EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis). I cannot count how many times I heard during the last 48 hours the word “historic” in describing President Trump’s Rally in the Bronx.  It was truly remarkable, and it sealed his landslide victory in November.  Let me list a few notes:

  • The last Republican candidate who did a rally in the Bronx was Ronald Reagan over 40 years ago!
  • The quality and focus of his speech were unifying – in a community where the Democrats have been playing their racial, divisive policies forever (recently, including our AB Elpidophoros, who is acting like a leftist hack every chance he has!)
  • The Bronx Rally created a massive traffic jam: If the Parks Dept did not put a limit of 3,500 of attendees – there would be at least 50,000-100,000 people attending!
  • The reaction from the liberal media was pure panic: they already know they have lost the game and nothing is to change this course.  The main reason for this is themselves: Prosecuting Trump not only gave him unlimited free publicity (exactly as in 2016) but also made him a hero for ALL Americans.
  • Black and Hispanic support for Trump has reached historic levels. Last year, we knew that black community support needed to move from 9% to at least 13% for Trump to win the 2024 election. It is now at 23%! Hispanic support is at over 44%! Nobody in the mainstream media disputes these numbers.
  • With such broad support, any scheme to “cook the vote” is bound to fail – and, in some cases, will surely lead the fraudsters to jail.
  • The over-sexualization of schoolchildren and the transgenderism epidemic has backfired big time – especially among blacks and Hispanics and particularly among black males. The support for Trump among black males has skyrocketed and keeps increasing daily.
  • The Jewish Americans, including the wealthy and particularly the pro-Israel lobbyists (AIPAC) have turned overwhelmingly for Trump. They know that without “Making America Great Again”, Israel will disappear from the map in a matter of a few short years.
  • Helleniscope had predicted almost ALL OF THE ABOVE in a January 1st article titled “Happy New Year! Helleniscope’s Predictions For 2024…” – link here. 






  1. The only reason Trump is bothering with rallying in NYC is because he is confined due to his trial. He still despises black and brown people.

    • The average polling from all pollsters completely disagree with you. And the sequence of so many other facts also support the same… that’s why CNN and MSNBC are panicking…

    • Why would you say something that is so very false. Trump’s staff and closest advisors are people of color from a wide variety of backgrounds… Why would the smartest of the bunch, Vivek Ramaswamy, support Trump if what you insinuate were true. Or even Dr Ben Carson for that matter? Your comment displays bias – the kind that the fake media display.

    • Lambros you’re so unbelievably SHALLOW and that’s why it’s easy for leftists to brainwash your type to the only true religion you follow pal:

      Do us a favor?
      Join Episcopalians and leave us Greek Orthodox alone you traitor!

      Trump’s the one that always had black and brown friends –
      you the effeminate whiner never had any.


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