EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) Helleniscope has been arguing for the longest time that, if the US wanted to maintain its “hegemonic” position in global affairs, it should ensure that Russia and China are split and continue to oppose its other. This was nothing new: precisely what happened 50 years ago when Kissinger and Nixon opened China to world trade.  This simple strategy contributed a lot to the fall of the Soviet Communism.  It was, therefore, incredible to watch the incompetent current leaders of US Foreign policy, including many delusional globalists, pursue an unrealistic policy toward Russia: Instead of allying with it and exploring its vast mineral resources (and making tons of money in the process) to alienating an otherwise friendly Christian nation.  And aiming to grab its untold wealth for free!!

The result is visible in our photos: An unexpected hug between President Putin and President Xi Ziping during Putin’s visit to Beijing a few days ago.  Some called the “Hug of the Century”! International news agencies are still trying to analyze the meaning of this remarkable hug.  It’s not difficult to see its meaning.  You have to read the joint communique of their meeting – one of the most lengthy and detailed communiques for such occasions (link here).  It explains in detail all military and economic aspects of their relationship, which has advanced to become a strategic alliance.

For the rest, please watch Alex Christophoroy and Alexander Mercuris for an excellent analysis.



  1. Nick have you heard about Turkey trying to pass a “foreign agents” bill similar to Georgia?

    Makes you wonder if Patriarch Bartholomew will be caught in the cross hairs

    • No I haven’t- but please let me know if anything substantial comes up. I have said many times that the Turks can find numerous ways to expel him…

      • Hey Helleniscope , why does it always wind up going back to Turkey ? And what they can do ! Obviously, they can easily do what Zelensky did to the Orthodox Clergy of the Ukraine ..”Simply , charge him like he did Muslim clerics of America of doing ..” Being U.S. Israeli , and Greeks “Sabateuers” of the Government and democracy of Turkey ..Dressed up like Priests” That Easy and perfectly permittable by Mistotakis , Biden , and Blinken ! However, I am letting you know, as requested, that the Big Hug between Russia and China was before … Putin officially delivered “Tactical Nuclear Warheads” to the front lines of the Russian forces in Ukraine , and now is preparing and going thru drills ..to meet its promise to target British Bases in the Ukraine ..and beyond for continuing to supply Zelensky with armament designed to reach the Civilian Populist of Crimea and Russia ..which are alleged to be war crimes and acts of terrorism by Permanent Members of the Security Council of the U.N….Russia! Additionally , we now have Vietnam script …as U.S and Nato countries are talking about sending …Military Trainers to Ukraine , which is exactly, the first step in full military deployment of American troops in Vietnam! Do you think Nick …this post qualifies for important information , you need to know! It appears that only WW111 and Nuclear War has always been their plan… and what races of people .. can possibly be depraved enough to do this ?


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