Trump Cannot Win 4 Swing States

Gaslight Yourself To Happiness

The Trump Campaign had never heard of

ballot manufacturing – we’re screwed!

By: Omega4America

June 15, 2024

 There are times when you recognize the obvious while those around you are gaslighting – and we sadly feel we may be there.   Look at the polls. Trump is kicking ass. He has zero fallout from the convictions for 1 million years in prison. Even black rappers love the guy. Thousands show up in the Bronx for a rally. Cannot get much better!

 Enjoy that because those of us who are not lawyer grifters inside the Beltway, not failed attorneys/authors who wrote books about election fraud that 11 people read – we see November, and it is compellingly ugly.

 We are data guys, and we see almost no way Trump will win without Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—which he is on track to lose handily again. He doesn’t need to win them all, but losing them all is fatal.

 Each of these states has industrial-scale ballot manufacturing operations, creating enough ballots to overcome any “too big to rig” strategy. Just how big is “too big to rig?” Try 4% to 5% of the voter roll – in each of these 4 swing states – contain enough anomalous identity/address combinations that can be voted via mail-in ballots by Leftist NGOs at will.

 Can Trump win any of these 4 states by 4% or more?  Place your bets! Don’t be lulled by rallies where red hatted zealots show up by the thousands. Sure, there is wild passion for Trump and none for Biden. Red hatters are not electioneering pros. They don’t steal votes. They don’t register illegal aliens by the hundreds at strip malls – where they will be long gone when their ballots are collected – to be voted by “religious” NGOs.

 Remember 2020 – nobody showed up for Biden, throngs for Trump. How did that work out?

 What you do not see through the optimistic polling are the grinding, daily registrations, added by the thousands, by hundreds of well-funded NGOs, in every swing state – which we publish in our Fractal videos. Believe me? Actually, don’t. Go to our videos. Take a look at state after state with thousands of “voters” registered in warehouses, car parks, casinos, hotels, Walmarts, and strip malls.

These people DO NOT VOTE – THE NGOs VOTE FOR THEM! Even the NGOs do not care a whit about them – they care about their mail-in ballots! We show enough of these locations in Kansas to swing Kansas – but it would be too obvious – so in Kansas, Leftists are eating away at state senate seats – while RINO Republican electeds do nothing.

Watch the Georgia video—over 30,000 people with several voter IDs! That’s like having several Social Security Numbers issued by the government! Several thousand voted in Georgia who aren’t on the voter rolls. That does NOT include the thousands registered in hotels for years. Can you imagine those Hilton points?

Our thesis is that the Trump Campaign is the most overrated operation since Jimmy Carter sent Charles Beckwith into Iran to free the hostages. Before that date, Beckwith was the go-to guy for asymmetric warfare—the guy who started Delta Force. Afterward, he was forgotten, like his crashed helicopters on a desert plain.

The Trump Campaign is noted for being “disciplined”—the best campaign team Trump ever had. We are here to tell you now that the data in these four swing states shows the Trump organization has no control over events, zero understanding of the built-in fraud in the current rolls, and will cause him to lose all four states.

It’s June – they don’t even have people on the ground in Wisconsin – one of the most important swings. Sorry if you just choked on your morning coffee. It’s infinitely worse.

Lara Trump announced 100,000 lawyers and volunteers to ensure the proper counting of the votes! Is someone crazy? Republicans are lining up to count the votes. Leftists are manufacturing them in illegitimate addresses!

People, that is what your “new” RNC is doing for you! Who do you think is going to win that exercise?

We deal in data, not reaction to social media postings of some rapper who loves Trump—that guy is worth zero votes in Michigan. We are the guys who built the eBay fraud engine, the TSA No-Fly List, and the fraud systems for over 70% of the insurance industry. We are not failed lawyer hacks who apply a 1980s strategy and tell a bumptious candidate whatever he likes to hear.

If you want bullshit to make you feel good – this is not the place – this is data, and data has zero personality – just brutal outcomes. Our data shows over 500,000 fake voter/address combinations in each of the swing states mentioned – and our pal Trump ain’t going to win any of them by that amount.

His daughter-in-law just started training 100,000 fools to make sure these “votes” are properly counted. You are being lulled into complacency. Into indolence. Into inaction. Into that happy feeling that your team is going to win – until they get blown out – like the 2022 Red Wave – and you feel screwed – again.

Get ready!

Come to grips with the number 500,000. That is the number of illegitimate voter/registration combos in each of these swing states floating around to be used when needed to beat Trump. The useless national voter integrity organizations missed them for 30 years! Our videos show – in state after state – people living in warehouses and strip malls for decades – all missed by the over-funded, incompetent, super-well-paid national voter integrity organizations.

 Now, the RNC is fielding an “army” (their word) to make sure these votes get counted! The Leftist NGOs registering these identities at ballot mills in the swing states are laughing out loud – they may help Lara find more volunteers – why not? After the predictable steal, the Leftists can say with pride that 100,000 Republican volunteers counted the votes – so it must be OK!

George Soros himself could not have planted an idea more likely to screw Trump than 100,000 volunteers to count the 500,000 fake votes from NGOs coming in from swing states!

