by Monomakhos (George Michalopulos and Gail Sheppard)

As you can see from the invitation, Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is going to celebrate Divine Liturgy at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan, on St. Bartholomew’s Day, again.


To see the full official announcement at please link here


Like the other occasions which caused a hailstorm of controversy, this occasion will also honor the patron saint of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople at the beautiful Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA). St. Bartholomew is direct and honest about their ambition. They have a female bishop and openly acknowledge they cater to the rainbow crowd by flying a large rainbow colored flag for people to pass under when they enter the church.

Unlike Archbishop Elpidophoros, who is is anything BUT direct and honest. He calls himself a leader, but where does he lead? He leads people down the path away from God under rainbow flags.

The Church is to be a somber experience of reflection about what needs to change in our lives so we can walk more closely with God. Not the celebration of a practice in the culture that is diametrically opposed to the Church’s teaching.

Of course, this being so-called “Pride Month,” it will be festooned with all the colors of the rainbow, not because the rainbow was God’s promise to Noah that He would never destroy the human race through a flood again, but because the colors of the rainbow have been reinterpreted to mean rebellion against God’s teaching in the Church.

Over the years, Elpidophoros has managed to bamboozle a few Orthodox bishops from other jurisdictions to attend as well. Because, well, you know, he’s the top dog of Orthodoxy here in the States. No doubt these bishops thought that everything was on the up-and-up. Needless to say, when the photos came out, they heard anything but from their respective flocks.

I’m curious to see which non-GOA bishops are going to attend this year’s extravaganza. I imagine none.

(At least I hope not.)

In any case, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? This event is nothing short of a scandal and has been from the onset. It’s the normalization of homosexuality in the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its oversees eparchies.

Now, like most liberals and assorted leftists, the bishops which make up this patriarchy are not necessarily first-order thinkers. They don’t all see what’s in front of them and the next step after that. In other words, they don’t understand what is going to be foisted upon them in the future.

Because there will be a next time and a next. In fact, this annual get together has all the hallmarks of one of those places like “Cheers! Where everybody knows your name.”

The Fordhamites, of course, are going to demand that homosexual couplings be blessed by the Church. They have no choice. And the GOA will have to accept it on the Fordamites’ terms. Why? Because the Church can only bless that which is good. Things like schools, boy scout troops, soup kitchens and the like.

The inverse is also true. The Church can never bless that which is evil. Things like polygamy, polyamory, thievery, genocide, and so on.

So, by continuing to tiptoe through the tulips with the Globalists, Elpidophoros and his groupies will have to sacramentally bless homosexual unions.


Because they’re not evil, for if they were evil, no Orthodox bishop would countenance celebrating a Divine Liturgy where sodomy is acknowledged as something other than a sin.

It’s as simple as that.




  1. So, this is the invitations that I’ve been getting in my email, for St Bart’s day. It would be at an episcopal church. And a gay friendly one at that. Why celebrate at an episcopal church? St Bartholomeu can be celebrated at any Creek Orthodox church. This is not right. While I accept the state recognizing same sex unions, the church has no business going there. I believe that we should accept anyone and if they want to sin, it is between them and God. But, the church should only teach the word of God and not be “modernized”.

  2. Just disgusting 🤢 everything Elpi does is calculated attack on Orthodoxy. I don’t know anybody who approves – be certain,
    Elpi’s Time Is Gonna Come.

  3. Looks like fraudulent Archbishop is assumes by holding this stench
    every year
    it will solidify
    its dark agenda.

  4. Get this Elpidoktonos out of the Church. He is an open heretic and criminal. The clown down here in Australia Makarios, is also a disgrace, not to the level of Elpidoktonos, but he’s getting there.

    What did we do to deserve these scumbags?

    • Apathy.
      Did you ever hear a Greek Orthodox parishioner (maybe even your mother) say the following: “just go to church and light your candle and don’t get involved. Every church is like that.”

      The only remedy left is to DEFUND these heretics and unworthies. No Christian should ever support hypocrisy. Today’s Church calling itself “orthodox” is supreme cynicism.

  5. Elpidoktonos’ time is not going to come. This is all by design. Next year, the EP will declare the permanent celebration of Pascha on the same date as Roman Catholics and protestants. It will cause another monumental schism within Holy Orthodoxy. Those loyal to EP Bartholomew will follow him into heresy. Others will leave him for the sake of their salvation. It’s going to get really ugly.

    • I agree. But have faith. As you said, this is a global fight. We are on the winning side of this so far. The globohomos/satanists/heretics are losing.

  6. As a Greek-American (albeit no longer in the GOA), I must say that it’s up to the laity in the GOA to demand changes to be made.


    1. Withhold all monies, (give your priests dollars, gift cards, coupons, etc.)
    2. Otherwise, vote with your feet. (Nearest monastery, Antiochian, OCA, Serbian, etc. parish)
    3. That’s about it.

    • I have a feeling this joke will end soon… Example: NY City and State have issued legislation that requires all city and state contractors be “minorities” and “women”. So recently, I heard that a business owner, a man, put in his application that he identifies as a black woman. Who is going to tell him that he cannot do that? The woke “authorities? Ha… Ha.. All stupidities we live in will explode as a huge joke!… Unfortunately, they may cause adverse effects for all of us for years to come. Why? Just consider our degrading military, with this woke nonsense… Are these forces ready to fight any serious opponents? Not to say anything about our deteriorating colleges and everything else.

  7. The fact that Elpidophoros is still around and is now determined to commit the abomination of desolation for the third year in a row and yet is able to maintain his grip on power in the Greek Archdiocese speaks volumes about the complacency of the laity, or about their complicity in the abomination. It’s bewildering that there is no opposition that has has reached critical mass with enough thrust to topple the “king” and send him packing back to Istanbul. What is the reason for this wimpiness? A lack of proper catechesis of the laity? Failure of the clergy to insist that the people confess their sins regularly? Or is it just plain entrepreneurial greed that has tamed the otherwise vocal Greek congregations?

    • It might be that the faithful understand that they are dealing with powers bigger than just a Church hierarchy. A look at the Archons’ conference in Athens will convince any of you of this fact: Mike Pompeo, Karloutsos, and most of the rest of the Archons are pushing lies and suggest that religious freedom in Ukraine is suffering because of “Russia”… when dealing with such forces maybe the best thing to do is to wait until these global forces are defeated as they are now. In the meantime, the faithful can stop giving money to the corrupt GOA and they. An also move to other Orthodox churches.

  8. Sorry, any comments claiming Greeks should abandon their church and “jurisdiction-hop”, is ridiculous.

    Our people – Greeks – our παππούδες and γιαγιάδες, built these churches, we will not abandon them so that a select very few, can destroy them and turn them into instruments of different agendas.

    We are Greek Orthodox, not Slavs or Arabs.

    • We cannot be Greek Orthodox if we stay in a church which is not Orthodox. We can take our parishes in another jurisdiction that is truly Orthodox.


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