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The Khamenei reference to Greece and the book that angered the Turks

“It describes very powerfully and beautifully the oppression of the Greeks by the Ottomans”

Angry reactions have been caused in Turkey by the reference of the religious leader of Iran in a book, which describes the sufferings of the Greeks under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. Ayatollah Khamenei spoke about “Wine and Bread” by the Italian author Ignatio Silone.

Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who visited the Tehran Book Fair: “This is what the Greeks wrote against the Turks. It describes very powerfully and beautifully the oppression of the Greeks by the Ottoman Turks,” the Iranian leader said.

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It is worth noting for those who are surprised by Khamenei’s attitude, that the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, had declared that the “final goal” is Ankara!


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Η αναφορά Χαμενεΐ στην Ελλάδα και το βιβλίο που εξόργισε τους Τούρκους

«Περιγράφει πολύ δυνατά και όμορφα την καταπίεση των Ελλήνων από τους Οθωμανούς»

Οργισμένες αντιδράσεις προκάλεσε στην Τουρκία η αναφορά του θρησκευτικού ηγέτη του Ιράν σε βιβλίο, το οποίο περιγράφει τα δεινά που πέρασαν οι Έλληνες υπό τον ζυγό της Οθωμανικής Αυτοκρατορίας. Ο Αγιατολάχ Χαμενεΐ μίλησε για το «Οίνος και Άρτος» του Ιταλού συγγραφέα Ιγνάθιο Σιλόνε.

Ο Ιρανός θρησκευτικός ηγέτης Αγιατολάχ Χαμενεΐ, ο οποίος επισκέφθηκε την Έκθεση Βιβλίου της Τεχεράνης: «Αυτό έγραψαν οι Έλληνες εναντίον των Τούρκων. Περιγράφει πολύ δυνατά και όμορφα την καταπίεση των Ελλήνων από τους Οθωμανούς Τούρκους» δήλωσε ο Ιρανός ηγέτης.

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Αξίζει να σημειωθεί για όσους απορούν με την στάση Χαμενεΐ, ότι ο ηγέτης της ισλαμικής επανάστασης, αγιατολάχ Χομεϊνί, είχε δηλώσει ότι «τελικός στόχος» είναι η Άγκυρα!


  1. Iran is a country Greece has always had good relations with. Mitsotakis ruined this relationship as he has with the Russians.

    • have read your links to understand thay you wish for me and the readers to view a video that has nothing to do with subject of this article by Hellenisope , but has everything to do with promoting a Criminal Enterprise called the U.S . Israeli and EU Nato Crime Syndicate who have turned the “Free Markets of the world”… into protected “Speak Easy” franchises of Organized Crime prevalent during the 1930’s in cornering the market on liquor sales to the public during Prohibition, and enforce their monopoly against rival gangs in their market by Bribing local government officials and Police forces to fabricate charges against rival business entities and then arrest them and put them out of business!

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      So Zelly….if it was your intention to bundle Communism, liberalism, and Woke as the common enemy of America , Greece ,Cyprus and EU/Nato countries… like Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela ,Cuba etc etc..
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      Calling it a national security threat, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand banned the company from building state of the art 5G telecom networks.”
      Russia and China described the US approach as “dishonest competition.” As soon as a new country emerges as a manufacturing power and becomes more competitive, it is suppressed in the US and in the EU alike, Putin argued.
      IMF .. calls “Economic Sanction policies” destabizing Economic Security of the world markets…

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      “Our objective is to kill that project,” he stressed, claiming that the project had been set up with the aim of turning Russia into the world’s largest LNG exporter.

      Zelly “No international Crime Syndicate can successfully break laws of man and God , without the cooperation of the law Enforcement agencies of America and the Justice Department”

      Zelly.. please reply .. and tell me what I was supposed to Understand, but have misunderstood ?


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