AB Iakovos fought for freedom and equal rights and wanted to apply the principles of the Christian Faith to all people – regardless of their skin color.  Elpidophoros fought for oppression…

By Nick Stamatakis

Helleniscope has repeatedly commented over the years that both Pat. Bartholomew and AB Elpidophoros suffer from an incurable inferiority complex and, in the case of Bartholomew, from deep feelings of jealousy when they compare their minuscule and unworthy personalities to the stature of a true leader, AB Iakovos.  These stem from AB Iakovos’s support for Martin Luther King and his risky but conscious and wholehearted dedication to the human rights struggle – which contributed to its success and brought worldwide notoriety to Iakovos.

In parenthesis, let me remind you that in doing so, AB Iakovos was in strong opposition with powerful internal forces in the GOA, not the least of which was AHEPA, whose origins, as we all know now, are connected to the Ku Klux Klan. Also, Iakovos had to overcome the very adverse social and political situation of his time: he was seen as “abnormal” not only by the very “traditionalist” (I should say “provincialist”) Greek-American community of the time but also by the political establishment and mostly the Democrats.  Let’s not forget that at the time the Democrats were supporters of the KKK and strongly opposed equal rights.  It was the Republican party that traditionally supported the black causes – and boy, have we come a full circle in America these days!!

Jealousy (and personal interest) prompted Bartholomew (with the help of Karloutsos) to force the unreasonable early resignation of the only true leader GOA ever had and try in futility to overshadow him after his death.  To no avail… To this day Bartholomew is seen as the most catastrophic leader Orthodoxy ever had, as a heretic, and as an agent of anti-Hellenic interests.  And AB Elpidophoros since his arrival to New York, did not miss an opportunity to present himself as “the New Iakovos”…

But he could never hide his “fake” and shallow personality. Dressing up as a leader when you are a cog in the “conformity wheel” of the globalist system did not work.

A true leader would not hesitate to go against the enormous oppressive forces during the pandemic.  They were asking us to drop all our dignity by violating the freedom to control our bodies, they forced us to wear masks, and they pushed us to forget our Faith.  Elpidophoros doubled down on the oppression and was cheerleading every new measure!!  He even instructed (forced) our priests not to give letters of religious exemption for the covid vaccines! How does he feel now that the COVID-19 deception is widely proven?

Iakovos fought for freedom and equal rights and wanted to apply the principles of the Christian Faith to all people – regardless of their skin color.  Elpidophoros fought for oppression…

To prove even further that he is a foreign body in America, he never did a special memorial service during Memorial Day – not even an announcement! Why celebrate the memory of those who gave their lives for Freedom and America?

To pretend that he is a supporter of “fake freedom” by celebrating Juneteenth was an easy choice for him!!

June 18, 2024, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

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  1. I cannot stand the name Juneteenth. I am sure many blacks hate this name, too. Blacks are tired of being singled out by the psychopathic scumbags. The GOA head is a jerk puppet.

  2. The Sunday preceding Memorial Day, I asked my priest if he was having his daily prayer service on Memorial Day. He responded, I don’t celebrate “secular” holidays like Memorial Day, I will have prayer service as usual. Fast forward to June 18, he sends our parish an email that instead of the prayer service at church, on June 19, there will be an Akathist for slaves, to be held at a local cemetery where slaves are buried. This Akathist is to heal wounds of slavery. Our armed forces who died for this country are??? 🤔

  3. But Elpi is the New Age Arch-bishop, keeping up with the times. Traditional values are old. Not hip. Not like Juneteenth, or like the Alphabet people.

    Memorial Day but they’re already dead. Bart and his boys of the Phanar. The Fabulous Four are attacking both Holy Orthodoxy and humanity in one swipe, in the U.S. Europe, Australia and the Phanar, their headquarters from whence they all flew out like…

  4. I agree that it is unfair and unbalanced to “celebrate” Juneteenth, and not Memorial day. Moreover, a church by its design, commemorates lost souls. Memorial day is for people that have died in the service of their country. That includes both black and white. Besides, who’s going to show up for that service, other than the tourists flocking the WWT site. Fits just right with the AB’s “ecumenism”.
    However, Nick, as far as Covid was concerned, the only smart thing to do was to follow the instructions of the medical community. As we all know, no pandemic comes with instructions, on how to prevent deaths. You do what you can. Wearing masks and distancing seemed reasonable at the time. And I happen to believe that he did the right thing by not giving religious exception to anyone. Orthodox are not Jehovah’s witness, They would have lied to wiggle out of the vaccine and no church person should have been involved in that lying.

    • I think the answer about the vaccines and Covid policies is now clear as the country is trying to come to terms with monumental corruption from big pharma to CDC to political officials and so on. It is proven that the simplest treatment was the best policy – and not the suppression of our God-given freedoms.

    • Bob…you mean all the other Orthodox jurisdictions were wrong and only GOA was right on the matter of religious exemptions? It became very obvious as time went by the vaccine did not prevent transmission. But this undisputed scientifically proven TRUTH was not accommodated by most governmental powers nor the GOA. Can you see the problem? God gave us a great brain that can reason and determine truth…for us to ignore truth is to ignore God….to ignore God is a sin.

  5. I heard that AHEPA was formed because Greeks were harassed by the Klan. You say that AHEPA is connected to the Klan. Are you saying that Greeks were Klan members?

    Juneteenth is a very important civil holiday, but since it only recently became a federal holiday, many people aren’t familiar with it. The first Juneteenth celebration was in Texas on June 19, 1866. The first Memorial Day was in May of 1866. Both holidays are related to healing and the end of the Civil War. It about time that an Orthodox leader in the U.S. gave Juneteenth some official recognition.

