PHOTO: Russian frigate Gorshkov

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Well, this is how adults treat immature teenagers when they don’t understand the risks in front of their eyes – they pull them by the ear and show them what it truly means!  And that’s exactly what Russia is doing: It is sending a small fleet of warships (including the frigate “Gorshkov,” and the nuclear-powered submarine “Kazan,”) to do exercises in the Caribbean.  Next week they will dock in Havana – reminding the imbeciles at the White House and the State Department what the 1962 Cuban missile crisis meant.  No, the ships will not carry nuclear weapons – the hypersonic missiles are enough. Also, the Russians did NOT announce the “visit” to the Pentagon or the State Department…

What exactly are the missiles these ships are carrying? Andrey Martyanov, an expert in Russian military explains: “These are the biggest guns in the cruise missile business in the world. Gorshkov carries 32 Onyx, Zircon, Kalibrs and Otvet. These are the most advanced and deadly cruise missiles in history, with a serious combat pedigree. Kazan, which is Yasen-class SSGN also carries 32 VLS and, in addition, has 10 torpedo tubes which can shoot not just torpedoes…. ” (link here).  Please follow the link to read the analysis of a real expert.

In related news, the US did the final test of Lockheed’s hypersonic missile (link here). We should not rush to rejoice, though.  The test was of a “glider” hypersonic missile, meaning that it had to be carried by a bomber at high altitude to be launched – as opposed to hypersonic cruise missiles, like the ones Russia has developed.  Some of these fly up to 27 Mach!!  The difference between hypersonic gliders and hypersonic cruise missiles shows exactly that Russia is ahead about 10-15 years in this technology.

Will the immature teenagers come to their senses after this parade of Russian missiles in the Caribbean?  They should.  In case they need an extra warning, someone with half a brain in DC has to remind them that at any given time, several Russian submarines are patrolling the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific coast of the US.  And these are not just parading, but carrying nuclear weapons…


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Russian warships will arrive in Havana next week, say Cuban officials citing ‘friendly relations’

HAVANA (AP) — Four Russian ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, will arrive in Havana next week, Cuban officials said Thursday, citing “historically friendly relations” between both nations and as tensions escalate over Western military support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.

Cuba’s foreign ministry said in a news release that the ships will be in Havana between June 12 and June 17, noting that none of them will carry any nuclear weapons and assuring their presence “does not represent a threat to the region.”

The announcement came a day after U.S. officials said that Washington had been tracking Russian warships and aircraft that were expected to arrive in the Caribbean for a military exercise. They said the exercise would be part of a broader Russian response to the U.S. support for Ukraine.

The officials said that the Russian military presence was notable but not concerning. However, it’s taking place as Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that Moscow could take “asymmetrical steps” elsewhere in the world in response to President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to use U.S.-provided weapons to strike inside Russia to protect Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry said that the four Russian ships are the frigate “Gorshkov,” the nuclear-powered submarine “Kazan,” the fleet oil tanker “Pashin” and the salvage tug “Nikolai Chiker.”

During the fleet’s arrival at the port of Havana, 21 salvos will be fired from one of the ships as a salute to the nation, which will be reciprocated by an artillery battery of Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces, the foreign ministry said.


  1. Nick
    This show of force by Russia is the last spasms of a super power wannabe. If they can’t beat Ukraine, a much smaller nation in two and a half years, what chance do they have against NATO?, None whatsoever.
    Please, don’t kid yourself. Americans and NATO are not teenagers or immature, as you portray them. And the world is much better for that. Putin (not the Russian people) is the one who has a problem with Russia no longer being a superpower. Putin is like the bully at middle school. He’ll pick on a first grader, just because he can.

    • Lambros,
      You are hopelessly brainwashed. I have suggested numerous trustworthy sources of information but you refuse to open your eyes. One of the best is with the two Greeks, Alex Christophorou and Alexander Mercuris. Please watch it everyday until you wake up.
      And read my piece above 10 times until you realize the truth. America is still powerful and with the correct leadership will survive this crisis and grow. But it will not be the one and only superpower in the foreseeable future. America will have to learn to “share” just as the kids learn to share as they are growing up. The dark globalist forces who were salivating to grab the IMMENSE wealth hidden in Russian lands will have to wait. For now they have lost the game.
      They lost it to the best leader – so far – of the 21st century: Vladimir Putin. Authoritarian? Yes, Just as authoritarian as Alexander the Great and Napoleon. But absolutely the best. Who says that? Not me, but the most educated Greek of our times, Sir Basil Markesinis, who died a couple of years ago and was the #1 authority in International Law of his time. You and many others have to come to terms with these truths.

      • Nick
        There are many opinions as to how powerful Russia is and if Putin is the greatest statement of the 21st century. The fact that Basil Markezinis says so, does not make it so. Its just his opinion. In order for history, not a single person, to pronounce someone great, they would have to prove that they actually did great things. It would take at least 2-3 generations, for the dust to settle. So far, Putin has not done anything that would be considered great. Maybe in the future? But, time is running short. Please, don’t compare Alexander the great and even Napoleon with Putin. Things have changed. Conquests are not a mark of greatness any longer. That’s in the past. Not that Putin has done any major conquests, spreading civilization, as Alexander and Napoleon did.

        • Lambros I truly do not know where to start with you. Sir Basil Markesinis is not just anyone. Please look him up. You can count in the fingers of one hand the learned men that can compare with him. Second please watch Putin’s 2007 Munich speech – I just posted it. Simply prophetic, an exemplary leadership postmark. Third, Putin saved Russia from the cliff and returned Russia to its roots in Orthodoxy and this alone would put him in the top tier of world leaders. But he is a few small steps away from realizing what he had expressed in 2007: the historic transition to a multipolar world. After you consider – in depth – all these things, there is nobody to match his leadership skills globally.

  2. The USA is collapsing within. Look around the shithole cities that traditional Greek Americans settled in the 1900s…Chicago, Boston, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia.

    Folks, wake up because the DC tyrants destroyed America with collapsed borders, US bases in nations overseas, Americans dying from drug overdoes, trash everywhere, homeless drug addicts, high crimes, etc. I refuse to visit any shithole big city in the USA. The Globalist Soros puppets turned Athens, Greece into a cesspool of Third World.

    REckoning against the Globalist Elites is coming. As Steve Bannon warned these scumbags in DC….we’re coming for you.


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