman, Joanna Lydgate. 

Healey will give a keynote address on the first day of the conference, according to the Catholic News Agency. Newsom and Hochul will deliver speeches on the second day.

As California governor, Newsom has overseen the institution of policies that force educators to lie to parents by hiding from them the claimed transgender status of their children and that allow male prisoners, including sexual predators, who claim to be “transgender” to be housed in women’s prisons. He has also worked tirelessly to maintain and strengthen California as one of the nation’s top abortion havens.   

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In 2022, the divorced and “remarried” Newsom was accused of committing blasphemy for erecting billboards in other states where abortion is restricted that quote Sacred Scripture to promote the abominable practice.  

Furthermore, as noted by The American Spectator’s Ellie Gardey, “Catholic” Newsom:  

Eased requirements for doctors to kill the elderly; transformed California into a tourist destination for parents wishing to mutilate their children; legalized human composting; attempted to infringe upon the Seal of Confession; funded embryonic stem cell research; allowed local authorities to require public bathrooms to be open to both males and females; shuttered churches and other houses of worship for an unjustified period of time; expanded access to contraceptives; and tried to force Catholic universities, churches, and other organizations to provide abortions.

New York Governor Hochul has also made her state a “safe harbor” for women seeking abortions.  

In March 2023, she pressured executives at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid to distribute abortion pills in states that restrict their distribution. The previous year, she pledged $13 million in grants to abortionists and signed a series of pro-abortion laws in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. She also introduced an “X” gender marker for driver’s licenses. 

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Gov. Newsom praised Pope Francis’ “leadership on the climate crisis,” which he said “inspires us all to push further and faster.” California, New York, and Massachusetts have all moved to ban the sale of new gas cars after 2035, among other radical climate measures.

Pope Francis is the first pope to make so-called “climate change” an important theme of his pontificate, authoring two papal documents calling for governments and individuals to combat the perceived threat.  

The pontiff has made no secret of his zeal for the “climate change” cause and his disdain for those who challenge left-wing climate ideology and steps being implemented by governments toward mitigating the imagined threat.  

In March, Francis reemphasized a theme from his 2015 encyclical, Laudato si’, asserting, “All of us are called to an ecological conversion.”  

In an interview with CBS News broadcast on May 19, Pope Francis condemned so-called “climate deniers” as “foolish,” citing their alleged ignorance or entrenched “self-interests.”   

Papal promotion of the climate cause has not gone without high-profile criticism, including recently from Canadian author and psychologist Jordan Peterson. Peterson called out Francis for his focus on “climate change,” saying the pope “seems to be on about [the topic] constantly when you should be saving souls.” “That’s how you save the planet, not by worshiping Gaia,” said Peterson, referring to the pagan name for “Mother Earth.”

“I don’t see for the life of me what the Catholic Church has to do with the ‘climate crisis,’” he continued. “Just the formulation is wrong; the priority is wrong.” Peterson suggested that the current pontificate “lacks faith in its own mission.” 

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The Vatican summit, which will be held from May 15-17 at the Vatican’s Casina Pio IV, will culminate with an outline for addressing “climate change,” a “Planetary Climate Resilience Protocol,” with all participants as cosignatories.  

According to a statement from the Vatican, the protocol will be submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) for global distribution. 


  1. Satan infiltrated Catholic Church big time & then destroyed the mainstream churches …
    No way in hell are Orthodox going to play dead & allow it!

  2. The Pope , Bartholomew and Epi .. also endorsed the acknowledged fraudulent drug trafficking of the “Ineffective and Harmful Covid Vaccines” , and the illegal mandates that extorted “Involuntary Consent ” from Orthodox and Catholic clergy and faithful in taking these experimental drugs that violated Universal International laws and Nuremburg tribunals codes and laws of the “Doctors Trials” proceeding against doctors of Nazi Germany who forced concentration camp prisoners to take experimental drugs without their consent!
    They also have endorsed .. Mafia State leader of Ukraine ..Zelensky as “a roll model of European democracies ” and in remaining silent .. endorsed his persecution and terrorism of the Orthodox Church of the Ukraine !
    Let be clear.. their is no Separation of Church , Media and State …never has and never will be! These guys are no Jesus Christ or his desciples
    who confronted the Barbaric Roman Empire and the High Priest of Israel knowing they would all be tortured and Crucified for exposing the crimes and the subverson of the laws of God ! Only John of Patmos was spared death , but imprisoned to write the greatest story ever told!
    They are no Martin luther king Jr .who like the Desciples confronted the U.S barbaric empire and its High Priest .. and was arrested , tortured and finally murdered for bringing truth to the faithful as to who are the sinners of the world , not saviours! Do you think ..they are concerned about their future , if they merge with the Catholic Church despite the loss of Orthodox Christian of the Church ? No! like any Business merger .. I can assure you that EPI , Bartholomew and his cabal of supporters will have very lucrative positions and places in their New Playground!


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