EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): “Cyprus is not involved in military conflicts”, President Christodoulides asserted Wednesday, trying to deflect the threats by Hezbollah leader Nasrallah… The Cypriot President was responding to questions about statements made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who accused the island of providing its infrastructure to Israel for military purposes.

The threats, however, remain great.  Netanyahu is making a great miscalculation.  Israel has already proven unable to eliminate the threat of Hamas (which they have helped create to use as a means against Yasser Arafat and the PLO, with who they had agreed to a “two-state solution”. Just two days ago we also learned that the Israeli Defense Forces knew about the planned Hamas attack weeks in advance (link here).

Below, Colonel Douglas McGregor explains in great detail the great risks of a regional war and, in particular, of a military involvement of Turkey against Israel, which might seriously affect Cyprus.   I think the risks are greater than estimated: The US has one more aircraft carrier group heading in the Eastern Mediterranean, along with USS Eisenhower (repaired in Jeddah, after it was hit by the Houthis).  The risks are even greater for the US: Hexbollah has hypersonic missiles supplied by Iran.  If a US warcsip – even more an aircraft carrier – is sunk two things are sure: 1) It will be the end of USD as a reserve currency and the  US hegemony. 2) A nuclear war will be imminent.




source – philenews.com

Cyprus not involved in military conflicts, President responds to Hezbollah’s Nasrallah

Cyprus is not involved in military conflicts, President Christodoulides asserted Wednesday.

The Cypriot President was responding to questions about statements made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who accused the island of providing its infrastructure to Israel for military purposes.

Christodoulides told reporters that “Cyprus is not involved, in any way, in the military conflicts.” He added that Cyprus’s role as a humanitarian corridor is recognised not just by the Arab world but by the entire international community.

The President underlined that the “Republic of Cyprus is not a part of the problem, but a part of the solution.”

When asked if Cyprus maintains communication with Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, he confirmed that diplomatic channels remain open with both.

Earlier on Wednesday, Nasrallah had threatened that if Cypriot airports and military bases were used by Israel against Lebanon, then Cyprus would become a target for Hezbollah. He also mentioned potential targets in Israel and did not rule out a ground attack on Galilee.

There are also reports of an Israeli ultimatum to Hezbollah, demanding a voluntary withdrawal from southern Lebanon by next Monday or face an Israeli invasion. This message was allegedly conveyed to the Lebanese government via American mediator Amos Hochstein.


  1. The words of Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou seem to be getting closer and closer

    If Cyprus allows itself to be used as a vassal of the west in an attack against Lebanon…it’s should not complain or be baffled when it’s bombarded by missals from Hezbollah and Iran and the ones who will suffer the most are the Cypriot people who I’m sure want nothing to do with this.

    • Glad someone commented on this article , Your right Petros they should not be baffled when Cyprus is bombarded. since , they have already been used as a Vassal State of Israel .. and why do you not mention the U.S and U.K who have bases in Cyprus which have used Cyprus to launch War Crimes Bombings of Iraq, Syria , libya , and who else , only they know and the Turks! Of course , Syria , Russia has already warned of Retaliatory Strikes on all UK Bases not only for their involvement in Ukraine , but their participation in bombing Syrian civilians in Syria to maintain their illegal occupation in Syria and their oil fields ! Of course , the people of Cyprus and Greece , like in the Ukraine will suffer for the treason of the Greek leadership of Greece and Cyprus , who have already been compromised as as Jewish Zionist Agents of Israel , to the whole Middle East and beyond!
      And if you think America is going to fulfill their obligation in their Protection racket scheme which promised the leaders of Greece and Cyprus that anything they do for Israel and America will be protected from the marauding Citizens of Cypress when Hezbollah , Iran , Syria or Russia drops some bombs that kill one child of Greece or Cyprus , who will outraged at the thought that Greek Blood was spilled for regime in Israel and America who will be receiving “Arrest Warrants” for Crime against Humanity, War crimes and genocide! It is embarrasing that your reader can only muster up one comment about the threat to families of Cyprus in allowing UK and U.S bases to launch military operations against foreign countries without the permission of the People of Cyprus , who have no idea what the consequences to their families will be and how the entire Region is about to become ablaze , and possibly the entire world , because they supported Depraved Subhumans who love wars and the money it makes !

      • Michael,

        I didn’t expect the Greek Americans who are members of AHEPA to comment here. They are training in silence… But you are right, where are the rest? By the way, nobody noticed the exclusive information of Mr Stamatakis about the airplane carrier hit by the Houthis?

        • The Ahepa would equate to the Tories of America who were loyal to the British Crown during the Revolutionary war .. You must be aware of the greatest Traitor to the Washington led Sons of liberty army of the U.S revolution against the rule of the British Crown !

  2. The British who have occupied parts of Cyprus for years, via their 2 massive bases are to blame. Cyprus has zero control over how they are used

    • Yes Petros and Tim , it is not only the Cypriot people who will pay for the crimes of their leaders but.. The British , American ” German White Supremacist Anglo White Anglo Saxon Protestant people all will pay for the sins of the forefathers for refusing to admit that they have done great wrongs against humanity .. not their Racist Religious and Government leaders !
      AS God, breaches the Twisted minds of 2.6 billion Christians followers by the Depraved ruling Republican and Democratic crime syndicats and their “Great Deceivers” mafia Media mouthpieces to let us see the Crimes of America thruout the world, he also let us see , the face’s of Anglo Saxon Protestant white supremacist of America and England “Winston Churchil , Hitler, Netanyahue, Biden, Bush Family. and ruling Republican and Democratic Crime families whose manifesto is the foundation of the British and American legacy .. of War crimes, Crimes against humanity , Crimes against Peace , genocide etc etc .. all for the greater good of the world ! That better people have taken over !

      In 1902, Churchill stated that the “great barbaric nations” would “menace civilised nations”, and that “The Aryan stock is bound to triumph”.

      In 1906, Churchill stated that “We will endeavour … to advance the principle of equal rights of civilised men irrespective of colour.”

      In 1937, Churchill stated that:

      I do not admit … for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.[2]

      Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the USA, reports in his diary that during a White House lunch in May 1943 Churchill “said why be apologetic about Anglo-Saxon superiority, that we were superior, that we had the common heritage which had been worked out over the centuries in England and had been perfected by our constitution.”
      Unfortunately , Churchill and Bob Karp forget to mention … that Crime families do not abide by the laws and mandates of the constitution, or any other constitutions of the World body of Nations ..to loot the world of all its resources and power!

      “In Judgement I come into this world , so the Blind can see, and those who can see will go blind..Jesus

      And you don’t think, .. the people of Britain and America cannot see what they fund and support , and hence, “One way or Another “.. they are going to be blinded!


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