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It’s an exhilarating high to be told another true story re: ADC – After Death Communication – a phenomena worth taking serious, chiefly for us Orthodox Christians; we know the spiritual/ empirical testimony of the saints – they died yet can return to visit earth often because they reached Theosis — unlike rest of us, they have sovereignty to materialize after death innumerable times to rescue us, heal us and prove – there is no death. As Jesus said, we too can do these things once we attain Theosis.

ADC’s prove Heaven is real and why beloved Saint

Paisios declared:

“The reality is, none of us really die.”

Herein is ADC shared with me by happenstance, from George Pantelides, brother of the late, notable James Pantalides +died April 2023 – a pillar of New York Archdiocesan Cathedral; George not only told me in person but weeks later I saw him in a dream, reminding me “don’t forget to write it!”

Two weeks before the one year memorial of his deceased brother, George was vacationing on his boat in Chios, Greece … as he looked out at sea, he beheld the grandest thing — he witnessed on the beach his departed brother Jimmy! He was waving and smiling at him, dressed in swim shorts and his yellow straw hat… the message he relayed telepathically was, his new life in Heaven is one of total bliss!

For George to see this, he may’ve been quite relaxed on vacation, entering an “alpha state” thru his “nous” (Greek for mind’s eye); what he witnessed is of course, Jimmy’s Glorified Body of Light – our true, eternal body … not the temporary corporeal one, but the one Ancient Greek philosopher Plato describes as “the separating of soul back to autonomous existence, away from mediocrity.”

The illumined sages and Orthodox Elders all know, that to leave earth, the gross material plane, is to leave the world of mediocrity and restriction – unlike Afterlife, Heaven, a world of unspeakable beauty, love and expansion. Of course, Hell exists too but I shan’t go into it.


Truth is: If loved ones on earth could see the bliss their departed ones are basking in Heaven, they’d never wish them to return.

I posit that life and love are eternal and should be a given that Heaven is our true home and earth is a temporary assignment. Ask anyone who’s had NDE (Near Death Experience), like my friend Theo disclosed to me, when he left his body and sojourned to the light – he’s never wanted to come back…

We recognize not everyone gets an ADC; some are just more open/receptive… maybe Greek Orthodox George was repeating the Byzantine Jesus Prayer?

It’s a most powerful weapon, prayer beads are a sword, ask the monastics, repeating Jesus Prayer opens door to perception…

Also, JP’s son Nicholas made contact too… upon awakening in morning from a true to life dream, he felt a physical hug all around him… telepathically he knew it was his father James telling him he’s “still on earth, still with him and always shall be!”

It left him gladdened but wept, his dad was no longer on earth.

His sisters also had lifelike contact in two dreams – they saw themselves visiting NY Presbyterian hospital and JP was looking completely healthy — also in attendance was his nephew and pal Arti who noticed he wore normal clothes again but this time, JP was standing up looking radiant, smiling, even crying with everyone.

The other dream they shared, took place at Greenwood cemetery, where JP is buried; down by the pond they beheld their dad wearing a long coat with his fedora hat … they walked toward him, he smiled looking elated and looked younger too… his girls yelled to him: “We miss you — and I love you dad!”

I remember while standing on the cliff at Greenwood cemetery for JP, after everyone threw a rose down at his casket, something interesting I learnt in years of ADC research: the departed are able to watch their own funeral — then JP must’ve enjoyed watching his wife Stella’s throwing him the biggest send off of a funeral!

And btw: the departed always look younger on the other side… if they suffered ailments on earth, they’re quickly restored to perfection.

Remember, holy scripture is filled with spiritual visions… and death makes no break in the continuity of our mental consciousness…our personality persists!

In my opinion, it’s essential to keep an exchange with our departed … it loosens our attachment to the gross material plane.

I’m used to ADC incidents, mostly thru my own experiences and via my blind friend Billy since my teens… despite being opposites, we’re bonded thru the mystical sphere and though legally blind, Billy is a gifted clairaudient – which means he “hears” actual voices of the deceased. For years he’s repeatedly shared his ADC stories.

Case in point: Billy arrived late to the deathbed of his beloved military father, but sorrow turned to joy when he heard loud and clear his dad’s voice saying :

“Today’s the best day of my life, I’m reunited with my childhood horse Doria and my folks!” Weeks later, despite his blindness, Billy was able to see his father standing at foot of his bed dressed in a long white robe, holding a black book.

I noticed, he has always articulated these stories to me in utter awe.

I’m pleased to report Billy has also heard the voices of my late mother, late husband and a friend… all gave him a personal message for me which truly rocked my world!

In addition, they came again later with further missives from heaven…

my favorite being from my Greek mitera who was heard laughing and requesting I learn the Lord’s Prayer in Greek!

However, in last two years since death of my spiritual Elder Hilarion, there’s been total silence… Billy hasn’t heard anything…

Instead, Elder Hilarion finally came to me – personally!

And this happened two days before my birthday – a gift truly! We see here, mystery of the Godhead…it is not predictable and doesn’t do our bidding.

Let’s remember ADCs are found in literature too, like writer Charles Dickens’ famous “Christmas Carol” or Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” where King of Denmark is poisoned to death but makes full appearance to Hamlet so as to take revenge on his father’s death.

Of course, the apotheosis of all ADCs is the divine, all glorious, Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And the many apparitions thru the centuries of Theotokos and the Saints… including Emperor Constantine who has materialized and spoken before the great Elder Paisios in the 1980’s!

*May It Be Blessed


  1. This article is a beautiful tribute to all loves lost but found in our hearts always and in eternal memory of Jimmy P ✝️


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