  6. It is long past the time for a real discussion on the subject which perpetuates the lie about slavery. “Juneteenth” is just another bogus way in which our government continues to pander to a group of minorities by suppressing the truth from the past with terrible distortions, misrepresentations and portrayals of the real events which took place in history 158 years ago.
    Slavery is not unique to the United States of America alone, nor is it exclusive to the Civil War period in our history. Slavery is not specifically attributed to a particular race, color, ethnicity, religion, state, country, region or territory, or timeframe in history, as its origins have its roots and tentacles in all nooks and crannies of the world, dating back centuries ago, long before the United States of America was first discovered, conceived and became a republic. There, I got this off my chest. Phew!
    Slavery knows no boundaries nor limits in time. Today, it is perpetuated by any person, government, ruler, king, dictator, law, court of law, judicial, financial or other worldly systems, etc., who or which seeks to subvert one’s God given inalienable rights to pursue life, liberty, happiness and justice for all.
    If you think slavery was completely abolished at the end of the Civil War and doesn’t exist in some shape, form or another today, think again! Are we not slaves to a judicial system which seeks to remove, suppress or subvert and steel our civil liberties by a one-sided judicial system, court of law, or a partial panel of jurors? A Jury is to remain “impartial” and make their judgements based upon the facts and evidence shown or given pertaining the case presented. Not anymore. You can no longer separate impartiality from racially charged “emotions”, or “pre-judices”. It if was truly possible in the past to separate, it is no longer possible today with all the bias and prejudice which exists in the world.
    How about the unjust Internal Revenue Service which seeks to steel our money and redistribute wealth unlawfully? Honestly, do you really believe that the rich pay their “fair” share, the poor don’t in one way or another and that the middle class is being squeezed out by both in society? The strings attached to the freebees associated with the “stuff” the government doles out is just another form or trap of enslavement. The government stakes claim to anything and everything which has been given to us by God alone. We are to be the stewards and conduits of God’s great wealth, not slaves to wealth in the world’s system.
    In Mark 12:17. And, Jesus said to them, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Back then, the image of Caesar’s head was on the currency. I don’t see Caesar’s head on our money today yet, we are enslaved to the world’s system in which we choose to participate. If we opt out, we can no longer be members of the financial banking system and are thus penalized. In choosing participation, we compromise our freedom and right to privacy.
    I ask then, how far back in time must we go to find yet, some other innocuous reason why to “celebrate” or add, another federal holiday to a calendar which already has 10 other federal days off work (two weeks mind you), in which nothing gets produced, finished, shipped or received, planted, checked off a list, paid or monies received and deposited? You and me as employers, business owners or household managers etc., must pay for these governmentally mandated financial burdens along with vacation time and sick days off to employees in exchange for what, if I may ask? One’s loyalty? Loyalty used to be an honorable, respected virtue. No longer does is exist because it is no longer taught in the home. Our current governmental system is overloaded. We are overburdened and thus enslaved to a broken system of “justice.”
    Slavery keeps repeating itself in time but often comes disguised as something else. It never ends unless we can set ourselves free of the world’s system. It is as certain as death and taxes which are still paid after death. It is part of being a fragile, fallen man in a broken society that we are all born into a sinful nature.
    What Elpidoktonos fails to realize is the important distinction between what a “Juneteenth” day symbolizes and what a Memorial Day means to us as citizens of our great republic. Without a Memorial Day, or a day of recognition, prayer and remembrance for the piercing loss in our hearts for the brave, fallen soldiers in the Civil War who gave their lives to preserve the freedom we so very love, cherish staunchly, protect and uphold, there would not have been a “Juneteenth” Day to commemorate; put on the calendar; get a free pass on Go; free money for a day off, which is unjustly deserved. But Elpidoktonos would not know this. He is a Turkish Agent in the guise of a godly demon in an unjustly position and rank in the hierarchy within the Eastern Orthodox Greek Church of America.

    • Human trafficking is a huge problem in the U.S. In other words, involuntary slavery persists in America despite that it is illegal. The civil holiday of Juneteenth celebrates the 1865 arrival of Union troops in Galveston, Texas who announced that slavery was illegal. While that event certainly didn’t end slavery in the U.S., it nonetheless represents a point of awareness for human rights against human trafficking.

  7. You are absolutely correct. I had my “talking/writing” points but forgot to include them before I pushed send. Not sure which is worse. They are all reprehensible. Such a travesty for a nation like ours and others to continue to look the other way. History keeps repeating itself if you can’t learn from its mistakes or repent and turn the other direction. The same people guarding the hen house, are the ones robbing the nest kidnapping and smuggling tiny infants, young children, teenagers and adults into a life of hell with trauma after trauma as these children of God are undeservingly sold and used as personal property denying their right of existence and freedom. One must also look back date in time to 1440 BC when the Israelis were enslaved for 400 years in Egypt before being set them free.

    To single out a group in history to create a “holiday” on the calendar for which everyone is then punished by being made to cow-tow too is disingenuous. This period in American History only tells a small part of the entire story of the history of slavery. Just as with the alphabet people having their moment or month in time to spread lies and disinformation about creation and life as it begins in the womb, it is time we speak up about these truths in order to dispel the impressions and lies we are being fed.

  8. On a positive note, of the 3 candidates that were picked to become the next Bulgarian patriarch, none of them concelebrated with the OCU. In fact the leading candidate who is the locum tenens is the one who has clarified that those bishops acted alone


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