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A Day Without Helleniscope Is a Day Without Light! Support Your Website!


By Nick Stamatakis

A few months ago, at the beginning of this critical year, one of our regular readers and supporters and a person I respect because he knows the “news cycle”, gave me over the phone the most incredible compliment anyone in the news business could have ever heard: “A day without Helleniscope is a day without light!”  I was deeply moved because I knew he did not mean it simply as a compliment; he meant it as an appreciation of our work at Helleniscope.  We are always focused on revealing the truth behind the avalanche of events we are all swamped with every day; we are not given to any interests, and we will not for one moment hesitate to expose those wrongdoers who take advantage of the parishes and organizations of the Greek American community.

And we have paid the price for it: For almost four years, our young website (established in September 2019) has been repealing in court the established powers of our community, GOARCH.  Hidden behind a lawsuit of a disgruntled employee of the St.Demetrios of Astoria Parish, they have attacked us for “defamation”. It is characteristic that initially, this lawsuit demanded that we “cease and desist” from writing “against them and against their past and current employers,” which is GOARCH and one of its parishes.  After reading the style and work of our website, the Court immediately rejected their “demands” for an immediate Court order (which was designed to violate our constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of the press and silence us). Nonetheless, they kept filing legal papers, hoping to exhaust us financially.  The VP of the Archdiocesan Council, John Catsimatides, even used his personal lawyer, a “white shoe” Park Avenue lawyer, to face me in Court! To no avail! Helleniscope kept winning and received praise from the Judge for excellent journalistic work (and legal writing)!! So far, we have thwarted all legal threats!! Hopefully, they will learn their lesson and stop soon…

At this point, I would like to thank all of you for being part of Helleniscope. This website started with yours truly, the captain Stelios Tatsis, and a few others less involved in writing—whose names you have seen occasionally. But many others joined us in the process, offering their information, ideas, and research. Every day, I receive tens of emails from many of you who report on any issues in our community and anything else they see online. We fought your local struggles in Astoria, West Palm Beach, Greenport, Greenlawn, Gramercy Park, and other communities. We reported on GOA and the Patriarchate, their heresies and their scandals, financial and otherwise.

Helleniscope is a prime example of what has been called “Citizen Journalism.”  You, the citizens of our community, are providing most of the information and the ideas for this website.  Helleniscope is you.  Please keep participating in this wonderful process. It has enlightened all of us and has done tremendous good to our Church and Community. And those of you who can afford it, please support us.  As many of you are on a fixed income, please spread the word about Helleniscope – we do not expect financial support from those in difficulty. The rest: Subscribe to our website and send your financial support by following one of the links below.



Those who prefer to send a check, please write it in the name of Nick Stamatakis and mail it to Nick Stamatakis, 108 Brook Avenue, Suite 4, Deer Park, NY 11729.


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