EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  In Australia, AB Makarios is set to make a new world record in scandals of all sorts, starting from before he arrived in Sydney in May 2019, with the purchase of an extravagant apartment overlooking Sydney harbor for many millions (which he later promised to return to the Church …but he forgot). Ever since his enthronement, he has done everything to prove his heretic persuasion, starting early with bestowing the GOAA’s highest honor to an MP who led the fight for gay rights, Mr. Andrew Bragg.  The list is long.

PHOTO: AB Makarios honors gay rights supporter Andrew Bragg

As you will see below, Bishop Emilianos of Meloa recently resigned in circumstances that are against the canons—not to say anything about morality. First of all, the only canonical way for a Bishop to resign is for health reasons. Or he has to be demoted. Nothing of that happened here.  On the contrary, it was widely learned that Bishop Emilianos refused to sign the papers AB Makarios had put in front of him. One of them had to do with changing the Charter of the Archdiocese.  Does this sound familiar? The Phanar has instructed all archbishops to take control of the parishes and their properties. Bartholomew is so sinful that he believes that money will save him somehow…

In the meantime, it is pretty evident that AB Makarios is in a huge struggle with AB Elpidophoros over who will succeed Bartholomew.  AB Makarios (Griniezakis), born and raised in Crete, is a member of the “Mitsotakis Mafia.”  Does this explain why the Mitsotakis government expressed their complaints to the Phanar last November about Elpidophorow and asked for his removal? Yes, partly.. As I have said, nobody believes that Mitsotakis cares for the “divisive” acts of Elpidophoros in our community.  They want their “man” (pun intended) in the Phanar.  They are also “instructed” by the Israeli lobby that Elpidophoros is Erdogan’s agent – and therefore he is not to be supported for “promotion” – and he has no place to stay in America. They started chasing NYC Mayor Eric Adams (with an FBI investigation) a few weeks before Amb. Papadopoulou arrived in the Phanar in early November to submit her “complaint”…


source – greekherald.com.au

Bishop Emilianos of Meloa resigns from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia


  1. Heartbreaking. Bishop Emiliano’s of Meloa is a paragon of fatherly love, and an experienced as well as practical spiritual father & teacher/guide of Orthodox spiritual life. This will be a great loss for the GOAA.

  2. Nick, it is very interesting that you did inform your followers that the good bishop retracted his resignation and has petitioned to join the GOA.

    • It’s not my report – it’s from the Australian newspaper. But I can tell you he is exploring other options in Australia. If he wants to be a true Orthodox he cannot be under Pat. Bartholomew. He has the problem we all have.

    • Then why do you read us? Read the TNH to learn the truth… And while you are there ask them if they will post your comments.


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