PHOTO: Last Friday, the “Archons of Disaster” welcomed AB Elpidophors at the Athens airport. Karloutsos proceeded to his habitual gesture, kissing hands. A few years ago, he bent over to kiss the hand of the then-Governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo, outside 79th Street. Disgusting!

In 2015, President Putin managed to open the Panagia Soumela Monastery in Pontos (Eastern Turkey), which had been closed for 100 years, with one phone call to President Erdogan. This was the most important advancement of the Patriarchate’s religious freedom in a century. The “Archons of Disaster,” acting on behalf of the State Department (in essence being its agents), are still pushing for the re-opening of Halki Theological Seminary, which has been closed for fifty years. 

By Nick Stamatakis

The signs were obvious since the arrival of AB Elpidophoros in Athens with United Airlines. The flight was from DC: if you speculated that Elpidophoros went to DC first to have a final meeting with his puppet masters in the State Department, you are probably correct. The real reason for the organization of the “Religious Freedom” conference in Athens is not to restore the Patriarchate’s rights in Turkey.  If this were the case, the American establishment would have achieved something, anything, in the past 50 years since the Halki Seminary was closed by the Turks. Especially when they could exercise unlimited influence on Turkey’s ruling class 2-3 decades ago. THEY HAVE ACHIEVED NOTHING.

The most important advancement of the Patriarchate’s religious freedom was in 2015, when President Putin managed to open the famous Panagia Soumela Monastery in Pontos (Eastern Turkey), which had been closed for 100 years, with one phone call to President Erdogan. 

So what is the real reason for gathering this bunch of wealthy American Greeks in Athens to listen to deep-state actors like former CIA director Mike Pompeo? The real reason is to cause more schisms and rifts in Orthodoxy, hoping that a multi-fragmented Orthodoxy would not be a geopolitical support for Russia.

Do the “Archons of Disaster” care that  – if they achieve their goal to fragment Orthodoxy – they would have hurt both Orthodoxy and Hellenism? No, they do not give a damn about either Orthodoxy or Hellenism.  As far as Orthodoxy is concerned, the “Archons of Disaster” are fully aware that heretic Pat.Bartholomew has adopted pro-LGBTQ policies, and he tries to unify with the Catholics – and they cooperate.  Because of these moves, our churches in America have lost over 50% of their members.

An extreme example is the Church of Sts. Constantine and Helen in Chicago, the first Church where Karloutsos served as a priest over 50 years ago (where the parish bought him his first car!!).  This parish used to have just 10-15 years ago over 1500 families! Now, they have about 450 individuals! The phenomenon is rampant as we know: When comparative data for marriages and baptisms is published, the “Archons of Disaster” will certainly have to deal with the catastrophe brought about by their inaction.

Eventually, they will be forced to answer the question: If the relationship between Pat. Bartholomew and the Moscow Patriarchate were brotherly as it should be, would the Turks ever dare turn Hagia Sophia and Moni Choras into mosques? The answer is NO. There is no force the Turks fear more than the Russians—period.

As far as Hellenism is concerned, a multi-fragmented Orthodoxy deeply hurts the interests of Greece, Cyprus, and Hellenism in general.  Orthodoxy, Navigation, Diaspora, and Cultural Heritage are the four “ecumenical foundations” of Hellenism. Pat. Bartholomew’s serving the American Deep State’s interests is deeply hurting Hellenism. Why? Because they take away the support of many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia that are traditional friends of  Greece and Cyprus and represent hundreds of millions of Orthodox faithful.   In addition, all Hierarchs of the Constantinople Patriarchate in English-speaking countries either apply the guidelines of the State Dept. or the Turkish Foreign Ministry, leaving the real Greek/Hellenic interests always on the back burner.

Finally, like the rest of the West’s leadership, the “Archons of Disaster” hallucinate that they have achieved “something.”  As the Russians are a few steps away from a conclusive victory in Ukraine, while the Ukrainians suppress religious freedom for 70% of their populations, close or demolish Churches, and ban opposition parties and the Russian language, the “Archons” talk about “religious freedom”… Wake up you useless Archons!!

Χοροστατουντος του Αρχιεπισκοπου Αμερικης Ελπιδοφορου τελεστηκε σημερα στον Μητροπολιτικο Ναο των Αθηνων h Θεια Λειτουργια .Στην Θεια Λειτουργια παρευρeθησαν ολοι οι Αρχοντες του Οικουμενικου Πατριαρχειου εν οψη του αυριανου 4ου Συνεδριου των Αρχοντων στην Αθηνα–ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΜΠΟΝΗΣ//EURTOKINISSI

Sunday Service at the Athens Cathedral.

