EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  Readers of Helleniscope cannot complain: We repeatedly warned the Greek and Cypriot leadership that the right political position in this flammable geopolitical situation would be a more balanced approach between East and West.  How many times in the last few months did I say that the Cyprus British Sovereign Bases are just 50-100 miles away from the Russian bases in Syria?  Today, a different threat appeared in a public televised statement of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose forces in Lebanon are even closer to Cyprus.  Nasrallah said that Cyprus would “be part of the war” if it allowed its ports and airports to be used by the Israelis!!!

Let me remind our readers that in 2006, Hezbollah beat the Israelis and forced them back into their borders. Eighteen years later, they have a formidable force in place, with a very disciplined and well-equipped army and hundreds of thousands of missiles and drones hidden in tunnels in the tall mountains of Lebanon…

But the biggest threat is the geo-political: If Netanyahu goes ahead with this move against Hezbollah (Iran came out already yesterday with a public statement that it will back it), it will very likely be the end of Israel. Why? Because Russia and China will back Iran.  I truly do not want to proceed with this scenario because its end will also be painful for Cyprus… 


source – defenddemocracy.press

Hezbollah threatens war against EU-member Cyprus if it helps Israel

Nicosia and Tel Aviv have stepped up defense cooperation in recent years.

By Seb Starcevic and Nektaria Stamouli
Jun 19, 2024

The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has threatened war against Cyprus if it allows Israel to launch military operations from its territory.

Hassan Nasrallah warned Cyprus in a televised address on Wednesday that allowing Israeli forces to use its military infrastructure to target Hezbollah would be considered an act of war.

“Opening Cypriot airports and bases to the Israeli enemy to target Lebanon would mean that the Cypriot government is part of the war, and the resistance will deal with it as part of the war,” Nasrallah said.



  1. We can pray that any attack on Cyprus from Lebanon will be on the British bases only and the rest of Cyprus will be spared.

    By the way, the British forces in those bases did nothing to fight against the 1974 Turkish invasion of the northern third of Cyprus.

    • Not only did they do nothing but according to some accounts they helped the Turks. So did Israel. To be fair we have to mention that a year earlier, in Sept. 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, the Greek Junta government (Papadopoulos- Markesinis) accepted a request from Egyptian President Sadat and did NOT allow US Air Force cargo planes to bring help to Israel. Kissinger was furious and said two months later to Greek FM Palanas: “You will pay for this”… And in the summer of 1974 he put his word in action.

    • John and Helleniscope .. how many post have I made about how Mistotakis and the Cypriot government should be charged with Treason for destroying the Security and Peace of the People of Greece and Cyprus by not only cooperating in wars with America and Britain on Iraq , Syria, lebanon, libya, iran , Yemen, and Afganistan! Importanly, they treasonistly allowed without persmission of the people of Greece and Cyprus .. to launch War Crime bombings from U.S and U.K bases in Greece and Cyprus ,not only on Iraq, Syria , lebanon and libya ! And John…there is a reason they call Cyprus a .. Nato floating aircraft carrier!
      Now today, Russia has indicated that all attacks on civilian populations of Crimea or Russia by British or U.S . made armament could subject retaliatory military strikes ..which could be Tactatical Nuclear weapons against Uk or U.S bases beyond the Ukraine! Just imagine, U.S. and UK official war on Russia .. every U.S. and UK military bases in Greece and Cyprus ..become an immediate target for Nuclear armed missiles , since , these Naval and military bases may be armes with Nuclear warheads! And just think .. there is Syria , Iran , Iraq, libya who have not forgoten what Greece and Cyprus have done to them , in cooperating with the Empire of Destruction! Are any of these countries the enemies of the populist of Greece and Cyprus ! NO ! but who is the greatest threat to them .. none other than the governments of Greece, Cyprus , America , UK and Israel !
      Not long ago .. i drafted a petition on the Anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus as President of my unfortunate association of the Ahepa ..which made U.s responsible for the continued occupation of Cyprus by Nato members Turkey and UK! The petition demanded that U.S and Nato impose Economic Sanctions of Turkey the way they had imposed those sanctions on Russia for the Crimea annexation! Additionally, it demanded the removal of all British bases and operations in Cyprus , if they failed to enforce UN approved resolution on Turkey ! This petition was approved unanimously by my Chapter members! However , the State department members of the Ahepa leadership …buried it and in fact called me insubordinate in confronting New Jersey Congressman with the petition, which i had to personally distribute this petition as a citizen of New Jersey , and not with the backing of the Ahepa! However, I also realized something , of course Turkey , would never give up control of Northern Cyprus , as long as , British bases were in Cyprus , and knew that the only thing that would happen is that America and England would take control of Cyprus , like they have Greece ! Hence, It is my view that with the Removal of U.S and UK bases from Cyprus , or any other bases from foreign countries , there may have been a better chance to reunite Cyprus .. and demand completely Neutral position , which obviously does not exist today! Get real … the governments of Greece and Cyprus are clearly U.S and Israeli zionist Agents ! I mean if they cared about Greeks of Greece and Cyprus ..they would not be involved in wars against Russia or any other countries thruput the Middle! Remove British Bases right now …because they now officially represent a threat to the Peace and Security of the people of Cyprus and Greece! Failure to do so , is a violation of the first principe of oath of office of Greece , America and Cyprus and demands impeachment charges against Mistotakis and the Cypriot government in representing the interests of a soon to be prosecuted regimes of Israel and America of War crimes , Crimes against Humanity and Genocide!


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