EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) Helleniscope’s friend, Jim Jatras, goes on the “Dissident Mama,” the Orthodox truth warrior of the American South, to talk about his fascinating family history and particularly his Greek parents and, more specifically, his mom Stella and here very special love for Serbia.  It is a very interesting and informative talk about our friends, the Serbs, who the “deep state” demonized because “they are not like us; they are Orthodox…”


source – dissidentmama.net

Dissident Mama, episode 88 – “Our Stella,” Serbia, & GAE w/ Jim Jatras

My friend Jim Jatras returns to the Dissident Mama Podcast to talk about his mother, Stella Jatras, who passed away 11 years ago tomorrow. Stella was a truth-seeker who had a big heart for the Serbian people. It didn’t matter to Stella that she was a Greek and not a Serb; she was simply a woman of principle and Orthodox virtue who couldn’t stand for the tangled web of lies spun by Western powers and the regime media against her brothers and sisters in Christ.


Referred to lovingly by many Serbs as “Our Stella,” Jatras’s mother was in 2004 presented by Bishop Artemije of the Province of Kosovo and Metohija with a “Gramota,” a formal certificate (seen below right) for her efforts on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox people of his diocese. In 2014, she was also presented with a posthumous award (below top left) by the president of the Republic of Serbia. Memory Eternal, “Serb Mama.”

Jatras offers up insights into Serbian and Yugoslavian history, “Kosovo,” Slobodan Milošević (at whose trial he was a witness), Aleksandar Vučić and Milorad Dodik, “balkanization,” OTPOR and color revolutions, and the Global American Empire (GAE).

Relevant to our conversation are:

• Jatras’s first appearance on my podcast in January 2022
• “The Honorable Cause: A Free South,” in which my chapter is highly influenced by Jatras’s work
• Russia-Ukraine: Through a Dixian lens, part 1 and part 2
• Ludwell Orthodox Fellowship Conference 2.0, September 6-8 in Lockhart, Texas, where we will both be featured speakers on Saturday, September 7
• Jatras’s book “I Tried To Warn You,” due out in early July, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
• and the beautiful song Jatras mentions is below.


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