For a few weeks, there was negative talk about AB Ieronymos of Greece allowing a known heretic, Elpidophoros, to officiate at the Athens Cathedral for a Sunday service. I can assure you that AB Ieronymos has been under unbearable pressure for years.  He was visited many times by the former US Ambassador Pyatt, accompanied by Sam Brownback, former US Senator and the Deep State’s point man for “religious freedom” (read: fight the Russians using Orthodoxy as a weapon).  At this stage, many Metropolitans of Greece have not recognized Ukraine’s “Autocephaly” – something to be noted.

Today AB Ieronymos – and ALL other Metropolitans of Greece and all but a few faithful – decided to stay away from AB Elpidohporos.  So, Elpidophoros performed the Service with those who came from America.  Hierarchs and faithful stayed away, showing their disgust at his heresies.


At the end of the service, Elpidophoros gave a sermon and a speech where he condemned “the Turkish invasion of Cyprus” and promoted AHEPA, whose President, Savvas Tsivicos, showed once again a “patriotic facade,” repeating again that “Cyprus is not far away,” meaning that Greece should help Cyprus.

Mr. Tsivicos is playing theater, of course.  If he means what he said in Church, why didn’t he ask the Greek Foreign Ministry (which the Archons visited) to reinstate the “Unified Defense Area” of Greece and Cyprus?  And why didn’t he ask his masters at the State Department to support Greece’s declaring a 12-mile territorial waters zone? Instead, his puppetmasters at State Dept., have ordered their Greek vassals to not do anything on this issue, hoping that they can offer Turkey a share of Greece’s sovereign rights, to convince the Turks to stay in the Western camp.

I think all these efforts and plans by the West will fail.  Turkey has no choice but to look East – although she will maintain a balance between East and West for as long as possible.  In the end, Greece is at a significant risk because the US will eventually do what it always did – pick up and go (as they did in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan).  Then Greece will have to deal alone with the mess the US will have left behind…

May 26, 2024,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. We heard this troparion referring to the societal “archons” of A.D. 33 during Thursday evening of Holy Week…

    «Άρχοντες λαών συνήχθησαν, κατά του Κυρίου, και κατά του Χριστού αυτού…»

    To what degree would this same troparion apply to this “Archon convention” of 2024?

  2. The absence of all Orthodox clergy and the emptiness of the Cathedral of
    Athens from the Hellenes faithful is the
    highest price they all paid for there
    self promotion. The Hellenes of Greece
    will never forget what Elpi did in
    Glyfada. As for the others that are
    following him like sheep I will let you the readers to make the comments.
    I pray and I hope that he will not become Patriarch because I for see
    the catatstrofy within our Hellenic
    Orthodox Church.
    Athens will never accept him .

  3. I have been to Liturgy when the AB of Athens served and the church was mostly empty. Most Greeks do not regularly attend Liturgy. I do not write this in defense of Elpi but as observation of the situation in Greece.

  4. One of the Archbishop’s primary reasons for being in DC was to attend and speak at the AHEPA Congressional Banquet held this past week. The Ahepans never miss an opportunity to revere him, almost to the point of worship. However, it is deeply concerning that the Archons, the Ahepans, the clergy, and even hierarchs from other Orthodox jurisdictions remain feckless, failing to challenge his unOrthodox teachings.

    I have always believed that having multiple Orthodox jurisdictions in America would create a system of checks and balances, especially concerning the controversial LGBTQ issues that have caused other Christian denominations to self-destruct. Sadly, this has not been the case, with only a few notable exceptions.

  5. Disgusting to remember Prince of Darkness Karloutsos kissing hand of Andrew Cuomo – he’s the reason the St Nicholas shrine looks pathetic.

  6. Another concern with the Archons gathering is the expense incurred. They are staying at the King George hotel in Athen’s syntagma square. It goes for almost $1200.00 a night, at the lowest rate. They consume lavish dinners, they are chauffeured around and of course would not fly any other than first class. No wonder the archdiocese budget includes $2.1 million in travel expenses. All paid by the faithful and the Greek festivals. And then, they listen to “speakers” for a few hours. How does that do anything to protect Christianity? Their only “reaction” every time Erdogan turns a church to a mosque is to put out a statement, condemning the “sacrilege”. As if Erdogan is going to change his way.

      • Nick. Sorry for the confusion. I meant the expense incurred by the archbishop and his entourage is paid by the archdiocese. Flying first class, staying at plush hotels. That’s how the travel expense account reached $2.1 million in 2023. As for Pompeo and all the other speakers, they don’t come cheap. And the organizers have to pay their travel and expenses. Let’s see if they will release the figures.

    • This is a frivolous and unsubstantiated accusation. Archons are made archons not because they are faithful believers but because they are wealthy. By the way, some may be faithful men but that is not the primary criteria. To assume that they do not pay their own is ridiculous. Lambros you need to repent of the divisive and scandalous frivolous accusation. I will also contact a friend who is an archon and ask about the arrangements.