 Let’s pretend to be Leftists for a bit. C’mon, you can do it for a few minutes! Trump’s N.Y. conviction is a net positive for Trump. Never saw that coming. Ouch! None of the Trump trials worked out – never expected that! Sad! Biden is one step from the grave. He is senile; it cannot be hidden anymore.

Leftists cannot afford to lose – they will cheat to win. That cheating isn’t just in Kansas and South Dakota. It’s where they own the election apparatus – where they control the courts, the government, the outcomes. Pennsylvania. Wisconsin. Michigan. Minnesota.

Ask yourself this question: If Leftists will do ANYTHING to stop Trump, why is it a stretch to think they won’t use their BALLOT MANUFACTURING operation – in 4 states they OWN – to do it?

Again! Ballot manufacturing is a thing. Our team has been demonstrating it for 3 years – you can read it in our earlier articles on American Thinker.

Our videos show thousands of “voters” registered in strip malls – Walmarts, accumulating at some abandoned address where illegals were registered by NGOs, and those handy ballots are there to outrun the “too big to rig” strategy. The “national voter integrity organizations” never found any of this – because they use obsolete relational technology – funded by dopey donors who should know better. After we found hundreds of thousands of manufactured ballots—collecting in ballot mills, operating in plain sight, and embarrassing these grifters with our pro-bono videos—these organizations started litigating it.

Every day, you see them file a new lawsuit – about fake identities in the voter rolls – FOR 20 YEARS! Welcome to the party. Unfortunately, nobody is coming off the voter rolls, so the only strategy now is to stop mail-in ballots at ballot collection points in strip malls run by NGOs.

The future of American civilization may well be decided in these 4 states – in 140 days – and the Trump Campaign has NO UNDERSTANDING OF BALLOT MANUFACTURING.

They have no strategy to thwart ballot manufacturing operations, even though our teams in each swing state can show them most of those addresses by cross-searching property tax rolls!

Ballot manufacturing – by definition – cannot be “outrun.” Ballot manufacturers cast all the ballots they need. If they need more, they print them and assign them to the identity inventory they collected via the NGOs.

Fortunately for the Leftists, Lara Trump just launched the organization that is going to give them cover – 100,000 lawyers and volunteers to count those fake ballots. If the braindead Republican “ballot harvesting” operation succeeds in gathering lots of mega-church goers – more than expected – the Leftist ballot manufacturers will cast more.

It’s pretty cool to watch, particularly because today, we know almost every address that will get one of those babies! We have been cross-searching property tax rolls, with voter rolls, on different dates, and we can show precisely where the ballot mills are – and those ballots could be stopped before they go out, get voted, and counted by Lara Trump.

If the Left can vote 4% of the electorate, more in some counties, at will, how are you gonna’ out that? Ballot harvesting at Kiwanis Clubs? Voter registration drives? Bake sales? Hiring lawyers to make sure all those fake ballots are properly counted? These are not effective strategies to stop ballot mills; they are processes that require lots of funding—thus, the political class, taking its cut, loves them. That’s why the RNC and some other GOP organizations are running these scams – it’s the cut.

Get with the program.

The RNC, the Republican major organizations, and the national voter integrity organizations will never use advanced technology – because they don’t get rich employing it. In each of these four states, the Fractal team identified the locations where a ballot would be mailed but could not find a recipient—a voter recipient—but the NGO guy would happily take that ballot and vote it. He will also take the 34 others that arrive with it.

These ballots can be stopped before they are sent out. They constitute 67% of the mail-in ballots from urban areas – where the Leftists have stashed those identities. The strategy of stopping mail-in ballots to these locations – before they go out, before they are voted, and before they are tabulated is within our grasp – it can be implemented today – in every swing state.

The national voter integrity organizations and the political class do not get a cut or donor money to do it, so they fund lawsuits that will not clean any voter roll in time for 2024. Of course, they do. They are lawyers – getting paid by dopey donors to do complex lawsuits that will never clean anyone off the voter roll before November 5 – but you can bet they are all being well paid – today!

You live in a most interesting moment in history. You are watching what happens when Trump does what he does best – revs up the country with his vision, offering hope that he will take back the government from the Deep State. You are also witnessing what Trump is known for – surrounding himself with YES men and women, who give him fatal, election-ending advice, just like last time.

What’s the likely result?

Pay close attention to Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – particularly around midnight, election eve.


  1. They need to have the governors of the 4 States you mentioned–for the next 5 months till the election-do nothing but minute by minute monitoring of this scam!

  2. My ancestors fled Communism and Facism to LEGALLY become US Citizens. The USA 🇺🇸 will be a Commie country if you vote for Democrats in Nov 2024

  3. I am the Chairman of the Hellenic Chapter of the Republicans Overseas, my name is Jonathan Constantine. In 2020 we got a super high record 40.000+ registrations from Greece for the Presidential Elections. That’s a way to stop the steal !!! make it too big to rig. But we would appreciate more recommendations on what to do in practical ways and I will make sure that they get heard by Michael Whatley.


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