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Houston — We Have A Problem!  It’s month of June ‘Pride Month’
So, I posit, how about an official “Humility Month” in June as a counteragent?
After all, we’re bombarded by ubiquitous plastering of In Your Face “Pride Month” banners everywhere you turn, especially in big cities, so let’s combat these aggressive forces of Diabolo, which demand we bow down to their Anti-God Zeitgeist…
“Humility Month,” in contrast, is a remembrance of an imperative thing – what sages and saints have in spades: purity and humility. But even outside of spiritual holiness, these virtues are necessary for secular, civilized society.

Dr. Jordan Peterson said “There’s no such thing as happy pride. There’s only the pride that goes before a fall.” And he’s “already done with Pride Month!”- “What sexual narcissism this spectacle is, foisted on the public.” Dr. Peterson says honoring sexual deviancy is not a virtue. Pride is a deadly sin; it’s what got Lucifer, the once shining Angel, thrown into hell…
I believe the majority of us have no malice toward the gay community; in fact, many of us hold compassion and friendship with sensible LGBT folk who aren’t promoting this insanity… personally, in my time, I’ve had platonic friendships with gay men who’ve helped me immeasurably.
I can differentiate between a person’s sexual identity and his/her larger totality/identity as a human being. And I’ve enormous respect for a former homosexual who renounced it all, to become one of Orthodoxy’s greatest ascetics: the Monk, Fr. Seraphim Rose – an extraordinary case of metanoia… St. Mary of Egypt, too.


Let me say, it’d be also cringeworthy if even, proper man/woman couples were to bombard us with sexually blatant parades too. Hollywood of course, has already contaminated and devolved all manner of relationships.
Unlike the illumined holy beings – the masters – who observed chastity… they knew the sexual sphere is not to be desecrated… the forces of sexuality can be a doorway to heaven or hell — with Adam + Eve’s disobedience in eating the apple, it opened up hell…
We are to become the new Adam and the new Eve. When the sexual sphere is desecrated, it becomes something egregious — it can no longer lead to spiritual enlightenment or Theosis…
Perfect chastity IS doable, centuries of ascetic practice in churning out saints prove this…
And like never before, we must protect the children who are targeted; their innocence is under siege. In New York City last year, LGBT activists in drag marched/chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer and coming for your children!” The Godless left has taken this to a grotesque level – it’s time to fight back.
*May It Be Blessed


  1. I hate pride month also. And I consider myself liberal. What is there to be proud of when two men are doing what a man and woman should be doing?. Yes, pride month is annoying. My library has it on their website. But I hate “month” of anything. Including black history, heart month, breast cancel month and so on. Its just a big opportunity for “nonprofits” to rake in extra cash, by promoting their agenda.As for pride parades.? Now its almost as normal as 4th of July parades. The fact though is, that in a society, we need to put up with things we don’t agree with. If we want to insulate our kids, don’t let them attend a pride parade. Or a drag reading. When they turn eighteen, they can do what they want.

  2. Why is it, that we have only a single day to celebrate the endless work, duty and love our mom’s continuously give to their children and family on Mother’s Day, and only one day to celebrate the importance and impact and significance a strong man has on his family unit on Father’s Day, but are forced to recognize an entire month’s long celebration of an alphabet people’s agenda which seeks to destroy the family and children? Why even our fallen soldiers only get one day of recognition for the sacrifices they made in order to preserve our freedom.

    Something is seriously wrong with this scenario. You can see what has become of an America which has misplaced God as being first. One would think that “Pride Month” is supposed to be about ending the bullying of transgender people and saving them from suicide, but we all know better. Satan owns this parade straight from the pit of hell.

    Pride is listed first among the 7 deadly sins. So tell me please, what is there to celebrate in a declining morality of its citizenship when this movement only seeks to destroy and exploit sexual behavior incongruous with living a Christian-centered life?

    June is the most celebrated month for weddings. The intended goal of the LBGTQ agenda is the ultimate destruction of marriage and the family unit.

    Yea, I’ll say some humility is needed.

    • Margaret you NAILED IT both ON the head and I hope IN the head of those Pseudo Christians including unfortunately unworthy Hierarchs, Anaxioi Priests and shameless Musicians (who pretend to double as fake Chanters/HieroPsaltes) celebrating Pride in Sin! What a patent AntiChristian, unOrthodox and Satanic behavior… Yes Humility month, humility year rather day in and day out! Also what an insult to women to celebrate one measly “Mothers’ day” while a whole month celebrating antiWomen Homosexual pride… Which negates Motherhood but also celebrates misogyny which is what Homosexual men pride themselves in!

  3. The LGBT propaganda has so infiltrated the schools I actually heard a mother of two teenage sons tell her boys, that it’s ok in case your gay.
    And she’s Greek Orthodox!
    The sins were wiser than their mother and just rolled their eyes.

  4. Btw: it’s no accident the mental insanity of liberal Hollywood big mouth Robert DeNiro.& his nonstop hating on Trump.
    Turns out, Deniro admits his father was a closet homosexual!

  5. I was just reading Romans 1:24-32. It is frightening to see that many things that we are proud of, God clearly abhors and condemns in the strongest way. May God grant us the humility and wisdom to do His will.
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me, a sinner.


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