      • Archons became wealthy not because they were stupid but because they were smart and successful. If they decided to let themselves being used as pawns for interests that oppose the interests of Orthodoxy and Hellenism is their problem cause din most cases by their own arrogance. If someone has to apologize to all of us for their atrocious behavior is the Archons themselves and not those of us who question them.

      • JK I never said that the archons don’t pay their own expenses. It would be crazy to think that the archdiocese pays for them. After all, they are wealthy. Maybe I didn’t word it correctly. The latest archdiocese budget shows that travel expenses, including flights, lodging and food came to $2.1 million. How can this amount be reached? For sure, travel expenses were paid by the archdiocese’s budget for the archbishop and Fr Karloutsos. They must be flying first class. Plus other hangers on. The $2.1 million is an astronomical amount for the size of the archdiocese. The archbishop loves to travel. And it adds up. If you look at the budget, not a dime went to hospitals or towards the poor

    • And then the Parishes claim they don’t have money to pay their Protopsalti (1st Chanter) and Lampadario (2nd Chanter). Or their Greek School teachers! No wonder the congregation and the clergy sprouts out of the congregations are ignorant, illiterate and servile… And the Priests can’t even read the Gospel or recite the Nicene Greek in its original language. There is loaves of money circulated in the name of the Church but only crumbs for the benefit of the Church… No wonder the Church is degrading into a Protestant and unOrthodox Church.

  7. Nick, I assume you support Lambros’ accusation. I will find the truth and I know you present yourself as a purveyor of truth.

    • You do not need to assume – you saw my comment. I am not sure they pay their airfare and hotel. I am sure Pompeo and other speakers do not pay a dime. But the 300 or so Archons we will have to find out. Obviously they have a lot of money on the bank as an organization – but when they use their money to in essence “bless” the demolition of Churches in Ukraine they are acting in a despicable way and need to be reprimanded. But let’s first see if we can find the truth.

  8. There is so much to criticize here. They stink to high heaven!

    Elpi has once again sowed seeds of discord with his arrogance and self-indulgence. What “leader” drives a wedge between the Greek government and the Greek-American church? Whose interests are served by such a division? Will it expand to a wedge between the motherland and the Greek diaspora? Erdogan could not have dreamt a better result!

    He does not even know basic liturgics and wants to be our patriarch? He conducted a trisagion for the forgiveness of sins of a saint, Saint Gregory V! It was his fellow bishop, Ieronymos, who corrected him after the fact, saying we do not do a trisagion for saints!

    How low will Bartholomew take us? The Ecumenical Throne used to enjoy everyone’s respect; he was the patriarch of the Γένος. Clearly they’ve gone to the dogs. That’s a big win for the Turks!

  9. Leo that is priceless! I remember watching on tv many years ago when Pope Benedict visited the US. The American seminarians singing at an outdoor mass screwed up the Litany of the Saints. Instead of asking the Holy Trinity to “save our souls” they asked “pray for us”, begging to question, to whom does the Holy Trinity pray?

    Elpidophoros is an embarrassment.

  10. Jk: that was not a dig at Benedict but rather the quality of education of today’s Catholic seminarians. It has gone down over the past 50 years.

    No excuse for Elpi. I am very uneducated generally in intricacies of Church practice. But I know the day before a saint’s glorification is the last time you sing a trisagion for them. Elpi is an embarrassment.

    • J.K. and Michael, I doubt Elpi made a dumb mistake. I bet he knowingly and intentionally did a trisagion to show that he does not recognize the sainthood of Greece’s ethno-martyr, Gregory V. Remember that Gregory was the Patriarch who was hanged by the Turks at the patriarchate’s gate on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1821.

      Elpi’s treatment of Gregory as a sinner, for whom we pray for forgiveness of his sins, will greatly please Elpi’s Turkish masters. He counts on them to become patriarch.

      If the Archons are the patriarchate’s defenders, why do they participate in such despicable acts — within Greece’s cathedral, in front of Gregory’s sacred relics?

      This issue will not go away.

  11. Wow, Leo do you actually believe what you wrote. Do you believe the Turks track the memorial services of Elpi? Besides, Gregory was a sinner, as each of us is, in need of God’s forgiveness. Saints become saints by accepting the forgiveness offered in Jesus Christ. Heaven will not be populated by nice people but rather by foregiven sinners.

  12. Yes, JK, this is added to Elpi’s CV.

    It’s a plus in the eyes of his sultan masters, but devastating to Greeks.

    Why is that incredible to you? Have you ever seen declassified intelligence dossiers pertaining to key political and religious leaders? This is the stuff that decision makers look at before making an appointment.

    In a church whose traditions are full of symbolism and messaging, Elpi hides nothing! We read him loud and clear!

  13. JK, saints are no longer sinners. They have triumphed in their personal struggle against sin and are reaping the rewards of everlasting life. We pray to them and ask for their intercession to God, so God will save us too. Unlike saints, we are still battling ourselves. When we die, the trisagion and memorial service that our survivors do for us is to ask God to place us among the saints.

    Saint Gregory V is already among the saints because he is a martyr for the Faith. He was canonized 103 years ago.
    He was hanged by the Turks immediately after the Greek Revolution was declared in the Peloponnese, his own place of birth. Why is Elpidoktonos disputing his sainthood by treating him as a sinner? Who else dislikes Gregory?

    Now put this in the context of Elpidoktonos’ other transgressions and you see the pattern.

    The man is plotting every detail. He pulls this off while a visitor in Greece’s National Cathedral. He pisses off everyone wherever he goes. That’s the kind of “leader” he is.

    We should be united against the threats we face, and instead we have this guy dividing us.

  14. Theologically, you may be correct. But to assume that the Turkish government tracks the memorial services Elpi conducts is absurd. However, you can believe what you wish. Additionally, Elpi is well received in many parishes. This constant narrative that he is not well received just isn’t true and that is my gravest concern. Elpi has a very particular agenda which is not consistent with the scriptures and the tradition of the church. He is dangerous and has already deceived many people. Charisma, warmth and charm, which Elpi posseses, often are instruments of evil.

    • Let me clarify here: I have spoken with many people who have had meetings with him. In their first meeting the fake smile and the “charisma” prevail. At an extreme case someone told me that he felt he could go to dinner with him and feel like he is a close friend. But a month or two later, all – and I mean ALL – these people came back and reported that he broke all promises he gave him in the first time and he is double faced. JK, you want to call this charisma or maybe vice?

  15. JK, the Turkish government does not have to track him in church; they read what you and I read, they talk with him, and they keep a file on him. That is a fact, and it should not surprise you.

    They are already pleased with his conduct. He has already divided the Cypriot American community leaders. He divided the Greek American lobby. He divided the Archdiocese from the Greek government. He proclaims Orthodoxy is identical to Hinduism. He then proclaims Orthodoxy has the same goals as the Leninist Communist Party of Greece.

    What could Turkey want him to do that he has not already done? He’s their rock star, their stealth bomber!

    As for how our parishes feel about him, they vote with their feet. They left their churches empty. What programs does he have for young people? Where is GOYA, YAL, athletic and academic activities?

    How many children are taken care of at St. Basil’s? Just a dozen, to satisfy Rupert’s grant deed, so the estate won’t revert to his heirs! Instead of taking in children, Elpi seeks legal loopholes for real estate development on the site!

    How about our Home for the Aged? Yes, there is a new facility being built but, after 70 years, we do less for the aged than Archbishop Michael did in 1955.

    I am also aware of priests that Elpi abruptly removed from their parishes to make room for his friends, whom he brought from Greece. (Some of them created scandals there and continue their impious conduct here.)

    Bottom line: Elpidoktonos is now an open book. We know him. He is UNWORTHY and DANGEROUS.

  16. You 2 can continue in your narrative that he is widely rejected but it is not true. As I mentioned, my parish was packed when he visited as was was the other parish in town. I have spoken to many others who stated that he was enthusiastically received in their parishes.

    • The baptism and wedding numbers that show a sharp decline do not agree with you. So do the parish membership numbers, especially in formerly big parishes. Finally, if you had young kids would you ever step in a parish where they teach LGBTQ acceptance in some form or another?

  17. Undoubtedly, the GOA is in a state of terminal decline. This is an irrefutable statistical fact. This decline began well before the time of Elpi and is a result of many factors. Elpi will contribute to the decline but is not the primary cause of the decline.

    • JK .. The Greek Orthodox Church of America is in a state of Terminal decline… and Elpi is not the primary cause of the decline ! Maybe you should tell that to your Greek Orthodox faithful of your packed Greek Orthodox Church and by the way you could ask them if they were aware that their country was in terminal decline , or that belief in God was in decline! Today.. the don’t even know who Elpi, Bartholomew , Karloutsos, Mistotakis, or any of the their corrupt Congressman are violating just about every law of Man and God! And you can add Jk or Helleniscope .. what is the primary reason for the decline of The GOA ..outside of the fact that the still use Greek in part of their services, according to you! And do tell ..what is the Alternate religion Greek should be going to in America …is it the declining Protestant or Catholic religious orders , or how about the Russian Orthodox Church?
      Outside of Helleniscope , no Greek media or American media reports any decline in the Greek Orthodox Church or any unethical activities by the GOA and U.S. government leadership! JK,,, “NO ONE CARES WHAT I, YOU or HELLENISCOPE ..WRITE! And 85% of the people do not trust anything that comes out of the Media or Newspapers ! So Jk.. go personally to your faithful parishioners .. and inform them on everything you claim…


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